Global Bio Fertilizer Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

 Published On: Oct, 2015 |    No of Pages: 140 |  Published By: Occams Business Research and Consulting
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Life has become fast. People are now more workaholic which has affected every aspect of life. When on one side life style related diseases are growing, demand for organic food is also gaining steam. This has encouraged the farmers to use an organic fertilizer which is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of bio-fertilizer market recently. As the demand for the organic food is increasing, the global bio-fertilizer market is also expected to grow at an impressive compounded annual growth rate. Our report on global bio-fertilizer market focuses on the opportunities in the overall market especially in the key areas such as Asia-Pacific (APAC), US and Europe.

North America and APAC are the leading consumer markets of bio-fertilizer on the back of good awareness and government policies which are among the key growth drivers in these regions. Price is also an important factor for bio-fertilizer market; currently price has negative impact on bio-fertilizer market; however, mass production and technological advancements are expected to reduce the overall production cost in future. Also, availability and cost of raw material will be a key motivator of bio-fertilizer market. Asia-Pacific is the most opportunistic market for bio-fertilizer because of availability of raw material, cheap labour force and large number of end- users.

Prolonged negative effects of chemical fertilizers are also one of the primary reasons behind the growth and demand for bio-fertilizers. Nitrogen-fixing bio-fertilizer is the largest segment of the market, which, however, is small as compared to chemical bio-fertilizers market but with the growing acceptance and demand, this is expected to be large market in the coming days.

Considering the positive impact of bio-fertilizers, governments in various countries are supporting the sector with framing friendly policies. For example, Mexico government has created new policy for promoting and commercialization of bio-fertilizers in the country. The policy report highlights opportunities of bio-fertilizers, how they can commercialize the products and the social and economic impact of bio-fertilizers in Mexico.

This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. In-depth profiling of companies
Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary

2. Market Overview
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Market Trends Of Bio-Fertilizer
2.2.1 Recent Developments
2.2.2 Future Of Bio-Fertilizer Industry (Predictive Analysis)
2.3 Value Chain Analysis
2.3.1 Raw Material
2.3.2 Manufacturer
2.3.3 Distributors
2.3.4 Retailer
2.3.5 End-Users
2.4 Key Buying Criteria
2.4.1 Price:
2.4.2 Alternatives:
2.4.3 Availability:
2.4.4 Quality
2.4.5 Environmental Concerns

3 Sector Analysis
3.1. Fertilizer Sector
3.1.1. Chemical Fertilizers Nitrogen Fertilizer Phosphate Fertilizers Potassium Fertilizers

4. Market Segmentation
4.1. Fertilizer Type
4.1.1. Nitrogen Fixing Fertilizers
4.1.2. Phosphate-Solubilizing Bio-Fertilizers
4.1.3. Potash Mobilizing Bio-Fertilizers
4.1.4. Others
4.2. Segmentation By Microorganism:
4.2.1. Rhizobium
4.2.2. Azotobacter
4.2.3. Azospirillum
4.2.4. Bga
4.2.5. Phosphate Solubilizer
4.2.6. Others

5. Market Determinants
5.1. Driver
5.1.1. Preference Of Bio-Fertilizer Over Chemical Fertilizer
5.1.2. Increase In Demand Of Organic Food
5.1.3. Government Policy Backing Bio-Fertilizer Us Policy For Bio-Fertilizer India Policy For Bio-Fertilizer
5.1.4. New And Improved Products
5.1. Restraints
5.2.1. Lack Of Proper Training
5.2.2. Infrastructure Development  
5.2.3. Retail Outlet And Distribution
5.3. Opportunity
5.3.1. Less Competition In The Market
5.3.2. More Production Is Possible
5.3.3. Fast Return On Investments
5.4. Challenges
5.4.1. Bio-Fertilizers are More Expensive Than Chemical Fertilizer
5.4.2. Bio-Fertilizer Have Low Shelf Life
5.4.3. Supply Chain Is Not Consistent

