Pressure Sensitive Tapes

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US demand to reach $9.2 billion in 2019
US demand for pressure sensitive tapes is projected to reach $9.2 billion in 2019.  Growth will remain healthy but will decelerate slightly from the pace of the 2009-2014 period, in which value gains came from a low base in 2009 due to the 2007-2009 recession.  While production activity growth is expected to retreat to more moderate levels, construction activity will continue its recovery from a post-recession trough. In addition, prospects for tapes will be helped by widening applications in industrial assembly and bonding due to inherent advantages over traditional fasteners.

Plastic film, paper to remain largest backing materials
In terms of backing materials, plastic film and paper are the leading materials and together accounted for almost 80 percent of PSA tape value demand in 2014.  The remainder of demand is made up of such materials as cloth, foil, foam, nonwovens, rubber, and glass cloth.  Through 2019, advances for paper tapes will outpace  the overall average, the result of strong growth for masking tapes based on a rebounding construction market.

Plastic film-backed tapes will post more moderate increases due to a deceleration in raw material price increases, especially in the large polypropylene carton sealing tape segment.  However, faster growth is anticipated for specialty tapes that use films such as polyethylene, polyester, polyimide, and fluoropolymers. Gains for these tapes will be driven by increases in manufacturing activity and requirements for tapes suited for demanding industrial bonding uses, precision mounting of components, and for surface protection.

Double-sided tapes to be fastest growing product type
Demand for foam tapes will be supported by a recovery in construction activity and performance advantages such as thermal insulation, sound and vibration deadening, and the ability to conform to irregular surfaces.  Nonwoven medical tapes will continue to be favored for their breathability and ability to be converted into specialized shapes.  They are also compatible with adhesives that remove easily from skin.

Double-sided tapes will be the fastest growing tape product, with gains promoted by their further displacement of traditional bonding and joining technologies. These include glues and mechanical fasteners, in applications ranging from automotive, aerospace, and appliance assembly to the manufacture of telecommunication and electronic equipment. 

Surgeries, orthopedic injuries to aid medical market growth
Growth in the healthcare and medical market will be promoted by the number of orthopedic injuries and steady gains in surgical procedures. In addition, aging demographics and rising life expectancy will spur increased overall healthcare spending. Advances will be moderated somewhat by increased competition from alternative wound closure methods and a trend toward minimally invasive procedures. 

In the transportation market, the trend toward thinner and lighter weight materials for improved fuel economy will boost demand for double-sided and adhesive transfer tapes in motor vehicle manufacturing. Foam tapes will be more important as a cost-effective means of noise and vibration reduction in vehicles, while also improving vehicle ambience.  Additionally, the increased presence of electronics in automobiles will support greater use of specialty tapes for bundling and insulation of wire harnesses.

Study coverage
Pressure Sensitive Tapes is an upcoming Freedonia industry study priced at $5300. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) plus forecasts (2019 and 2024) by raw material usage, product and market. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles more than 40 US industry players.



Macroeconomic Outlook
Demographic & Household Trends
Consumer Income & Spending
Retail Sales
Business Establishment Trends
Manufacturing Outlook
Construction Outlook
Packaging & Shipping Outlook
Healthcare Outlook
Pricing Trends
Historical Market Trends
Competitive Sealing Methods
Environmental & Regulatory Issues
Foreign Trade
World Markets

Supply & Demand
Tape Demand by Type
Plastic Film Tape
Polyvinyl Chloride
Other Plastic Films
Paper Tape
Other Materials
All Other
Raw Materials Usage
Backing Materials
Plastic Film
Polypropylene Film
PVC Film
Other Plastic Films
Other Backing Materials
Other Materials

Carton Sealing Tape
Double-Sided Tape
Masking Tape
Adhesive Transfer Tape
Transparent Tape
Strapping & Bundling Tape
Duct Tape
Electrical Tape
Surface Protection Tape

Packaging & Shipping
Building & Construction
Consumer & Office
Healthcare & Medical

