Hotel Industry in India (2011-2015)

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The Indian hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key industries driving growth of the services sector in India. The fortunes of the hospitality industry have always been linked to the prospects of the tourism industry and tourism is the foremost demand driver of the industry. The Indian hospitality industry has recorded healthy growth fuelled by robust inflow of foreign tourists as well as increased tourist movement within the country and it has become one of the leading players in the global industry. 

Trends in the Industry

1. Budget Hotels as the next trigger

2. Medical Tourism

3. New avenues of growth

4. Shifting focus to Tier II and Tier III cities

5. Marketing Strategies

6. Emergence of Mixed Land Usage

7. Huge spurt of international brands

8. Innovative operating models

The Indian hotel industry is highly fragmented with a large number of small and unorganized players accounting for a lion’s share. The major players in the organized segment include Indian Hotels Company Ltd, Hotel Leela Venture Ltd, EIH Ltd, ITC Hotels and ITDC.

The industry is likely to experience robust growth on the back of rising disposable incomes and favorable industry statistics. The market is estimated to reach US$ 30 billion by 2015.


• Indian Hotel and Tourism Industry

• Demand-supply scenario in the Industry

• Proposed investments by domestic and foreign players

• Factors driving growth, Issues & Challenges

• Key operating characteristics like occupancy rates, revenue per available room (RevPAR) and average room rates (ARR)

• Emerging trends such as MICE, service apartments, spas, medical tourism, wildlife resorts, mixed land usage and Budget Hotels

• Government Regulations for the sector in Indian market

• Key players and Market Concentration

• Forecasts


• To get a in-depth view of  the various factors which are driving the growth and those which are critical to the industry

• Report covers all the facets of the industry performance and future prospects.

• The Impact of tourism industry on Hotel industry

Table of Contents

1. Overview

1.1 Structure of the Industry

1.2 Tourism in India

1.2.1 Categories of Tourism

1.2.2 Domestic Tourism

1.2.3 Major Demand Drivers

1.2.4 Various Tourism Products in India

1.2.5 Tourism Across Various Cities

2. Industry Growth drivers

2.1 The Resurrection of the Industry

2.2 Increasing Domestic & International Tourist Arrivals 

2.3 Recovering Average Room Rates and Occupancies

2.4 Increasing contribution of Food & Beverage

3. Demand –Supply Scenario 

4. Emerging Trends in the Industry

5. Government Regulations & Initiatives

5.1 Policy & Tax Incentives and Amendments

5.2 Tax Holiday

5.3 Impact of Budget 2011-12 

6. SWOT Analysis

6.1 Strengths

6.1.1 Advantage India

6.1.2 Demand-Supply Mismatch

6.1.3 Government Support

6.2 Weakness

6.2.1 Cost of Land

6.2.2 Skilled Manpower Shortage

6.2.3 Poor Infrastructure

6.2.4 Disposed to political events

6.2.5 High seasonality

6.3 Opportunities

6.3.1 Rising Income

6.3.2 Open Sky benefits

6.3.3 Recovering market trends

6.3.4 Increase in the market share

6.3.5 MICE

6.3.6 Investment in Hospitality Institutes

6.4 Threats

6.4.1 No Uniformity in Taxes & High Tax Structures

6.4.2 Fear of meltdown

6.4.3 Increasing Competition


8. Key Players

8.1 Indian Hotels Company Ltd

8.2 East India Hotels 

8.3 ITC Hotels

8.4 Hotel Leela Venture Ltd

8.5 ITDC (India Tourism Development Corporation)


10. Industry Performance

11. Forecasts

12. Annexure

List of Figures

1. Market Break Up

2. Market Size (2010-2015)

3. Structure of the Industry

4. Total Contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP

5. Categories of Tourism

6. Distribution of Total Travelers (2010) in India

7. Major Demand Drivers

8. Domestic Travelers (1997-2010)

9. FTA’s (1997-2010)

10. Growth in FTA’s (1997-2010)

11. Expected FTA’s (2011-2015)

12. Domestic Travelers (2011-15)

13. ARR and RevPAR (2001-2011)

14. Occupancy rates (2001-2011)

15. Distribution of Revenue (2005-2010)

16. Branded Rooms (2011-2015)

17. Total Room Supply & Demand (2011-2015)

18. Break up of Proposed Room Supply (2014-15)

19. SWOT Analysis

20. % Share of India in International Tourism Receipts of World

21. Porters 5 Forces

22. Key Players

23. Market Share of Key Players in the Organized Sector

24. Developed Cost per key (USD 000's) 

25. Construction Tenure (Months)

26. Profile of Organized Hotels in India 2011

27. Value of Food Service sector

28. Key Operating Characteristics by Hotel Classification – Occupancy

29. Key Operating Characteristics by Hotel Classification – Average Rate (INR)

30. FDI in India – Hotel & Tourism (2005-2010)

31. FTA’s in India and World GDP

32. Domestic Tourist Visits and India GDP

33. Contribution of Hotel and Restaurant Sector in India GDP

List of Tables

1. Annual Growth Rate (Hotel & Restaurants) 2005-10

2. Upcoming Projects

3. % change in Demand & Supply

4. City Wise existing and proposed supply

5. International Hotel Brands

6. Country Wise Applicable Tax

7. Indian Hotels Company Ltd – Financial Snapshot

8. East India Hotels – Financial Snapshot

9. ITC Hotels – Financial Snapshot

10. Hotel Leela Venture Ltd – Financial Snapshot

11. ITDC (India Tourism Development Corporation) – Financial Snapshot

12. Hotels owned by ITDC

13. Major City Wise – ARR’s (In INR)

14. Major City Wise – Occupancy (In %)

15. Major City Wise – RevPAR (In INR)

16. Key Operative Characteristics by Hotel Classification – ARR (In US $) 

17. Key Operative Characteristics by Hotel Classification – RevPAR (In US $)

18. Key Operative Characteristics by Hotel Classification – Occupancy

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