Global 3D Printing Market Opportunity Analysis

 Published On: Nov, 2013 |    No of Pages: 60 |  Published By: KuicK Research | Format: PDF
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3D printing technology is considered to be one of the fastest growing technologies with numerous uses and applications for 3D printers and services across different application sectors. It has revolutionized various industries such as medical, aerospace, consumer products and automotive. This technology facilitates the printing of products of finest quality with highest accuracy by building the prototype in a layer-by-layer manner. While this technology is currently used for prototyping and basic product design, customization will emerge as the synonymous term for this technology in the near future. This market is expected to witness approximately 20-25% annual revenue growth in future, largely driven by automotive, healthcare, aerospace and consumer markets.

With respect to the opportunity for 3D printing technology in different application sectors, it is observed that automotive and aerospace hold the highest share followed by healthcare and consumer sectors. Automotive sector was one of the early adopters of 3D printing technology, using it to make prototypes and other experimental parts and for small-scale production runs.

Global 3D Printing Market Opportunity Analysis” research report by KuicK Research gives comprehensive insight on following issues related to development of global 3d Printing market:

• Market Overview
• Patent Analysis
• 3D Printing Market by Technology, Application & Region
• Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
• Market Growth Drivers & Restraints
• Key Growth Opportunities
• Company Analysis: Business Overview & Product/Solutions

1. Executive Summary

2. 3D Printing Market Introduction
2.1 Market Overview
2.2 Market Share Analysis of Key Players
2.3 Patent Analysis

3. 3D Printing Market by Technology
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Electron Beam Melting
3.3 Fused Deposition Modelling
3.4 Selective Laser Sintering
3.5 Photopolymerization/ PolyJet/ Stereolithography
3.6 Powder Based Inkjet Printing

4. 3D Printing Market by Application
4.1 Automotive
4.2 Aerospace & Defense
4.3 Consumer
4.4 Medical
4.5 Other Applications
4.6 Future Applications of 3D Printing Technology

5. 3D Printing Market by Region
5.1 US
5.2 Europe
5.3 Asia

6. 3D Printing Market Trends
6.1 Mergers & Acquisitions
6.2 Joint Ventures/ Partnerships

7. 3D Printing Market Dynamics
7.1 Growth Drivers
7.1.1 Increased Competition
7.1.2 Improved Design & Manufacturability
7.1.3 Highly Flexible Technology
7.1.4 Improved Economics Of Manufacturing
7.2 Market Restraints
7.2.1 High Initial Cost
7.2.2 Increased Sophistication
7.2.3 Regulatory Challenges
7.2.4 Material Limitations
7.3 Future Opportunities
7.3.1 Direct Digital Manufacturing
7.3.2 3D Printers
7.3.3 3D Printing Service & Scanning Software
7.3.4 Software

8. 3D Printing Market - Company Analysis
8.1 Stratasys
8.2 3D Systems Corporation
8.3 Voxeljet AG
8.4 Arcam AB
8.5 ExOne

Figure 1-1: Global 3D Printing Market (US$ Billion), 2009-2013
Figure 1-2: 3D Printing Market Analysis
Figure 2-1: Global 3D Printing Market Revenue (US$ Billion), 2012-2020
Figure 2-2: 3D Printing Materials Market Share Analysis, 2013 & 2020
Figure 2-3: Photopolymers Market (US$ Million), 2013-2020
Figure 2-4: Thermoplastics (Powder Form) Market (US$ Million), 2013-2020
Figure 2-5: Thermoplastics (Solid Form) (US$ Million), 2013-2020
Figure 2-6: Number Patents in 3D Printing Market, 2004-2011
Figure 2-7: Patents in 3D Printing Market by Company
Figure 2-8: 3D Printing Patents Based on Techniques
Figure 2-9: 3D Patents by Printing Technologies
Figure 2-10: 3D Printing Based on Application/ Method of Manufacturing
Figure 4-1: 3D Printing Market in Automotive Sector (US$ Billion), 2012 & 2020
Figure 4-2: 3D Printing Market in Aerospace/ Defense Sector (US$ Billion), 2012 & 2020
Figure 4-3: 3D Printing Market in Medical Sector (US$ Billion), 2012 & 2020
Figure 5-1: 3D Printing Market Share by Region 2012 & 2020
Figure 5-2: US – 3D Printing Market (US$ Billion), 2012 & 2020
Figure 5-3: Europe – 3D Printing Market (US$ Billion), 2012 & 2020
Figure 5-4: Asia – 3D Printing Market (US$ Billion), 2012 & 2020

List of Tables

Table 2-1: 3D Printing Material Manufacturers
Table 2-2: Key Patents in 3D Printing Market
Table 6-1: 3D Printing Market - Mergers & Acquisitions
Table 6-2: 3D Printing Market – Joint Ventures/ Partnerships/ Agreements
Table 6-3: Publicly Traded Companies – 3D Printing Industry
Table 8-1: Stratasys – Financial Overview
Table 8-2: Stratasys Solutions
Table 8-3: Systems Corporation – Financial Overview
Table 8-4: Systems Corporation Solutions
Table 8-5: Voxeljet – Financial Overview
Table 8-6: ExOne – Financial Overview

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