Iran Power Report

 Published On: Oct, 2013 |    No of Pages: 55 |  Published By: BMI Power | Format: PDF
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Despite huge international opposition, plans to develop nuclear capacity remain central to
Iran's ability to meet its energy requirements. Although sanctions pose problems for many developed
nations wanting to invest in Iran, the country still stands to benefit from investment from its neighbours,
such as India, and greater development of its renewables generation capacity .The country also stands to
gain from the power and gas import requirements of India and Pakistan.
Iran will continue to rely largely on conventional thermal sources for electricity generation, with many of
the power projects that are currently under construction slated to increase the nation's natural gas generation
capacity. At the same time, the government appears committed to plans to increase its nuclear capacity
despite external political resistance and sanctions, with new Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran chief Ali
Akbar Salehi saying in August that the construction of new nuclear facilities will be the top priority of his
tenure, Although the Bushehr plant - at present the country's only nuclear reactor - has suffered from
significant teething problems, recent reports suggest the plant is close to becoming fully operational.
Meanwhile, the country's growing generation capacity suggests that it may increase exports to energyhungry
neighbours Turkey and Pakistan.

Industry View 7
Industry Forecast 10
Iran Snapshot 10
Table: Country Snapshot: Economic and Demographic Data 10
Table: Country Snapshot: Power Sector 10
Iran Power Forecast Scenario 11
Electricity Generation And Power Generating Capacity 11
Table: Iran Total Electricity Generation Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 11
Table: Iran Total Electricity Generation Long-Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 13
Table: Iran Electricity Generating Capacity Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 15
Table: Iran Electricity Generating Capacity Long Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 16
Electricity Consumption 21
Table: Iran Total Electricity Consumption Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 21
Table: Iran Total Electricity Consumption Long Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 21
Transmission & Distribution, Imports & Exports 22
Table: Iran Electric Power Transmission And Distribution Losses Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 22
Table: Iran Electric Power Transmission And Distribution Losses Long Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 23
Table: Iran Trade Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 23
Table: Iran Trade Long Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 23
Industry Risk/Reward Ratings 26
MEA Power Risk/Reward Ratings 26
Table: MENA Risk/Reward Ratings, Scores Out Of 100 32
Table: SSA Power Risk/Reward Ratings (Scores Out Of 100) 32
Iran Power Risk/Reward Rating 33
Rewards 33
Risks 33
Market Overview 35
Key Policies And Market Structure 35
Regulation And Competition 35
Pricing 37
Iran Power Projects Database 37
Table: Key Power Projects Database 37
Competitive Landscape 39
Regional Overview 41
MEA Regional Overview 41
Glossary 48
Table: Glossary Of Terms 48
Methodology 49
Methodology And Sources 49
Industry Forecasts 49
Power Industry - Data Methodology 50
Generation and Consumption Data 50
Electricity Generating Capacity Data 51
Power Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology 52
Table: Power Risk/Reward Indicators 54
Sources 55

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