Biochar Market Report By Applications Gardening, Agriculture, Value Change Analysis, Company Profile Industry Analysis, Market Share, Size, Analysis, Industry Overview, Segmentation, Growth, Trends, Strategies, Forecast 2015-2021

 Published On: Oct, 2015 |    No of Pages: 140 |  Published By: Occams Business Research and Consulting | Format: PDF
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The growing demand for the organic products is creating a good market for bio or organic products, which are used in different fields. One such organic product is Biochar which has gained traction in recent times. Biochar mainly finds its use as a soil amendment material. Our report on Global Biochar Market covers applications, segmentation and opportunities in this booming market. The report also covers extensive market analysis in the key markets such as US, Europe and APAC (Asia Pacific). This reports also includes company profiles of leading players in the space.

There are many other factors driving the Biochar market such as cohesive government policies, environmental awareness and availability of raw material, compatibility, raw material cost and increasing number of manufacturers. According to the report, Asia-Pacific is an emerging market which is showing highest growth among all geographies. China, Japan and India are the key targeted markets of Biochar. At present there are about 150 companies dealing in Biochar. Considering the bullish prospects of this market several companies are taking strategic moves to enter this market.

Biochar is gaining traction in the market on the back of its properties. Besides being a soil amendment material, Biochar is also an easy and sustainable way to handle agricultural waste. Recent studies carried out on it reveals that Biochar is the most efficient solution for the management of the manure from birds and farm animals. In addition, Biochar is being effectively used as an important material for climate conservation as Biochar has properties to reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission. Not just Biochar but its by-products are also useful. During the process of its formation it produces a soil enhancer which makes the soil more fertile. As Biochar is a useful material, governments in various countries are also encouraging Biochar usage by friendly government policies.

This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. In-depth profiling of companies
1. Executive Summary
2. Market Overview
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Market Trends Of Biochar
2.2.1. Biochar Market History And Performance
2.2.2. Recent Developments
2.2.3. Future Of Biochar Industry (Predictive Analysis)
2.3. Value Chain Analysis
2.3.1. Raw Material
2.3.2. Suppliers
2.3.3. Manufactures
2.3.4. Distributors
2.3.5. Retailers
2.3.6. End Users
2.4. Key Buying Criteria
2.4.1. Price
2.4.2. Availability
2.4.3. Objectives
2.4.4. Alternatives
2.4.5. Environmental Concern
3. Market  Determinants
3.1. Market Motivators
3.1.1. Availability Of Raw Material
3.1.2. Waste Management Potential Crop Processing Facilities: Muncipal Green Waste (Mgw) Management: Composting And Manure Management:
3.1.3. Reduces Ghg Emission
3.1.4. Produce Clean, Renewable Energy
3.1.5. Produce A Soil Enhancer That Makes Soil More Fertile.
3.1.6. High Water Level And Improved Water
3.1.7. Government Policies For Backing Biochar Us Policy For Biochar: India Policy For Biochar
3.2. Key Restraints Of Biochar Market
3.2.1. In Developed Countries Waste Based Organic Feedstock Have High Recovery Rate
3.2.2. Biochar Has Negative Effects
3.2.3. Health And Safety Issues
3.3. Opportunities
3.3.1. Small Investment Can Bring Big Profit
3.3.2. Pilot Projects For Farmers
3.3.3. Waste Management   Is Lacking In Developing Countries
3.4. Challenges
3.4.1. Complexity Of R&D
3.4.2. Slow Adoption Of Biochar Indusrty
4. Sector Analysis
4.1. Bio-Fertilizer Industry Overview
4.2. A Bio-Fertilizer Provides The Consequently Benefits:
5.  Market Segmentation
5.1. Application Of Biochar
5.1.1. Gardening
5.1.2. Agriculture
5.1.3.  Other Non-Agriculture Use
5.2. Biochar Industry
5.2.1. Biochar Trading
5.2.2. Equipment Manufacturer
6. Competitive Intelligence
6.1.  Market Share Analysis
6.2. Key Company Analysis
6.2.1. Hawaii Biochar
6.2.2. Cool Planet Energy System
6.2.3. Biochar  Products
6.2.4. Sonnenedre
6.2.5. Microbeix Pty Ltd
6.2.6. Biochar Solutions
6.2.7. Interra Energy
6.2.8. Diacarbon
6.2.9. Carbon Gold
6.2.10. Vega
6.3. Key Strategies
6.3.1. Providing Viable, Long Term, Sustainable Economic Opportunities
6.3.2. Creating More Awareness
6.3.3. Partnerships :
6.3.4. Focus On Micro-Scale Industry
7. Geography Analysis
7.1. North America
7.1.1. USA
7.1.2. Canada
7.2. Europe
7.2.1. UK
7.2.2. France
7.2.3. Germany
7.2.4. Italy
7.2.5. Spain
7.2.6. RoE
7.3. Asia Pacific
7.3.1. China
7.3.2. Japan
7.3.3. India
7.3.4. RoAPAC
7.4. RoW
7.4.1. Latin America
7.4.2. Africa
7.4.3. Middle East

