Special Report on China's Aluminum Industry in 2015

 Published On: Jul, 2015 |  Published By: Askci Consulting | Format: PDF
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In Jan. to Aug. 2014, China imported 25.11 million tonnes bauxite, down 45.6% YoY. Among them, Australia, Brazil, Ghana were the major imported regions, accounting for about 35%, 23.7%, 23.5% of China’s total respectively. Meanwhile, the alumina oxide imports increased significantly, up 76.6% YoY, reached 3.58 million tonnes in Jan. to Aug. 2014.

In Jan. to Aug. 2014, the output of alumina oxide was 30.63 million tonnes in China, up 5.4% YoY, and the output of aluminum products reached 30.82 million tonnes, up 19.3% YoY.

In Jan. to Aug. 2014, the fixed assets investment of China’s smelting of aluminum reached RMB35.5 billion, down 33.9% YoY, while the fixed assets investment of China’s machining of aluminum reached RMB118.9 billion, up 24.1% YoY.

In this report, AskCI profiles the market situation of Chinese aluminum industry from bauxite reserves, production, demand, price, import/export, applications and so on.

1 Price Trend of Aluminum
2 Mining of Aluminum
2.1 Bauxite
2.1.1 Output of Bauxite in the Globe
2.1.2 Reserves of Bauxite in China
2.1.3 Price of Bauxite in China
2.2 Aluminum Oxide
2.2.1 Supply of Aluminum Oxide in China
2.2.2 Price of Aluminum Oxide in China
3 Smelting of Aluminum
3.1 Cost of Smelting of Aluminum
3.2 Earnings of Smelting of Aluminum
3.3 Apparent Consumption of Primary Aluminum in China
3.4 Import Analysis of Primary Aluminum
3.5 Inventory of Primary Aluminum
4 Machining of Aluminum
4.1 Apparent Consumption of Aluminum Products in China
4.2 Price of Aluminum Products in China
5 Consumption of Aluminum
5.1 Major Application Industry of Aluminum
5.2 Application Industry of Aluminum Tube
5.3 Application Industry of Aluminum foil
5.4 Application Industry of Aluminum Pole and Aluminum Wire
6 Substitute Goods of Aluminum

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