European Distribution and Warehousing 2012

 Published On: Jan, 2012 |  Published By: Transport Intelligence, Ltd | Format: PDF
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European Distribution and Warehousing 2012

The European logistics and distribution property market is undergoing major changes, as the European Union expands and markets in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe develop.

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 contains details on the significant locations of the major distribution hubs throughout the region.

It lists many of the key logistics parks which have been developed, and which are attracting the most attention.

Containing numerous maps, the report provides an essential overview of Europe's 'hottest' distribution property locations.

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 is the first in a series of reports looking at the distribution warehousing market by region. Separate reports examining the market for North America, Asia and the Middle East will follow later in 2012.

It gives the most detailed view of the market by individual country to date including the Baltic countries and more CEE countries than ever before, including Turkey. This report provides essential reading for anyone involved in this ever changing market.

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 offers a comprehensive view of the main trends affecting the European warehouse market including an up-to-date summary of the economic environment.

In depth analysis shows the influence manufacturers, logistics providers and property developers have in shaping the structure of the industry. The report also contains relevant information on the activities of the main property development companies and largest warehouse operators.

What will you learn from European Distribution and Warehousing 2012?

* An economic overview of the region

* A 10 point summary of the trends & developments within the market from both the supply side and the demand side

* A checklist of the key factors which determine where to locate a distribution centre

* Identification of strategic locations within Europe

* Identification of the most popular locations for distribution on country-by-country basis

Why should you buy European Distribution and Warehousing 2012?

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 will allow you to identify where the main clusters of distribution properties are located saving you time and money on initial research. Find out about government policies which have been put in place to stimulate investment in distribution facilities and the infrastructure links which have facilitated their development. Tiís latest report also details the main trends affecting the development of national and regional distribution hubs in Europe.

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 provides comprehensive coverage of the region, including 25 markets in Europe, and containing information on countries as diverse as Estonia and Romania as well as the major economies in Western Europe. 

Who should buy European Distribution and Warehousing 2012?

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 is an essential handbook of the best locations for warehouse facilities. It is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable information to:

* Global manufacturers and retailers

* Logistics service providers

* Property development companies

* Banks and financial institutions

* Property Agents

* IT solutions providers

* Government development agencies

* Materials handling equipment providers

* Consultancies

Table of Contents:

About Transport Intelligence 2

Contents Page 3

1.0 Introduction 5

1.1 Economic background to the warehousing market 5

1.2 Summary of key trends affecting European distribution 6

1.3 AMB and ProLogis merge to create property giant 7

1.4 Where to locate distribution centres? 8

1.5 Centralisation of national warehousing needs on a European basis 11

1.6 Port centric warehouse location: London Gateway 16

1.7 Future locations for strong demand 16

1.8 Type of occupier 17

1.9 Movement of European goods flows eastwards (CEE) 18

2.0 European Regions 19

2.1 Baltic Region 19

2.1.1 Estonia 21

2.1.2 Latvia 26

2.1.3 Lithuania 32

2.2 Central & Eastern Europe 36

2.2.1 Austria 39

2.2.2 Bulgaria 43

2.2.3 Czech Republic 47

2.2.4 Greece 52

2.2.5 Hungary 55

2.2.6 Poland 60

2.2.7 Romania 68

2.2.8 Turkey 73

2.3 Nordics 79

2.3.1 Denmark 80

2.3.2 Finland 86

2.3.3 Norway 91

2.3.4 Sweden 95

2.4 Western Europe 102

2.4.1 Belgium 103

2.4.2 France 108

2.4.3 Germany 115

2.4.4 Ireland 126

2.4.5 Italy 131

2.4.6 Netherlands 138

2.4.7 Portugal 146

2.4.8 Spain 152

2.4.9 Switzerland 161

2.4.10 United Kingdom 166

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