Global Energy Chemicals and Oil Market from waste plastic Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

 Published On: Oct, 2015 |    No of Pages: 88 |  Published By: Occams Business Research and Consulting | Format: PDF
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Energy, chemicals, and oil are the various forms of energy, which are recovered from waste plastic. Some part of waste plastic is recycled and remaining is dumped into the ground, which means that energy worth millions of dollars is being dumped into the ground every day. According to estimates, around 8% i.e. 134 million tons  of plastic exists in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) worldwide, which can produce enough energy to replace around 237 MT of coal at full capacity.

The global energy from plastic waste market is segmented on the basis of four major geographies which include North America, Europe, Asia and RoW. Currently, in 2014, the market is dominated by Europe with 42.7% market share of the total market. North America is the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 11.2%. Currently most of the plastic waste produced in North America is exported to China. However, with new regulations enacted by the Chinese government, North America has to dispose its waste in its local facilities. In Asia most of the market share comes from Japan due to its government policies for waste management.

Key companies profiled include

1. Agilyx 
2. JBI Inc. (Plastic2oil) 
3. Covanta Holding Corporation 
5. Cynar PLC 
6. RES Polyflow 
7. Enerkem 
8. Vexor Technology 
9. Wheelabrator Technologies 

This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. Deep profiles  top competitive  companies

The report covers extensive data and detailed discussion of the various waste management efforts in different parts of the world. It discusses the current and emerging technologies and processes for energy recovery from plastic waste. The report forecasts the market numbers for “global energy chemical & oil market from plastic waste from 2013-2021.

The “global energy chemical & oil market from plastic waste” is majorly driven by the development of new and eco friendly processes and techniques to enable effective waste management. Moreover the increasing demand for alternative sources of energy due to fluctuating crude oil prices is a major driver for the market. The market also discusses opportunities and challenges in various geographies, efforts by governments for effective management of plastic waste,    and regulatory controls in each of these geographies.

The report will provide an overview of the current industry size and growth expectations from 2013 to 2021 including highlights of key growth stimulators. The detailed country level analysis is of “the global energy chemical & oil market from plastic waste, 2013-2021”, is what makes the report unique.
Chap 1. Executive summary

Chap 2. Market Overview
2.1. Value chain analysis
2.1.1. Waste producers
2.1.2. Waste collection
2.1.3. Suppliers
2.1.4. Manufacturers
2.1.5. Distributors 
2.1.6. Retailers 
2.1.7. End-users 
2.2. Key buying criteria 
2.2.1. Price 
2.2.2. Quality 
2.2.3. Environmental concerns 
2.2.4. Availability 
2.2.5. Infrastructure needs 
2.2.6. Alternatives 

Chap 3. Market Determinants
3.1. Key Market Motivators
3.1.1. Increasing environmental concerns 
3.1.2. Rise in crude oil price 
3.1.3. Government initiatives for waste management and conservation of natural resources 
3.1.4. High recycling costs and low returns 
3.1.5. Increasing consumption of plastic products 
3.1.6. Low energy cost 
3.2. Market Restraints 
3.2.1. Government restrictions due to unsafe and unhygienic sites 
3.2.2. High initial cost 
3.2.3. Identification of different plastic grades (7 types) 
3.3. Market opportunities
3.3.1. Asia - an emerging market 
3.3.2. Adoption of latest technology 
3.4. Challenges 
3.4.1. Lack of skilled people 
3.4.2. Infrastructure development 

Chap 4. Market segmentation 
4.1. Segmentation based on end products 
4.1.1. RDF 
4.1.2. Other chemicals and oil 
4.1.3. Gasification and pyrolysis (syngas) 
4.2. Segmentation by waste materials (raw material) 
4.2.1. Packaging waste (household and distribution) 
4.2.2. Building and construction 
4.2.3. Automotive, electrical, and electronic waste 
4.2.4. Agricultural waste 
4.2.5. Others 
4.3. Energy recovery process 
4.3.1. Pyrolysis/thermal degradation
4.3.2. Gasification 
4.3.3. Hydrothermal liquefaction 

