Downstream Regulatory Outlook: More Exports from the US, More Imports into China Amid Changing Renewables Policy Landscape

 Published On: Jul, 2014 |    No of Pages: 11 |  Published By: GlobalData | Format: PDF
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Report reflects key actions undertaken by Governmental Agencies impacting the current and future oil environment. These rulings / adjustments to existing regulations could impact trade flows and / or impact project timing with an impact on Capital Expenditures.

Report considers changes in environmental regulations, Court rulings impacting projects, changes in bio-fuels mandates and potential significant energy flow impacts from initial Governmental decisions.


Governmental Agency Rulings including
- U.S. Department of Energy Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) approved a request from two (2) companies to export distilled (lightly processed) condensate from the U.S. This is the first approval granted and could open the door to a significant increase in distilled condensate and potentially distilled crude oil from U.S. - A GAME CHANGER!
- Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) delays its decision on the Trans-Mountain Pipeline that will bring Canadian Oil Sands crude to Burnaby and Vancouver.
- Canada’s Transportation Safety Board mandates the phase-out of older rail-cars and then U.S. agency follows-up with similar ruling
- India to end diesel subsidies while Indonesia moving to fixed fuel subsidy plan (both done to reduce Government budget deficits)
- China to double crude import license to Independent refiners
- Court Rulings
- Canada’s Supreme Court favors aboriginal’s claims to lands putting Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal at risk
- New York State Supreme Court ruling effectively ends fracking debate in New York State
- Environmental
- Australia moves to repeal is carbon tax
- European Union places limit on food-based biofuels
- DOE approved reduction in 2014 biofuel targets
- China repeals its sale tax on 'green vehicles”
- Japan providing subsidies and tax breaks on fuel cell vehicles

Reasons to buy

- The report will enhance your understanding of the impact of changing regulations on industry fundamentals.
- Canada’s decision to delay pipeline construction that would bring crude oil to their West Coast has infrastructure capital impacts as well as future trade flows
- U.S. decision to allow distilled condensate exports opens-up opportunities to export condensate to South America / Asia and impact condensate splitter economics on proposed plants in U.S.
- Changes in biofuel mandates in OECD countries would impact entire bio-fuel supply chain
- Similar rail-car regulation in Canada & U.S. could promote rail transportation for incremental crude production in both Canada and U.S.

1 Table of Contents
U.S. Permits Distilled Condensate Exports from U.S.
China to Double Crude Import Licences to 'Teapot” Refineries
What the Frac - New York State Court of Appeals Upholds Municipalities Fracking Bans
Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) Delays Decision on Trans-Mountain Pipeline
Canada’s Transportation Safety Board Mandates Phase-out of Older Rail-Cars
Department of Energy (DOE) Approves Million Barrel Gasoline Reserve in U.S. Northeast
India Planning to End Diesel Price Subsidies: Indonesia Moving to Fixed-Fuel Subsidy Plan
US Environmental Protection Agency Expected to Reduce Biofuels Mandates for 2014
European Union (EU) to Limit Food Based Biofuels Used in Transport Fuels
Canada’s Supreme Court Recognizes Aboriginal Title to a Specific Piece of Land
Proposal to Increase Federal Gasoline and Diesel Tax in U.S
China to Eliminate Sales Tax on Green Cars
Japan Providing Subsidies and Tax Breaks for Fuel Cell Vechicles
Diesel Sulfur Product Specification in Russia Changing
Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

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