World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2013-2022

 Published On: Jun, 2013 |  Published By: DWL
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The 5th edition of the new Douglas-Westwood (DW) World Offshore Wind Market Forecast provides a ten year view of the sector through to 2022.

The last five years saw global capital expenditure increase significantly, however DW predict that over the next decade this spending will level off at approximately €15 billion per year. New global installations are expected to average just over 3,000MW per year during this period.

The increase in turbine capacity is considered to be one of the key factors for reducing the cost of energy, and European offshore wind developers will be specifying larger wind turbines with capacities of 5MW or greater. The size of the components for these future wind turbines will create unique challenges for installers, foundation designers and service providers.

As the industry seeks to reduce costs, a new generation of wind turbines designed around the unique requirements of the offshore environment are being rolled out with European project developers increasingly choosing to specify larger models with power outputs of 5 MW or more. The size of the components for these future wind turbines creates a unique set of challenges for installers, foundation designers and service providers.

A new manufacturing supply chain focused on the Northern European markets is slowly developing to meet demand with significant investments being made in aspects such as port infrastructure and foundation manufacturing capacity. At the same time, it will be crucial to leverage the experience and additional supply chain capacity from the offshore oil and gas sector.

Key Themes

The report provides detailed market forecasts through to 2022 and is essential reading for companies working within the offshore wind sector. The report focuses on:

  • Key drivers – a discussion of factors driving offshore wind installation activity including low carbon targets, rising energy demand and the need to replace power generation capacity.
  • Commercial insights – including analysis of cost pressures on capital, life-time costs, risk factors and typical financing models.
  • Technology Review – analysis of R & D priority areas.
  • Supply chain – a review of the main players, strengths & weaknesses of contracting strategies and supply chain development challenges.
  • Ten-year market forecast – for new capacity, capital expenditures, operating expenditure, wind turbines, support structures, cabling, substations and vessels.
  • Country analysis – detailed operational & capital expenditure forecast, including by capacity and segment analysis.
Why Purchase the World Offshore Wind Market Forecast?

The Douglas-Westwood approach to market forecasting is trusted by sector players worldwide. Clients include project developers, original equipment manufacturers, installation contracts and public sector clients. Our proven process includes:
  • Industry consultation – discussion with a wide-range of companies including: project developers, equipment manufacturers, and installation contractors. Throughout the report we highlight pertinent quotes, related to specific aspects of the market.
  • Unique and proprietary data – detailed by project in our in-house databases. Updated year-round from published sources and insight gained from industry consultation.
  • Methodology – our forecast provides one ‘medium-case’ scenario for market activity, drawn from our databases, which enables the forecasts to be established on a project-by-project basis; taking into account factors such as project size, location, financial backing and progress to date.

Why Offshore Wind – an explanation of the drivers, both macro and micro, behind the rise of the offshore wind industry. Detail is provided on factors including energy consumption, emissions, climate change policies and energy security issues.
An Offshore Wind Development – essential background information, which takes the reader through an offshore wind project development from ‘end-to-end’. For each market segment, technology, costs, key players and case studies are highlighted.
Commercial Insights – an assessment of emerging trends and major constraints on future development prospects that will impact on your business. Analysis of industry costs is also provided.
Key Markets – detailed analysis for each major offshore wind market with information on development to date, relevant policy measures and financial incentives.
Market Forecasts – Capex, Opex and installed capacity over the period to 2016 is presented by country. Gives highly detailed expenditure breakdowns for all key segments in the offshore wind project lifecycle. Areas covered include number and type of turbine and foundations, substations, cables, installation vessels and service vessels. 

If the above report does not have the information suitable for your business, we can provide custom research that can be lucrative for your business or enhance your profession.