Registered Pharmaceutical Products in the GCC Report

 Published On: Mar, 2014 |    No of Pages: 75 |  Published By: Cost of Living Reports | Format: PDF + Excel
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Report Overview
The report includes 1,400+ unique products that are registered across the GCC. The report also includes each item’s manufacturer, trade name, generic name, registration date, strength, dosage form and shelf life.

Report Fast Facts
• Release Dates: Released in March & October annually
• Geographical Areas Covered: Oman, Qatar, KSA, UAE, Kuwait & Bahrain
• Analysis Scope: Manufacturer, trade name, generic name, registration date, strength, dosage form and shelf life across 45+ product categories
• Report Content: Tabular & graphical analysis along with all report sources
• Report Sources: Several hundred, including Local MOH data, health ministers' council for GCC states, & The National Health Regulatory Authority within each GCC state
• Report Size: 75 pages
• Report Format: Secure PDF + access to downloadable source database (optional)
• Cost: $4,950 - $5,950

Tables & Figures
• A complete list of all GCC registered pharmaceutical products by manufacturer, trade name, generic name, registration date, strength, dosage form and shelf life
• Market Concentration ratio by product type for 1,400+ products
• Ratio of generic vs brand drugs, by product type
• Market penetration ratio by manufacturing nation and product segment
• Market penetration ratio by manufacturing company and product segment
• Year of market entry by trade name & manufacturer for 1,400+ products
• Package dosage variability across trade names within product category
• Access to the downloadable raw data in .csv, .xls or .spv format

Reasons to Buy
• Develop business strategies by identifying key market categories and segments within the GCC for stronger growth in the future
• Develop market penetration and market expansion strategies for rapidly developing GCC markets
• Design competition strategies by identifying who-stands-where in the market in terms of market share, leadership and product range
• Develop investment strategies by identifying the key market segments expected to register strong growth in the near future and the market segments with tough competition
• Identify the key distributors in the GCC market by product segment, and who the best distributor for your product could be
• Use the raw data to generate customized analysis that suits any additional needs

Drug Categories Reported

Systematic Antibiotics
• Antibiotics
• Antifungal
• Antibacterial
• Antiprotozoal agents
• Antihypertensives
• Anthelmintic
• Antihistamines
• Antiglaucoma
• Ectoparasiticides

Mineral supplements & Vitamins
• Dehydration supplements
• Antacids
• Antispasmoics
• Alimentary tract & metabolism

• Anti-Parkinson Agent
• Anti-psychotic
• CNS-Schizophrenia
• CNS- anesthetics
• Analgesics
• Antiepileptics
• CNS- dementia
• PSNS- parasympathomimetic

Dermatological Anti-viral
• Anti-Acne
• Dermatological Antibiotics
• Chemotherapeutics
• Rematological-Antifungal
• Dermatological Antipuritics
• Dermatological Antiseptics
• Dermatological Disinfectants
• Dermatological Emollients and Protectives

Beta Adrenoceptors / Blocking agents
• Bronchodilators and Asthma Drugs
• Antiplatelet drugs
• CVS- antihypertensives
• CVS-cardiac therapy
• Vasoprotectives
• Vasodilators
• Diuretics

Immuno suppressive drugs
• Antineoplastics
• Cytostatics
• Endocrine therapy
• Immunostimulating agents
• Blood and Blood forming organs
• Antianemic preparations 

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