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Pharmaceutical Industry in South Korea

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Published Date: Feb, 2011
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 75
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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
The birth origins of the Pharmaceutical Industry can be traced back to more humble antecedents than just chemistry labs. The earliest incidents of recognition of the antiseptic properties of the dyestuffs is around the late 19th century. The invention of penicillin can yet be recognized as a major milestone for the emergent industry which firmly consolidated its R&D efforts in the 1950’s. Further in the 1960’s the patent regulation support gave a further impetus to the industry in new discoveries and relaxed controls on clinical development with the booming spend on healthcare as economies boomed globally.

The global presence of the pharmaceutical industry is evident with the roll out of continent specific R&D programs and drugs which help companies maximize penetration of markets and garner increased revenues with intercontinental treatment demand of patients being serviced from often one or two mega research centers in the continent.

The pharmaceutical industry is under mounting scrutiny because of rapidly increasing expenditures for drugs worldwide. Drug expenditures are now the fastest-growing component of health care costs, increasing at the rate of about 15 percent per year. They account for about eight percent of health care spending, and at their current rate of increase, they will soon surpass spending for physicians' services and, for many health care organizations, the costs of hospitalization.

Aruvian’s R’search brings you a complete analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry in South Korea. The report covers a brief profile of the global pharmaceutical industry, the TRIPS agreement, offshoring in the pharmaceutical industry, economic trends in the industry, competition in the industry, and the key players in the pharmaceutical industry in South Korea – complete with a SWOT analysis of the leading companies in the market.

Table of Contents:

A. Executive Summary

B. The Global Pharmaceutical Industry – A Brief Profile
B.1 Industry Definition
B.2 Industry Overview
B.3 Industry Forecast

C. TRIPS and the Global Pharmaceutical Industry
C.1 Introduction
C.2 Product Patents and Prices of Medicines
C.3 Product Patents and Research and Development
C.4 Patents and Technology Transfer
C.5 Flexibility in the Agreement

D. Pharmaceutical Industry in South Korea
D.1 Industry Overview
D.2 Industry Value and Market Share
D.3 Industry Segmentation
D.4 Industry Forecast

E. Competition in the Industry

F. Leading Players in the Market
F.1 Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co
F.1.1 Corporate Profile
F.1.2 Business Segment Analysis
F.1.3 Financial Analysis
F.2 Hanmi Pharmaceutical
F.2.1 Corporate Profile
F.2.2 Business Segment Analysis
F.2.3 Financial Analysis
F.3 Daewoong Pharmaceutical
F.3.1 Corporate Profile
F.3.2 Business Segment Analysis
F.3.3 Financial Analysis

G. Appendix
G.1 Offshoring in the Pharmaceutical Sector
G.1.1 Introduction
G.1.1.1 What is Offshoring?
G.1.1.2 Analyzing the Pharma Value Chain
G.1.1.3 Employment Scenario of the Pharmaceutical Industry
G.1.1.4 Why Offshore?
G.1.1.5 Primary Offshoring Locations
G.2.1 Offshoring of R&D
G.2.1.1 Looking at India
G.2.1.2 Looking at China
G.2.1.3 Growth Factors
G.2.1.4 Challenges & Barriers to Offshoring R&D
G.3.1 Offshoring of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes
G.3.1.1 Overview
G.3.1.2 API Manufacturing
G.3.1.3 Final Dosage Manufacturing
G.3.1.4 Biologics Manufacturing
G.3.1.5 Growth Factors
G.3.1.6 Challenges & Barriers to Offshoring Manufacturing Processes

H. Glossary of Terms

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