6. Competitive Intelligence
6.1. Market Share Analysis
6.2. Key Company Analysis
6.3. Key Strategies Of Leading Players
6.3.1. Patent Of The Formula And Innovation
6.3.2. Government Aid For Revival Of Bio-Fertilizer Plant
6.3.3. Product Positioning And Increase Market Awareness
6.3.4. Investment In New Plant And Products

7. Geography Analysis
7.1. North America
7.1.1. US
7.1.2.  Canada
7.2. Europe
7.2.1. Germany
7.2.2. UK
7.2.3. Spain
7.2.4. Italy
7.2.5. France
7.3. Asia
7.3.1. China
7.3.2. India
7.3.3. Japan
7.4. RoW

8. Companies Profiled
1. Bio Nature Technology PTE Ltd.
2. Kribhco
3. Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
4. Madras Fertilizers Limited
5. National Fertilizers Limited
6. Biofosfatos do Brasil
7. Embrafós
8. Instituto de Fosfato Biológico (IFB)
9. Liderfós. Embrafós
10. Bio Protan
11. Futureco Bioscience S.L.
12. Labiofam S.A.
13. Neochim
14. Novozymes A.S.
15. Symborg S.L.
16. BlackStone Agriculture
17. Circle-One Internatiomal, Inc.
18. hopeland
20. Rizobacter Argentina S.A.

List of Tables

Table: 1 Growth Of Bio-Fertilizer Market
Table: 2 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth (2014-2021)
Table: 3 Nitrogen Fixing Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth (2014-2021)
Table: 4 Potash Mobilizing Bio-Fertilizer Market Estimated Market Growth(2014-2021)
Table: 5 Market Growth Of Other Segment (2014-2021)
Table: 6 Key Motivators And Restraint Of Different Geographies
Table: 7 Bio-Fertilizer Market (Country Level Analysis) In $Million (2014-2021)
Table: 8 North America Bio-Fertilizer Market By Type $Million (2014-2021)
Table: 9 Bio-Fertilizer By Type In $Million (2014-2021)
Table: 10 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth (By Type) In $Million (2014-2021)
Table: 11 Row Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth By Type (2014-2021)

List of Figures

Figure: 1 Bio-Fertilizer Application (2014 And 2021)
Figure: 2 Food Per Capita Net Production Index By Region (Base 2004-2006)
Figure: 3 Value Chain Analysis
Figure: 4 Key Buying Criteria
Figure: 5 Total Market Of Nitrogen Fixing Bio-Fertilizer In 2014
Figure: 6 Market Growth Of Phosphate Solubilizing Bio-Fertilizer
Figure: 7 Market Share Of Phosphate Solubilizing Bio-Fertilizer
Figure: 8 Market Share Of Potash Mobilizing Bio-Fertilizer
Figure: 9 Market Share Of Different Microorganism 
Figure: 10 Market Growth Of Rhizobium (2014-2021)
Figure: 11 Geography Market Of Rhizobium-2014
Figure: 12 Market Growth Of Azotobacter (2014-2021)
Figure: 13 Azotobacter Market By Geography-2014
Figure: 14 Azospirillum Market By Geography-2014
Figure: 15 BGA Market Growth (2014-2021)
Figure: 16 Phosphate Solubilizer Market Growth (2014-2021)
Figure: 17 Other Microorganism Market By Geography-2014
Figure: 18 Bio-Fertilizer Market By Geography (2014 And 2021)
Figure: 19 North America Bio-Fertilizer Market-2014
Figure: 20 Bio-Fertilizer Market In US In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 21 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In Canada In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 22 Corns And Wheat Production In Million Tons
Figure: 23 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In Germany In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 24 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In UK In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 25 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In Spain In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 26 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In Italy In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 27 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In France In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 28 Food Per Capita Net Production Indexes By Region (Base 2004-2006)
Figure: 29 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In China In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 30 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In India In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 31 Bio-Fertilizer Market Growth In Japan In $Million (2014-2021)

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