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United States Out-of-home Food and Beverage Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018

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Published Date: Jan, 2013
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 78

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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents

The out-of-home food and beverage market of the United States (US) is growing with the changing consumption pattern of the country. Recovery to the economic slowdown would lead to growth in the industry and market size would be reaching at around USD 991.8 Billion by 2018. The industry is driven by increasing per capita disposable income of the country along with rising level of population and female participation to the countries workforce. The increasing level of advertising and promotion for food and beverage by the manufactures are providing an extra edge to the growth of the market. However, few of the challenges faced by the US out–of-home food and beverage market are such as food and beverage safety and security along with rising raw material prices and transportation cost.

In US, out-of-home food industry is the dominating segment with around 84.06% of the market in terms of the market value and the demand of food is likely to be majorly driven due to changing life style of the society along with consumption patterns of the population. However, the beverage market of US out-of-home segment is majorly driven due to increasing per capita disposable income, changing lifestyle and spending pattern of the individuals. According to“United States Out-of-home Food and Beverage Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”figures that by 2018, recreational places will also generate and improve on the out-of-home food and beverages sales. By 2018, out-of-home food and beverages industry is accepted to grow at the CAGR of around 4.5% by value.

The report provides thedetails about US out-of-home food and beverage industry, its growth prospects and opportunities. The report foretells that eating and drinking places will report significant growth in terms of sales as well as demand. It is anticipated that brands which are amended with the latest innovative technology, improved customer service and changing trends are likely to remain dominant in the market. The “United States Out-of-home Food and Beverage Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”report elaborates the following particulars:

• Market Size and Forecast till 2018
• Market Share and Forecast till 2018
• Trade Dynamics
• Market Dynamics

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• To gain an in-depth understanding of Out-of-home Food & Beverage Market in US
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Report Methodology
The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with manufacturers, associations, retailers and consumers. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like newspapers, websites, and proprietary databases. 

1. Executive Summary
2.Global Out-of-home Food and Beverage Market
3. The United States Out-of-home Food and Beverage Market
3.1 Market Size & Forecast12
3.1. 1 By Value
3.2 Market Share & Forecast
3.2.1 By Segment
4. Food and Beverage Safety and Regulations
5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Drivers
5.2 Challenges
6. Industry Risk Analysis
7. Industry Trends and Developments
7.1 Changed Consumer Behavior
7.2 Improving Consumer Awareness on Recycling
7.3 Obesity Associated with Food and Drinks in Out-of-Home
7.4 Away from Home Food Price Inflation and Share of Household Food Expenditure to Total Expenditure
7.5 Food and Drink Service Industry
8. The United States Economic Profile
9. Competitive Landscape
9.1 Porter’s Five Force Analysis
9.2 Company Profile
9.2.1 PepsiCo Inc
9.2.2 The Coca cola Co
9.2.3 Kraft Foods Group Inc
9.2.4 Nestle USA INC
9.2.5 General Mills Inc
9.2.6 Diageo PLC
9.2.7 Anheuser Busch InBev
9.2.8 Dunkin’ Brand Group, Inc
9.2.9 Tyson Food Inc
9.2.10 Constellation Brands
10. Strategic Recommendation
11. Research Methodology

List of Figures & Tables

Figure 1: US Out-of-Home Food and Beverage Market Size, By Value, 2007-12E (USD Billion)
Figure 2: US Out-of-Home Food and Beverage Market Size, By Value, 2013-18F (USD Billion)
Figure 3: US Out-of-Home Food & Beverage Market Share, By Segment, 2007-12E (%)
Figure 4: US Out-of-Home Food & Beverage Market Share, By Segment, 2013-18F (%)
Figure 5: US Out-of-Home Food Market Share, By Segment, By Outlets 2011
Figure 6: US Out-of-Home Food Market Share, By Segment, By Outlets 2018F (%)
Figure 7: US Out-of-Home Beverage Market Share, By Segment, 2007-12E (%)
Figure 8: US Out-of-Home Beverage Market Size, By Segment, 2013-18F (%)
Figure 9: US Out-of-Home Alcoholic Beverage Market Share, By Segment, By Outlet,
Figure 10: US Out-of-Home Alcoholic Beverage Market Share, By Segment, By Outlet, 2013-2018F(%)
Figure 11: US Out-of-Home Non-alcoholic Beverage Market Share, By Segment, By Outlet, 2007-12E (%)
Figure 12: US Out-of-Home Non-alcoholic Beverage Market Share, By Segment, By Outlet, 2013-2018F (%)
Figure 13: US Per Capita Disposable Income, 2008-2015F (USD)
Figure 14: US Share of Total Food Expenditure, By Segment, 1970-2010 (%)
Figure 15: US Number of Obese Individuals, 2009-10 (Million)
Figure 16: US Share of Household Expenditure for Food Expenditure, 1970-2010 (%)
Figure 17: US GDP, 2010-2016 (USD Trillion)
Figure 18: US GDP Growth Rate, 2010-2017 (%)
Figure 19: US GDP Per Capita: 2010-2017 (USD)
Figure 20: US GDP Per Capita Growth Rate, 2011-2016 (%)
Figure 21: US GDP by PPP Per Capita, 2010-2017 (Units)
Figure 22: US GDP Growth Rate by PPP Per Capita, 2011-2017 (%)
Figure 23: US GDP Composition by Sectors, 2011 (%)
Figure 24: US Inflation Rate by Consumer Price Changes, 2010-2017
Figure 25: US Population, Millions, 2010-2017F
Figure 26: US Population Growth Rate, 2011-2017 (%)
Figure 27: US Unemployment Rate, 2010-2017F (%)
Figure 28: US USD V/S EUR Exchange Values: January 1, 2005-2012
Figure 29: US Out of Home Food and Beverage Market – Porter’s Five Forces Model

Table 1: Industry Risk Analysis of US out-of-home Food & Beverage Market
Table 2: Company Profile: PepsiCo Inc.
Table 3: Company Profile: The Coca Cola Co.
Table 4: Company Profile, Kraft Foods Group Inc.
Table 5: Company Profile, Nestle S.A
Table6: Company Profile, General Mills Inc.
Table 7: Company Profile, Diageo PLC
Table 8: Company Profile, Anheuser Busch InBev
Table 9: Company Profile, Dunkin Donuts
Table 10: Company Profile, Tyson Food Inc.
Table 11: Company Profile, Constellation Brands  

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