What Would You Do? Answers, Tips and Solutions to Your Most Pressing Team Troubles

 |  Published By: Dartnell | Format: e-book
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Working in teams definitely has its advantages. Employees of different backgrounds can combine their experience and expertise to create a well-rounded work group capable of taking on tasks individuals may not have been able to complete on their own.


But as productive and successful as a symbiotic team can be, an uncooperative group can be equally destructive and disappointing. Anything can throw off the cooperative balance of a team. There are several problems that naturally occur when people work together.


No matter how simple or difficult the problem, anything that splits people apart prevents the team from working as a single unit needs to be nipped in the bud before the bad feelings spread throughout the team. Spending time solving team problems takes away from the time you could be spending on the projects your team is assigned. Not only that, but if the team’s spirit is affected, team members will be distracted, impacting the overall quality.


This book ‘What Would You Do? Answers, Tips and Solutions to Your Most Pressing Team Troubles’ by Patrick Luce contains common problems teams face every day, along with possible solutions. While the solutions are specific to those problems, many of the tips can be applied to whatever issues your team is presently facing. The scenarios are divided into the five major problem areas teams are likely to face:


• Team building

• Conflict Resolution

• Communication

• Training and Motivation

• Work Distribution


Whether you’re a team leader or a teammate struggling to strike the right chord with your co-workers, this book will certainly provide you sure-success tips to strike the right team balance and help you work together as a cohesive unit – and how!

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