Industrial Diesel & Gas Engines Market in India

 Published On: Feb, 2013 |    No of Pages: 160 |  Published By: Infrainsights | Format: PDF
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Overall Objective 

Industrial Engines installed base in India is only like to improve further and its important for companies operating in the industry to understand the dynamics of emerging demand to be able to service these across different demand pockets spread across India.

While economy slowing down is a concern, all demand drivers for engine industry points towards to a robust outlook for OE sales side. Growing installed base of engines provides further opportunity related to engine retrofit, optimization and O&M solutions

InfraInsights aim to provide a detailed report based on primary research to all companies operating in the Industrial engine segment, to enable them plan their sales strategy, align sales target, get view on opportunity on the retrofit, engine optimization and other solutions based opportunity like power rentals, qualifying and quantifying the emerging demand across different regions / applications, parameters that drives pick one engine supplier over another engine supplier and other relevant and related parameters of interest to the industry

This report is an Industry Market Research Report, that will be executed through extensive field work and can be relied upon for understanding the industry best practices, industry leaders, new opportunities, new entrants, new to-be entrants, all information that not easily available in public domain

Key Questions Addressed

What is the total market size of Industrial Engine OE Sales and how does it stack over all the companies operating in the Indian Market?

Which company is the market leader in both product / solution portfolio and sales by value / volume?

What will be the future market size? Who all are likely to enter / exit the India Market?

What is the future outlook on gas based engine solution? 

What is the total installed capacity of engine based power plants, operating as base load or backup load in India?

What are typical annual spend levels on services of these engines?

What is the existing and emerging scenario on in-house O&M vs outsourcing of O&M by companies using engine based power solutions?

What is the opportunity in the power rental segment?

Which industry is likely to be the biggest demand driver for engines sales in India?

How unorganized players are pushing re-furbished engine, like that seen from Alang in Bhavnagar?

State / Central level regulations and policies that are either beneficial or eroding competitiveness associated with industrial engine business

1. Executive Summary

2. Approach and Methodology

3. Industrial Engine Market Landscape in India

4. Diesel & Gas Engine Market Size 2012 Value & Volume
Market Size by fuel type Diesel, Gas, HFO
Market Size by companies
Market Size by imports vs domestic
Market size by ratings (10 kW to 10 MW)
Market size by regions
Market size by end user industry
Market size by applications power plant, compressor etc.
Market size by Organized Vs Unorganized
Market Size Gainer, Retainers, Losers
Market Size by Product Vs Solution Approach

5. Emerging Demand Drivers
Key user segment market players, drivers, trends and future markets
Trends in Investments
Shift / Development in usage pattern by different Industry
New Emerging user industry and applications
Volume Vs Value segmentation of demand
Future growth prospects of different user / application segments
Emerging demand segmentation by industry segment, opportunity size

6. Emerging alternate product / solution threat to Demand Environment
Use of different non-engine based off-grid solutions
Solar PV
Fuel Cells
Telecom tower switching to other greener options
Diesel subsidy reduction for industry

7. Regulation & Policies
Current & Likely Emission Regulations
Current & Likely Noise level regulations
Other Environment Regulations across center and states

8. Product Vs Solution approach in the Industrial Engine Industry
OEMs / OES focus on standalone product push
Standalone Engine
Engine + alternator / equipment / generator package
Equipment + Control Systems
EPC Solutions

9. Engine Procurement Practice by different user industry
Ordering Frequency
Centralized Vs Decentralized Sourcing
Minimum order quantity
Stocking practices bulk requirement/ staggered delivery/ rate contract
Payment terms - credit period / credit extension by OE
Industry Need Gaps

10. Industrial Engine Purchase Practice by different user industry
Purchase process of Diesel engines
Key factors influencing product / brand selection.
Expectations from the supplier.
Role of other influencers like industry experts / electrical consultants in product selection

11. Opportunity in Engine Retrofit
By Industry
By Application
Value Vs Volume

12. Opportunity in After Sales Services Segment
Engine Optimization
Energy Audit
O&M Outsourcing

13. Opportunity in Power Rental Segment
Market Landscape
Market Size & Market Opportunity
Market Size Organized Vs Unorganized
Market Size by Company
Market Size by fuel type
Market Size by end use industry
Select success case studies

14. Emerging Future Market Landscape
Current capacity utilization vs Projected utilization
Capacity expansion planned
New variants / products planned for launch
Diversification plans

15. Industrial Engine Market Projection 2015
By user industry
By application
By region

16. Industry SWOT / PESTEL Analysis

17. Profiles of Engine Manufacturers / OEMs
Rolls Royce
Atlas Copco

18. Appendix
Database of engine based captive power plants in India
Database of engine users outlining industry need - gap

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