Port State Control

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Product Description

Although port state control system does not have a very long history compared with other control systems used by other partners in the shipping world, it has stayed on the top of the legislative and political agenda following the recent maritime incidents such as Erika, Castor and Prestige. After Erika the system went through major changes but with Prestige the legislative procedure started to act even faster

Fully updated to include the recent changes and amendments

  • Amendments and changes to the regional port state control systems

  • The addition of an appeal procedure to the Paris MOU

  • Amendments to EU Directive on Port State Control

  • Measures taken by IMO and EU following the Prestige incident including ports of refuge

  • The ISPS Code for maritime security in the light of newly recognised vulnerability against terrorist attacks after the tragic events of September 11th in the USA and its effect on the port state control system

  • Update to Equasis

  • Progress with Qualship regime under US Port State Control system;

  • Changes to the US Port State Control targeting and boarding programme including progress with Qualship

In addition to covering all these major changes the book also includes the updated appendices and tables on relevant legislation.

Who should read this book

Ship owners, ship operators and charterers so they can provide the latest information to port state control officers for the purposes of avoiding unnecessary delays in foreign ports.

Marine lawyers and other practitioners such as marine insurers, P&I clubs, class societies and port and harbour authorities so they can update their port state control information as the subject is under continuous development.

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