Indoor Location Solutions and Services: Challenges, Opportunities and Market Outlook

 Published On: Sep, 2011 |    No of Pages: 55 |  Published By: Energy Business Reports | Format: PDF
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As many in the industry understand, indoor location has many challenges compared to location determination in an outdoor environment. However, indoor location is more than just an extension of outdoor - it represents its own unique opportunities and challenges as a standalone business opportunity.

This report analyzes global market trends, the driving factors, and how technologies and new developments affect the global indoor location market. The report focuses on the technologies and solutions employed for location determination indoors. The report evaluates various technical and commercial characteristics of different technologies used in support of indoor location solutions and applications.

The report analyzes the present status and future outlook of technologies in global market and key market opportunities available in major markets. The report also evaluates indoor location applications, including alternative scenario analysis, and forecasting indoor location solutions and its applications. It also reviews major players in indoor location solutions and evaluates their current strengths and weaknesses.


  • Identify indoor location technologies, solutions, and services
  • Identify indoor location opportunities for various industry verticals
  • Understand the business models and business case for indoor location
  • Understand current and identify future application areas for indoor location
  • Indentify the best technology solutions for various indoor location scenarios
  • Gain knowledge from case studies of indoor solutions, applications and services
  • Understand indoor location as extension of outdoor location and as separate opportunity

  • Location-based service application providers
  • Homeland security and law enforcement organizations
  • Public safety personnel including fire, ambulance, and police
  • Wireless service providers including cellular, WiMAX, and others
  • Enterprise companies interested in indoor location improvements and/or application

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Background. 6

Introduction. 6
Objective and Scope. 6
Report Methodology. 7
Report Focus. 7

Section 2: Indoor Location Determination and Tracking. 8

Purpose of Location Determination and Tracking. 8
Key Applications Developed by GPS in Civilian Use. 9
Transition of Outdoor Applications to Indoor Applications. 9
Pseudolites. 10
Assisted GPS. 10
Evolution of Indoor Location Systems. 10
Leveraging Indoor Location Systems through Wireless Networking. 10
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). 11
Technology. 11
Components of WLAN.. 11
Measurement Methodology of WLAN.. 11
Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN). 12
Technology. 12
Components of WPAN.. 12
Methods to Detect WPAN for Indoor Location. 13
Proximity Detection (PD). 13
Triangulation. 13
Other Components of Indoor Location Systems. 13

Section 3: Indoor Location Technologies. 15

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). 15
Technology. 15
Components of RFID.. 16
Applications of RFID tags in Indoor Location Solutions. 17
Asset Tracking. 17
People Tracking. 17
Safety and Security. 17
Markets of RFID systems. 17
Suppliers of RFID systems. 18
Case Study: Motorola Solutions. 18
Future of RFID in Indoor Location Solutions. 18
WLAN based indoor location systems. 18
Leveraging WLAN for indoor location. 18
Wi-Fi 19
Technology. 19
Components of Wi-Fi 19
Applications of Wi-Fi in indoor location. 19
WPAN based Indoor Location Systems. 19
Leveraging WPAN for Indoor Location. 19
Bluetooth. 20
Technology. 20
Components of Bluetooth for Indoor location. 20
Applications of Bluetooth in Indoor Location. 21
Future Applications using Bluetooth. 21
Case Study. 21
Other WPAN Technologies in Research and Development. 21
Cellular Network. 22

Section 4: Applications of Indoor location Systems and Solutions. 24

Business Applications. 24
Locating Assets and people, security. 25
Healthcare. 25
Case Study: Ekahau Inc. 27
Manufacturing plants and Industries. 28
Office Buildings. 29
Case Study. 30
Individual Applications. 31
Identifying Location. 31
Locating people. 31
Location based Advertising & Marketing. 31
Case studies. 32
Foursquare. 32
Facebook - Places. 34

Section 5: Business Perspective & Forecasting. 36

New Equations in Technology Hybrid Solutions. 36
Business Model of Indoor Location Services. 38
Infrastructure Partners. 38
Technology Partners. 38
Application Partners. 39
Integrators & VARs. 39
Market Needs Assessment. 40
Challenges to Indoor Solution Providers. 42
Business Solutions. 42
Indoor Environment. 42
Material to be located. 43
Wear and Tear of Tags, Recalibration and System Maintenance. 43
Expanding Business Beyond Principal Territories. 44
Individual Solutions. 44
Right of Privacy. 44
Augmenting Wireless Technologies. 45
Seamless Navigation. 45
Upgrades and Scalability. 45
Database Management. 45
Obtaining Buyers and Users. 45
Demand Supply Matrix. 46
Business Applications. 46
Individual Applications. 47
ROI Calculations. 48
Business Solution Providers. 48
Proprietary Algorithms. 48
Investments in Hardware. 48
Annual Maintenance and Servicing. 49
Other consulting. 49
Individual Solution Providers. 49
Application (API) Development. 49
Database Management. 50
Customer Engagement. 50
Characteristics of Market Leaders. 51
Near Future Opportunities. 51
Use of Mobile Network as Indoor Locator. 51
Using phone as RFID tag. 52
New Application Areas. 52
Future Adaptors of Indoor Location Solutions. 53
Market Potential Mapping. 54
USA.. 54
Europe. 54
Pacific. 55

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