Market Share
Acquisitions & Divestitures
Research & Development
Marketing & Distribution
Manufacturing & Institutional
Consumer, Office, & Other
Company Profiles
ACHEM Technology, see Yem Chio
Adchem Corporation
Adhesives Research Incorporated
American Biltrite Incorporated
Avery Dennison Corporation
Beiersdorf AG
Bemis Company Incorporated
Berry Plastics Group Incorporated
Bridgestone Corporation
BSN medical GmbH
Canadian Technical Tape, see CTT Group
Carlisle Companies Incorporated
Chase Corporation
Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Company KG
Covidien, see Medtronic
CTT Group
DeWAL Industries Incorporated
Dryvit Systems, see RPM International
EnPro Industries Incorporated
Essentra plc
FLEXcon Company Incorporated
Gaska Tape Incorporated
Great Lakes Textiles Incorporated
Henkel AG & Company KGaA
Ideal Tape, see American Biltrite
Illinois Tool Works Incorporated
Intertape Polymer Group Incorporated
Johnson & Johnson
Lintec Corporation
Lohmann GmbH & Company KG
Main Tape, see Nekoosa Holdings
Medtronic plc
Nekoosa Holdings Incorporated
NEPTCO, see Chase
Nitto Denko Corporation
Nova Films & Foils, see Great Lakes Textiles
ORAFOL Europe GmbH
Rogers Corporation
RPM International Incorporated
RTape, see Nekoosa Holdings
Scapa Group plc
Sekisui Chemical Company Limited
Shurtape Technologies LLC
Signode Industrial Group LLC
SpecTape Incorporated
Stokvis Tape Group, see Illinois Tool Works
TaraTape, see Intertape Polymer Group
Technetics Group, see EnPro Industries
tesa tape incorporated, see Beiersdorf
3M Company
Tremco, see RPM International
Vandex International, see RPM International
Von Roll Holding Limited
Yem Chio Company Limited

List of Tables

Summary Table

Macroeconomic Indicators
Population & Households
Personal Consumption Expenditures
Retail Sales
Business Establishments
Manufacturers' Shipments
Construction Expenditures
Packaging Supply & Demand
National Health Expenditures
Pressure Sensitive Tape Pricing
Pressure Sensitive Tape Market, 2004-2014
Foreign Trade in Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Demand
Pressure Sensitive Tape Demand by Material Type
Plastic Film Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Deman by Resin
Paper Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Demand
Other Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Demand by Material
Cloth Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Demand
Foil Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Demand
Foam Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Demand
All Other Pressure Sensitive Tape Supply & Demand
Raw Material Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Backing Material Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Plastic Film Backing Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Polypropylene Film Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Polyvinyl Chloride Film Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Other Plastic Film Backing Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Paper Backing Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Other Backing Material Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Adhesives Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Other Raw Material Demand in Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Pressure Sensitive Tape Demand by Product Type
Carton Sealing Tape Demand
Double-Sided Tape Demand
Masking Tape Demand by Application
Adhesive Transfer Tape Demand
Transparent Tape Demand
Strapping & Bundling Tape Demand
Duct Tape Demand
Electrical Tape Demand
Surface Protection Tape Demand
Other Pressure Sensitive Tape Demand

Pressure Sensitive Tape Demand by Market
Manufacturing Market for Pressure Sensitive Tap by Application & Type
Transportation Market for Pressure Sensitive Tape by Type
Appliance Market for Pressure Sensitive Tape by Type
Electronics Market for Pressure Sensitive Tape by Type
Other Manufacturing Market for Pressure Sensitive Tap by Type
Packaging & Shipping Market for Pressure Sensitive Tap by Type
Building & Construction Market for Pressure Sensitive Tap by Type
Consumer & Office Market for Pressure Sensitive Tap by Type
Healthcare & Medical Market for Pressure Sensitive Tap by Type
Other Markets for Pressure Sensitive Tape by Type

US Pressure Sensitive Tape Sales by Company, 2014
Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures

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