Chap 5. Sector Analysis 
5.1. Biodegradation (for biodegradable plastics) 
5.2. Recycling 
5.3. Feedstock recovery 
5.4. Incineration 
5.5. Landfill 

Chap 6. Key Strategies 
6.1. Innovation fueling market growth 
6.2. Development of new plants 
6.3. Agreements 
6.4. Partnerships 

Chap 7. Geographical analysis 
7.1. Asia
7.1.1. China Government regulations in China
7.1.2. Japan
7.1.3. India
7.1.4. RoA Thailand 
7.2. North America 
7.2.1. The U.S. Government regulation in the US Hazardous waste laws Hazardous waste regulations 
7.2.2. Canada Government regulations in Canada 
7.3. Europe 
7.3.1. Government regulations 
7.3.2. The U.K. 
7.3.3. Germany 
7.3.4. Italy 

Chap 8. Company Profiling 
8.1. Agilyx 
8.1.1. Overview 
8.1.2. Agilyx Technologies 
8.1.3. Strategic Moves 
8.1.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.2. JBI Inc. (Plastic2oil) 
8.2.1. Overview 
8.2.2. JBI’s Products 
8.2.3. Strategic Moves
8.2.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.3. Covanta Holding Corporation 
8.3.1. Overview 
8.3.2. Covanta’s Products 
8.3.3. Strategic Moves 
8.3.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.4.1. Overview 
8.4.2. CFP’s Products 
8.4.3. Strategic Moves 
8.4.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.5. Cynar PLC 
8.5.1. Overview 
8.5.2. Cynar’s Products 
8.5.3. Strategic Moves 
8.5.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.6. RES Polyflow 
8.6.1. Overview 
8.6.2. RES Polyflow Solutions 
8.6.3. Strategic Moves
8.6.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.7. Enerkem 
8.7.1. Overview 
8.7.2. Enerkem Processes 
8.7.3. Strategic Moves
8.7.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.8. Vexor Technology 
8.8.1. Overview 
8.8.2. Vexor’s Solutions 
8.8.3. Strategic Moves 
8.8.4. SCOT Analysis 
8.9. Wheelabrator Technologies 
8.9.1. Overview 
8.9.2. Strategic Moves 
8.9.3. Wheelabrator Technologies Plants
8.9.4. SCOT Analysis 

Companies Profiled
1. Agilyx 
2. JBI Inc. (Plastic2oil) 
3. Covanta Holding Corporation 
5. Cynar PLC 
6. RES Polyflow 
7. Enerkem 
8. Vexor Technology 
9. Wheelabrator Technologies 
List of Tables

TABLE 1 Heat content of various materials 
TABLE 2 Energy content of different types of fuel (btu/Lb) 
TABLE 3 Waste management programs in various countries 
TABLE 4 Waste Statistics – England 
TABLE 5 RDF market by geography in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 6 Other chemicals market by geography in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 7 Gasification & pyrolysis market by geography in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 8 Global plastic WTE market in $ million by geography (2013-2021) 
TABLE 9 Asian plastic WTE market in $ million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 10 Asian waste plastic-to-energy market by end products in $ million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 11 North America plastic WTE market in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 12 North America Market by Products in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 13 European plastic WTE market in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 14 European Market by Products in $million (2013-2021) 

List of Figures

FIGURE 1 Management of Plastic waste 
FIGURE 2 Management of Plastic waste (%) 
FIGURE 3 Global Energy Chemicals and Oil Market from Waste Plastics (In Millions) 
FIGURE 4 Industrial sources of plastic waste (%) in 2014 
FIGURE 5 Key buying criteria 
FIGURE 6 Comparison of heat content from plastic waste and its alternatives (btu/lb) 
FIGURE 7 Annual average domestic crude oil prices ($/barrel) 
FIGURE 8 Global production of plastic in million tons (2009 – 2014) 
FIGURE 9 Global plastic WTE market (%) by sources in 2014 
FIGURE 10 Alternative Waste Management Process market share (in %) 
FIGURE 11 Energy Consumption in Thailand (2013)

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