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Development and Market of Curcumin in China 2016-2021

22 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Askci Consulting
1. INTRODUCTION EFSA has approved the standard that acceptable daily intake per person is 3 mg. Since more understanding of curcumin in medical and food industries, the sales of curcumin were rising as well. North America and Europe are the major consumption regions and import areas. Curcum...
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Development and Market of Strawberry in China 2016-2021

22 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Askci Consulting
1. INTRODUCTION According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) statistics in 2015, Europe has the largest strawberries area harvested which accounts for xx%, the rest are America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, the area harvested account for xx%, xx%, xx%, xx% respectively. 1)The Aim...
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Success Case Study: Pringles Tortilla Chips; Leveraging a strong brand with cross-category innovation

21 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Canadean
SummaryThe tortilla chips segment in the UK is relatively small because consumers perceive them to be bland and dull due to a lack of manufacturer innovation and experimentation. British consumers are increasingly seeking out more novel and interesting snacks as a means to treat them...
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Baby Food in Czech Republic

21 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Canadean
SummaryThe market for baby food in the Czech Republic achieved value growth of 17.3% between 2009 and 2015. Sales rose particularly quickly in 2014 and 2015, stimulated by a higher numbers of births, an improving economy, and the reduction of the VAT rate on baby food to 10% in 2015....
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A Study of the Indo-China Chocolate Market 2016

14 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Smart Research Insights
Executive Summary The global demand for chocolate is now showing recovery and leading suppliers such as Barry Callebaut are now forecasting stabilization of demand in the key markets worldwide. In 2020, the United States is expected to be the largest consumer of chocolate globally, followed...
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Canada Food and Drink Report

13 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  BMI Food and Drink
BMI View: Canadian consumers face headwinds arising from high household indebtedness levels, rising housing prices as well as negative labour market trends. Taking into consideration the subdued overall country's economic situation, negatively affected by the lower oil price environment, we...
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Ireland Food and Drink Report

13 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  BMI Food and Drink
BMI View: Our positive outlook for Ireland's food and drink industry is underpinned by the country's forecast strong economic performance, rising consumer confidence and income levels. Nonetheless, alcohol consumption will continue declining due to steep excise tax rates and prevailing heal...
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Italy Food and Drink Report

13 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  BMI Food and Drink
BMI View: Italy's food and drink industry will gradually improve over 2016 and 2017, with growth stemming from a continued economic recovery, low inflation and high levels of consumer confidence. The country's large ageing population will increase demand for traditional foods, while growth ...
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South Africa Food and Drink Report

13 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  BMI Food and Drink
BMI View: South Africa's food and drink industry will remain hampered by the country's economic downturn in 2016. The consumer outlook will be bleak over this period stemming from rising food prices, which will weigh on household spending. We believe industry players will diversify their pr...
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Russia Food and Drink Report

13 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  BMI Food and Drink
BMI View: Russia's food and drink sector will contract in real terms over 2016 due to a sluggish consumer outlook. Household incomes will remain under pressure as nominal wage growth remains below inflation. Premiumisation trends will remain on hold as consumers become price conscious. Econ...
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Middle East And North Africa Food and Drink Report

13 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  BMI Food and Drink
BMI View: Food and drink spending growth in MENA will be strong, after a rapid recovery from the 2015 slump. The region offers strong growth opportunities, with increasing investment in food manufacturing across GCC markets set to enhance regional food trade. Premiumisation will be a growin...
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Sub-Saharan Africa Food and Drink Report

13 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  BMI Food and Drink
BMI View: Growth in SSA's food and drink industry will be modest over 2016, owing to a gradual recovery from 2015's sharp decline in sales. Robust longer-term growth prospects for the region will attract positive investment across a number of segments; strong opportunities will be present i...
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Food Encapsulation Market by Shell Material (Polysaccharides, Proteins, Lipids, Emulsifiers & Others), Core Phase (Vitamins, Probiotics, Flavors & Essences, & Others), Technology (Physical, Chemical & Physico-Chemical), & by Region - Global Forecasts to 2021

12 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  MarketsandMarkets
“Food Encapsulation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0%” The food encapsulation market projected to reach USD 41.74 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of around 6.0% from 2016. The market is driven by its increasing consumption of functional foods, growing demand for convenience foods, and ...
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China Instant Noodle Production Industry Overview, 2011-2020

11 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  China Research and Intelligence
The instant noodle refers the noodle with a fixed shape (usually square or circular) by stewing and frying. Added with boiling water, condiments dissolve, the noodle is prepared. In a specified time (generally 3 minutes), the noodle is ready to eat. Instant noodles can be divided into fried ...
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Global and China Linseed Oil Sales Market Report 2020

08 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  QYResearch
This report studies Linseed Oil in Global and China market, focuses on top manufacturers in global and China market, involving Linseed Oil price of each type, production, revenue and market share for each manufacturer. This report also displays the production, revenue and market share of Linseed Oil...
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