Asia Pacific Supply Chain Director Survey

 Published On: Mar, 2011 |    No of Pages: 94 |  Published By: Analytiqa | Format: Interactive
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A qualified, independent and unbiased perspective on the key challenges faced by Supply Chain Directors in Asia today. An essential tool for anybody operating within the supply chain sector in an increasingly challenging global economy.

Businesses today are defined by their supply chains, a source of competitive advantage if managed effectively. With the global economy redefining the dynamics of industry competition, today’s faster paced markets demand speed, flexibility and innovation. Modern businesses face higher levels of scrutiny as they are pressurised to meet ever increasing customer requirements on an ongoing and increasingly demanding cost efficient basis.

In these challenging economic times, manufacturers and retailers continue to strive to achieve a profitable balance between satisfying customer requirements whilst streamlining their operational cost base. Hence the 2011 Analytiqa Asia Pacific Supply Chain Director’s Survey presents an Asia Pacific market perspective on the current supply chain industry based on primary information and opinion gathered directly from senior professionals within the region.

The report assesses the dynamics of the decision making currently employed by manufacturers and retailers across Asia Pacific in driving their supply chain strategy. This unique and privileged perspective, based on insight collected and analysed by Analytiqa from an independent and unbiased standpoint, provides you a critical window into the thoughts and concerns of Supply Chain Directors in the current operational climate.

This report will further assist you to better understand a demanding and challenging client base or simply benchmark your own thoughts, opinions or day-to-day operational experiences.

Scope of this report

This report is ideally suited to meet the information needs of professionals operating within companies that are either dedicated Asian contract logistics providers, supply chain service providers or a professional services organisation within the retail and manufacturing supply chain sectors across Asia Pacific. Based on unique primary research unavailable from any other source, this report will assist you to:

  • Understand the key drivers for in-house and outsourced logistics decisions
  • Compare outsourcing trends for individual supply chain activities
  • Analyse the tender and decision making process when choosing a 3PL
  • Assess the performance of supply chains within Asia Pacific retailers and manufacturers

How can this report benefit your business?

The independent and unbiased nature of Analytiqa’s privileged position in the market ensures that the analysis in this report portrays an accurate, objective view of the current market and its key participants. This enables you to draw conclusions with absolute confidence in the relevance, timeliness and accuracy of the insight provided.

As a supplier, customer or logistics service provider, this research will enable the informed identification and targeting of key drivers impacting on the decision making and supply chain strategies of major manufacturers and retailers across Asia.

Audience: Contract Logistics Providers - Retailers - Manufacturers - Road Hauliers - Freight Forwarders - Express Operators - Technology Providers - Financial / Investment Institutions - Professional Service Companies

Key report benefits: Strategic decision making processes - Contribution of supply chain personnel - Investment drivers and trends – Motivations for outsourcing - Nature of in-house operations - 3PL selection criteria - Supply Chain Directors perspectives of 3PL performance - Strategic requirements of 3PLs - Future focus and development priorities for major supply chain operations - Macro environmental concerns - Operational trends

If the above report does not have the information suitable for your business, we can provide custom research that can be lucrative for your business or enhance your profession.