Production and Market of Citric Acid in China

 Published On: Jul, 2015 |  Published By: Askci Consulting | Format: PDF
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The Aim of this report
To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinese citric acid industry;
To understand position of China’s citric acid in the world;
Get more information of the major citric acid producers;
Gain insight into the whole citric acid industry chain from major raw materials to applications;
To predict what future of China’s citric acid industry will be;
To find out the key strengths and weakness of China’s citric acid producers, and the threats and opportunities they face;
To reveal opportunities in Chinese citric acid industry.

Benefit from the report
Obtain latest info of citric acid industry, such as supply and demand, status in the world. key hotspots and so on;
Get latest information of major citric acid producers in China;
Evaluate import and export situation of citric acid in China
Find out key factors influencing price of citric acid in China;
Identify key trends and opportunities in China’s citric acid market;
Understand what are the drivers and barriers of China’s citric acid companies;

Word-format report, with around 30-50 pages;
Excel-format database of key players of citric acid;
Excel-format market data of citric acid and raw materials;

*Time needed
1 month needed

The report will investigate Chinese major citric acid producers from the following aspects:
Basic information (including address, telephone number, fax number, website, company background, etc.)
Major products
Financial performance


In this report, ASKCI analyzes the market size of citric acid, supply and demand of citric acid, major citric acid production, import and export situation, consumption situation by downstream industry, etc. as well as make scientific prediction on the future development citric acid industry.

Executive summary
Introduction and methodology
1 Citric acid industry overview in China
1.1 Development history
1.2 Status in the world
1.3 Industry chain
2 Production technology of citric acid in China
2.1 Major production technology
2.2 Introduction to major raw material
3 Citric acid production situation in China
3.1 Summary of citric acid production
3.2 Major citric acid producers
3.3 Price of citric acid
4 Import and export situation of citric acid in China
4.1 Import situation
4.2 Export situation
5 Consumption situation of citric acid in China
5.1 Summary of consumption situation
5.2 Consumption by downstream industry
6 Forecast on citric acid industry in China
6.1 Key influencing factors
6.2 Forecast to 2019
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List of Figures
Figure 3.1-1 Capacity and output of citric acid in China, 2010-2014
Figure 3.1-2 Geographical distribution of citric acid by capacity, 2014
Figure 3.3-1 Month average price of citric acid in China, 2014
Figure 4.1-1 Consumption situation of citric acid in China, 2010-2014
Figure 4.2-1 Consumption situation of citric acid by downstream industry in China, 2014

List of Tables
Table 3.2-1 Capacity and output of citric acid by producers in China, 2012-2014
Table 4.1-1 Import situation of citric acid by month in China, 2014
Table 4.1-2 Import situation of citric acid by origin in China, 2014

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