2011 Preqin Global Private Equity Report

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The Preqin Global Private Equity Report is the industry's leading global reference guide, with commentary, stats, league tables and analysis on all areas of the private equity universe. The Report is a must buy for all industry professionals looking to stay up to date with industry trends and is indispensible for reports and presentations.
The Preqin Global Reports are utilised by thousands of industry professionals every year to access stats, analysis, trends, league tables and commentary. The 106 page Private Equity Report has been assembled by our international teams of analysts to include all the most important developments alongside the historic data enabling you to put recent developments into context.

This year's Private Equity edition covers:

  • Industry overview including commentary from key industry bodies and figures
  • Stats for buyout, growth, venture, mezz, distressed, cleantech, natural resources...
  • AUM, dry powder
  • Buyout deals
  • Fundraising
  • Performance
  • Consistent performers
  • Fund of funds
  • Secondaries
  • Terms and conditions
  • Placement agents
  • LP investors
  • Employment
  • Compensation
  • Fund administrators
  • SWFs
  • Consultants
Table of Contents :

Section One: The 2011 Preqin Global Private Equity Report
Keynote Address - Moose Guen, CEO, MVision 5

Section Two: Overview of the Private Equity Industry
Introduction 7
Deal-Driven Optimism - Simon Walker, Chief
Executive, BVCA 8
Proactively Engaging Legislation - Uli Fricke,
Chairwoman, EVCA 9
Challenges for the US Market - Doug
Lowenstein, President, PEGCC 10
The Rise of Emerging Markets - Sarah
Alexander, President and CEO, EMPEA 11

Section Three: Assets under Management, Dry Power,
Employment and Compensation
Assets under Management and Dry Powder 13
Employment and Compensation 15

Section Four: General Partners
League Tables - Largest GPs 19
Buyout GPs - Key Stats and Facts 21
Distressed PE GPs - Key Stats and Facts 22
Mezzanine GPs - Key Stats and Facts 23
Natural Resources GPs - Key Stats and Facts 24
Venture GPs - Key Stats and Facts 25

Section Five: Fundraising
An Insider’s Guide to Fundraising in 2011 - Tripp
Brower, Capstone Partners 27
Evolution of Fundraising Market in 2010 28
Overview of Current Fundraising Market 31
Fundraising Review - North America 32
Fundraising Review - Europe 33
Fundraising Review - Asia and Rest of World 34
Fundraising Review - Buyout 35
Fundraising Review - Distressed PE 36
Fundraising Review - Mezzanine 37
Fundraising Review - Natural Resources 38
Fundraising Review - Venture 39

Section Six: Placement Agents
Overview of Placement Agent Use in 2009 41
Profi le of the Placement Agent Industry 42

Section Seven: Fund Administrators
Fund Administrators 43

Section Eight: Deals
Relationships Really Matter -
Vineet Pruthi, Investment Professional,
Lincolnshire Management 45
Global Buyout Activity 46

Section Nine: Private Equity Performance
An Examination of Private Equity Performance 51
Delivering Consistently High Private Equity
Performance - Logan M. Cheek, III, Senior
Managing Director, Pittsford Ventures
Management 52
Consistent Performers 53
Private Equity Returns for Pension Funds 57
Private Equity Benchmarks 60

Section Ten: Investors in Private Equity
Overview of the Limited Partner Universe 67
Make-up of Investors in Recently Closed Funds 71
Investor Appetite for Private Equity in 2011 -
December 2010 LP Survey Results 75
League Tables of Biggest Investors by Region 76
League Tables of Biggest Investors by Type 77
Investors to Watch in 2010 78

Section Eleven: Investment Consultants
Investment Consultants in Private Equity 79
Section Twelve: Fund Terms and Conditions
Private Equity Fund Terms and Conditions 87

Section Fourteen: Private Equity Cleantech
Energy Effi ciency Investments Lighting the Way
- Michael O’Neill, Associate, Climate Change
Capital Private Equity 90
Evolution of Fundraising Market in 2010 91
Cleantech Funds On the Road 92
Overview of Private Equity Cleantech Managers 93
Investors in Cleantech 94

Section Fifteen: Funds of Funds
Review of Private Equity Funds of Funds 95
Funds of Funds GPs - Key Stats and Facts 96
Fundraising Review - Funds of Funds 97
Listed PE FoF 98

Section Sixteen: Secondaries
Secondary Market Introduction 99
Secondaries Pricing Analysis 100
Investor Appetite for the Secondary Market in 2010 - LP Survey Results 101
Secondaries Intermediaries 104
Secondaries GPs - Key Stats and Facts 105
Fundraising Review - Secondaries 106

Section Seventeen: Order Forms
Preqin Products 107
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