The Evolution of Cellular: Integrated 4G, WiFi, Small Cells, 5G, and Fixed Broadband Replacement

 Published On: Apr, 2013 |    No of Pages: 69 |  Published By: Global Wireless Research | Format: PDF
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Report Overview

This report provides the reader with an understanding of the technologies, solutions, and opportunities with respect to the future of cellular. The report identifies deployment issues, application opportunities, forecasts and evolution of cellular. This includes drivers and future of broadband wireless communications to the so-called Fifth Generation (5G) cellular communications.

Report Audience

Wireless Carriers
Wireless Device Manufacturers
Content and Application Suppliers
Mobile Marketing and Commerce Companies

Introduction 5
Broadband 5
4G Technology 5
Evolution of Wireless 6
Evolution of Cellular 6
First Generation (1G) Cellular 7
Second Generation (2G) Cellular 7
Second ˝ (2.5G) Cellular 8
Third Generation (3G) Cellular 8
Fourth Generation (4G) Cellular 8
Understanding LTE Technology and Capabilities 20
4G Technology 20
LTE Radio 22
LTE Variations: FDD, TDD and Advanced 22
FDD 22
LTE Advanced 24
LTE Advanced and HetNets 25
LTE Network Architecture 25
Femtocells 26
Future of 4G 41
LTE Applications 50
4G Forecasts 58
4G Basestations 58
Per-technology (TDD and FDD) Forecasts 59
Regional LTE Base Station Forecasts 61
4G Wireless Device Forecasts 62
5G and Beyond 65
Migration to 5G 66
Distributed IP Architecture 66
Challenges and Opportunities 67
Broadband Replacement 68
Wireless Broadband Replaces Narrow-band and Circuit-switched Voice 68
Voice and Narrowband Replacement Forecasts 69
Cutting the Cord to Broadband Wireless and Wireless VoIP 69
Circuit-switched to VoIP 69

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