Global Shipping Exchanges

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Global Shipping Exchanges data is available in digital format on Shipping Intelligence Network.

Clarkson Research publishes on Shipping Intelligence Network key, up to the minute data on publicly listed shipowning companies and shipping IPO and bond transactions.

The Global Shipping Exchanges 2006 report brought together Clarkson Research’s database of ships and financials for the first time, revealing that shipping companies listed on stock exchanges across the globe control a very significant portion of the world fleet. This is the second report on global investment in shipping (KG Shipping & Finance was the first) and the report takes a close look at the role of equity markets in shipping, and answers the following questions:

How many stock exchanges carry shipping companies?
What is the global market cap of shipping?
What proportion of the world's fleet is represented on the world's stock exchanges?
Which shipping sectors are best represented?
On which exchanges?
How many public shipping companies are there?
What was their turnover and profit in 2005?

In addition there are over 30 tables of analysis, including tables on the companies, exchanges, fleet, investment behaviour, IPOs and share prices. There are profiles of selected public shipping companies, and a register of the ships that public listed companies own and operate.

Executive Summary
A concise Executive Summary and Overview of Key issues, including Shipping Exchanges, Market Cap and Financials, Public Shipping Companies, Shipping Company Behaviour, Shipping Company IPOs, Shipping Company Indices and Other Public Companies involved in Shipping.

Section 1. Analysis
The Public Shipping Company Fleets
The Exchanges
Public Shipping Company Behaviour
Other Public Shipping Companies Involved in Shipping
Other Financial Information

Section 2. Company Profiles
The Company Profiles includes a selection of prominent companies and recent IPOs

Section 3. Fleet Lists
A complete list of all the owned and operated publicly owned ships (Name, type, unit, year of build).

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