The Guide to Distributors of Medical Equipment & Supplies Worldwide 2012

 Published On: Apr, 2012 |  Published By: Espicom Business Intelligence | Format: PDF
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Helping you achieve cost-effective sales and wider distribution for your medical products worldwide! Updated regularly on the web or in regional print editions.

Features and benefits of this thoroughly-researched and proven business access service:

  • High Quality:
    All information provided in this report is verified by the agent or distributors
  • Extensive Content:
    Much more than a simple address listing with key information on staffing sectors covered, companies represented and products they are interested in representing
  • Global Coverage:
    Access established and emerging markets with sales and distribution agents in 130 countries around the globe!
  • Product Focus:
    Looking for companies experienced in selling specific types of product? No problem with the online version!
  • Direct Contact:
    Get in touch with named decision makers
  • Independent and Advertising Free:
    Espicom is a leading independent publisher which does not accept advertising or “paid for” content.

1,895 detailed and fully verified profiles of specialist distributors in 130 countries around the globe!

These days we must all work harder to achieve sales success...

Success in export markets requires local business and cultural knowledge – knowledge that can be effectively found via sales agents and distributors.

That is why Espicom – the leading name in medical market information – produces its highly-respected primary-source publication The Guide to Distributors of Medical Equipment & Supplies Worldwide.

Whatever your sales representation needs this essential guide will help. Unlike simple address listings, each profile has been verified directly with the company by Espicom's researchers, and details provided include, where available:

  • Full address details with key named contact
  • Year established
  • Number of employees, including sales/servicing/administration split
  • Turnover
  • Product areas represented
  • Potential new product areas
  • Companies represented

The critical information you need in the format you want

The Distributors Guide is provided in formats to meet the information needs of customers: 

Daily-Updated Web Edition: Updated and maintained on a daily basis, the web edition provides fast and easy access to all the data in The Guide. A simple search facility allows you to identify representatives by different criteria (eg. country, product type etc).

New Print Edition: (published April 2012) Available in 4 regional volumes: Europe, Middle East & Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific. Available in print or pdf.

Excel Spreadsheet: For companies wishing to incorporate the data into their CRM or other IT systems, the data is available in MS ExcelTM or .csv formats.


Volume I: Europe
Over 711 specialist medical sales companies in 42 countries from Armenia and Austria to Ukraine and the UK

Volume II: Middle East/ Africa
Over 372 specialist medical sales companies in 38 countries from Algeria and Bahrain to Yemen and Zimbabwe

Volume III: Americas
Over 386 specialist medical sales companies in 28 countries from Argentina and Bahamas to the USA and Venezuela

Volume IV: Asia/Pacific
Over 426 specialist medical sales companies in 22 countries from Australia and Bangladesh to Thailand and Vietnam

If the above report does not have the information suitable for your business, we can provide custom research that can be lucrative for your business or enhance your profession.