Russian LNG Market Analysis

 Published On: May, 2011 |    No of Pages: 60 |  Published By: RNCOS | Format: PDF
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The global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market has been continuously surging at a fast pace for the last few years. The world has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of liquefaction and regasification terminals during the past few years. Moreover, there has been a fast paced conversion to newer technology driven by economies of scale. Russia with a trusted name in the global energy trade with world’s largest natural gas reserves is slowly becoming a dominant force in the LNG market developments.

According to our report “Russian LNG Market Analysis”, Russian LNG production is anticipated to witness around 14% CAGR growth during 2010-2020. The continuous surge in Sakhalin-2 LNG output and excess capacity additions from Yamal and Shotkam fields will amplify the overall Russian LNG production to reach new heights. Further, strong government support and promising initiatives being taken by private players will materialize Russian ambitions into reality and will position country as a dominant force in the global LNG market dynamics.

Further, to increase LNG supply and to tap the emerging regional demands, Russian LNG majors are formulating huge LNG infrastructure development plans. Planned liquefaction capacities, if materialized in time, will prove sufficient for the country's future LNG exports considerations. However, the liquefaction infrastructure developments are quite capital intensive and demand an efficient supply-chain mechanism. Although number of long term LNG export contracts have already been made, their synergies on project’s increasing output is yet to be seen.

Our report “Russian LNG Market Analysis”, has been authored to study and evaluate Russian LNG market potentials and its future prospects. The Report provides information/statistics on LNG production, exports, pricing, infrastructure developments etc. The report investigates key trends of the industry and outlines future trends after inclusive study of various factors that play critical role in the development of market. Based on different market indicators, the report evaluates future outlook of the industry and provides valuable information regarding Russian LNG market. The report also covers brief business description and recent market developments of major players operating in the industry, which will help clients understand market competition and competitor’s moves.

Table of Contents :

1. Analyst View
2. Emerging Market Trends & Drivers
2.1 Soaring Gas Demand in EU - An Opportunity for Russia
2.2 Russia - Emerging as a Viable Supplier for AP Region
2.3 Intense Competition Ahead in Liquefaction Infrastructure
2.4 Strategic Co-operations on the Cards for Russian Future Lead
2.5 Russian LNG Projects Competitiveness & Feasibility
3. Natural Gas Industry Overview
3.1 Reserves
3.2 Production
3.3 Consumption
3.4 Trade
4. Industry Overview and Outlook by 2020
4.1 Production
4.2 Regional Potentials
4.2.1 Shtokman
4.2.2 Yamal Peninsula
4.2.3 Sakhalin-2
4.3 Exports
4.3.1 Strategy for European Market
4.3.2 Strategy for CIS Market
4.3.3 Strategy for Asia-Pacific Market
5. Liquefaction Infrastructure
6. Transportation Capacity
7. Contracts & Agreements
8. Competitive Landscape
8.1 Gazprom OAO
8.1.1 Recent Developments
8.2 Novatek OAO
8.2.1 Recent Developments
8.3 Bashneft
8.3.1 Recent Developments
8.4 LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd
8.4.1 Recent Developments

List of Figures:

Figure 2-1: EU-27 Gas Demand by Sectors (TCF), 2007, 2015 & 2020
Figure 2-2: LNG Production Costs by Regions (US$/000 Cu.M.)
Figure 3-1: Natural Gas Reserves (TCM), 2006-2010
Figure 3-2: Natural Gas Production (BCM), 2008-2014
Figure 3-3: Natural Gas Consumption (BCM), 2008-2014
Figure 3-4: Natural Gas Exports (BCM), 2008-2010
Figure 4-1: LNG Production (Million Tonnes), 2010-2020
Figure 4-2: Shtokman - Forecast for LNG Production (BCM), 2017-2020
Figure 4-3: Yamal Peninsula and Adjacent Offshore Areas - Forecast for Gas Production (BCM) 2011, 2015, 2020 & 2025
Figure 4-4: Sakhalin-2 Long Term LNG Contracts by Countries (%)
Figure 4-5: Netback Price Comparisons for North Sakhalin Fields by Country (Euro/MCM), 2009-2020
Figure 4-6: LNG Exports (BCM), 2009, 2010, 2015 & 2020
Figure 4-7: Forecast for LNG Exports by Region (%), 2020
Figure 7-1: Japanese Companies’ LNG Import Contracts with Russia (‘0000 Tons), 2011-2015 & 2020

List of Tables:

Table 2-1: Gas Consumption by European Countries (Gm3), 2009 & 2010
Table 2-2: Forecast for LNG Imports by Countries in Asia-Pacific Region (MMTPA), 2011, 2012, 2015 & 2020
Table 2-3: Existing and Planned Liquefaction Capacity by Major LNG Producing Countries (MMTPA)
Table 2-4: Distance between Major LNG Supply Terminals to Import Terminals (Sea Miles)
Table 4-1: Gas Sector Project Economics & Investment Outlook by 2030
Table 4-2: Gazprom Pipeline Projects by Capacity & Sponsors (BCM/Year)
Table 4-3: Shtokman Project Snapshot
Table 4-4: Yamal Peninsula Project Snapshot
Table 4-5: Sakhalin-2 Project Snapshot
Table 4-6: Sakhalin-2 Long Term LNG Contracts (MT/Year)
Table 5-1: Liquefaction Plants by Capacity (106 t/year) & Storage Capacity (m3)
Table 6-1: LNG Carrier Fleet by Owner & Capacity (Cu. M.), March 2011
Table 7-1: LNG Contracts Duration by Countries & Annual Quantity (106 t/Year), 2009

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