8. Companies profiled

1. Bio Char
2. Hawaii Biochar Products
3. Cool Planet Energy Systems
4. Genesis Industries
5. New England Biochar
6. WorldStove
7. Agri-Tech Producers LLC
8. Biochar Supreme
9. Chargrow LLC
10. Full Circle Biochar
11. biochar company
12. PhoenixEnergy
13. Biochar Products
14. The Biochar Company LLC
15. Takesumi Ltd
16. Sunmark Environmental
17. Vee-Go Energy
18. Vermont Biochar
19. Waste to Energy Solutions
20. Sonnenerde
21. Proininso SA
22. Microbeix Pty Ltd
23. Biochar Solutions
24. Interra Energy, LLC
25. Forest-Char
26. Abri Tech Inc
27. Diacarbon Energy Inc
28. EcoTrac Organics
29. Carbon Gold
30. Black is Green (BiG)
31. Carbon Terra

List of Tables

Table: 1 Growth Of Biochar Market
Table: 2 Key Motivators And Restraint Of Different Geographies
Table: 3 Biochar Market(Country Level Analysis) In $Million (2014-2021)
Table: 4 North America Biochar Market By Application In $Million (2014-2021)
Table: 5 Biochar Application In $Miilion (2014-2021)  
Table: 6 Biochar Market Growth (By Application) In $Million (2014-2021)
Table: 7 Biochar Market Growth By Segment (2014-2021)
Table: 8 Global Biochar Market By Geography (By Gardening ) In $Million
Table: 9 Global Biochar Market By Geography (By Agriculture ) In $Million
Table: 10 Global Biochar Market By Geography (By Non-Agriculture ) In $Million
Table: 11 Global Biochar Market By Geography (By Region)
Table: 12 North America Biochar Market By Geography ( 2014-2021) In $Million
Table: 13 Europe Biochar Market By Geography ( 2014-2021) In $Million
Table: 14 APAC Biochar Market By Geography ( 2014-2021) In $Million
Table: 15 RoW Biochar Market By Geography ( 2014-2021) In $Million

List of Figures

Figure: 1 Biochar Application (2014 And 2021)
Figure:2 Food Per Capita Net Production Index By Region (Base 2004-2006)
Figure: 3 Value Chain Analysis
Figure: 4 Key Buying Criteria
Figure:5 Biochar Market Segment-2014
Figure:6 Biochar Market Segments-2021
Figure:7 Biochar Market By Geography
Figure:8 Agriculture Application By Geography-2014
Figure: 8  Non-Agriculture Use Of Biochar 2014
Figure: 9 Market Share Analysis
Figure: 10 Biochar Market By Geography (2014 And 2021)
Figure: 11 Biochar Market In US In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 12 Biochar Market Growth In Canada In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 13 Corn And Wheat Production In Million Tons
Figure: 14 Biochar Market Growth In Germany In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 15 Biochar Market Growth In UK In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 16 Biochar Market Growth In Spain In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 17 Biochar Market Growth In Italy In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 18 Biochar Market Growth In France In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 19 Food Per Capita Net Production Indexes By Region (Base 2004-2006)
Figure: 20 Biochar Market Growth In China In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 21 Biochar Market Growth In India In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 22 Biochar Market Growth In Japan In $Million (2014-2021)
Figure: 23 Biochar Application Row In $Million (2014-2021)

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