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Global Regenerative Medicine Market

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Published Date: Dec, 2011
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 105
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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
Regenerative medicine is an emerging interdisciplinary field that spans tissue engineering, stem-cell biology, nanoscience, and bioengineering for the repair of cells, tissues and organs. It seeks to treat injured and diseased human tissue by using laboratory-grown or therapeutically-induced human tissue as a replacement. After decades of research, many regenerative medicine technologies are in development and approaching commercialization stage, thus leading to the creation of a revenue generating industry. The market, with an estimated US$ 7.2 Billion market size in 2010, is likely to progress at a rapid pace in the coming future and witness the advent of a new generation of treatments across the globe.

Key factors facilitating the emergence of regenerative medicine include the existence of a large number of affected people with degenerative diseases, increase in the global aging population that is likely to grow further in the US and Japan, and the entry of innovative technologies at the market landscape. Life threatening diseases, such as cancer and diabetes are the prominent factors driving future growth in these countries. The report covers the government policies which support the development of the regenerative medicine, mainly with the concern of reducing the burgeoning healthcare costs.

Our report covers the regenerative medicine market landscape in developed regions such as the US and Europe, and emerging markets like India and China. Market players have already started devising strategies including agreements with domestic manufacturers/distributors in these countries and stem cell-based research projects are in the advanced stage.

The report “Global Regenerative Medicine Market”, presents a renowned insight into the worldwide market for regenerative medicine in a manner that analyzes almost all the key associated aspects and new developments. Over 100-page report comprehensively investigates the important characteristics of the industry and provides an insight into the competitive landscape. The study also includes future outlook for the global regenerative medicine market, and its core segments.
1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Regenerative Medicine: Introduction
3.1 Tissue Engineering
3.2 Stem Cell Therapy
4. Industry Characteristics
4.1 R&D: Huge Investments Leading to Product Innovations
4.2 Companies Garnering Success through Collaborations
4.3 Presence of Cut Throat Competition Intensifying Private Sector Participation
4.4 Aging Population Worldwide to Boost Industry
5. Industry Performance
5.1 Current Market Overview and Future Outlook to 2014
5.2 Key Industry Segments
5.2.1 Tissue Engineered Products
5.2.2 Cell Therapy Market
6. Application Areas for Regenerative Medicine
6.1 Cardiovascular Diseases
6.2 Diabetes
6.3 Cancer
6.4 CNS Diseases
6.5 Eye Diseases
7. Key Geographical Market
7.1 US
7.2 Europe
7.3 Asia-Pacific
7.3.1 Japan
7.3.2 China
7.3.3 India
8. Pipeline Analysis
9. Competitive Assessment
9.1 Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.
9.2 Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.
9.3 Athersys, Inc
9.4 Amgen, Inc.
9.5 Bioheart, Inc.
9.6 Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.
9.7 Celgene Corporation
9.8 Geron Corporation
9.9 Genzyme Corporation
9.10 Osiris Therapeutics
9.11 Japan Tissue Engineering, Co., Ltd.
9.12 ThermoGenesis Corporation

List of Figures:

Figure 5-1: US - Number of People Affected with Degenerative Diseases (Million), 1900 to 2050
Figure 5-2: Global - Regenerative Medicine Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 5-3: Global - Regenerative Medicine Companies by Region (%)
Figure 5-4: Global - Tissue Engineered Products Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 5-5: Global - Cell Therapy Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 6-1: Global - Diabetes Prevalence in Developed and Developing Countries by Age Group (Million), 2010 & 2030
Figure 7-1: US - Regenerative Medicine Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 7-2: US - CIRM Funding by Disease (%)
Figure 7-3: Europe - Regenerative Medicine Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 7-4: Europe - Regenerative Medicine Companies by Segment (%)
Figure 7-5: Europe - Regenerative Medicine Companies by Country (%)
Figure 7-6: Europe - Share of Disease in Autologous Cellular Therapy (2009)
Figure 7-7: Europe - Share of Disease in Allogeneic Cellular Therapy (2009)
Figure 8-1: Global - Number of Patent Families for Regenerative Medicine by Country (1991-2011)

List of Tables:

Table 4-1: Global - R&D Spending by Key Players (Million US$), 2010
Table 4-2: Global - Number of People Aged above 60 Years in Key Countries (Million), 2009
Table 6-1: Stem Cell Characteristics for Cardiac Repair
Table 7-1: US - Potential Patient Population for Cell based Therapies (Million)
Table 7-2: US - Number of Patients Waiting for Organ Transplant
Table 7-3: India - List of Stem Cell Related Projects Funded by Department of Biotechnology
Table 9-1: Bioheart, Inc. - Products under Development
Table 9-2: Geron Corporation - Products under Development

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