Government Responses to Low Oil Prices to Affect Supply Dynamics into Long Term

 Published On: Feb, 2015 |    No of Pages: 9 |  Published By: GlobalData | Format: PDF
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With the oil price having fallen from over US$110/bbl to lows below US$50/bbl over the past eight months, E&P companies are lobbying for tax cuts in many countries. In most mature basins, relatively low costs and the design of fiscal regimes should mitigate the impact of lower prices on the viability of oil and gas developments. However, with costs for new sources of supply likely to be higher as the industry moves into more challenging locations, government responses to the current price scenario are likely to significantly impact the supply outlook for the long term.


- Overview of the effect of low oil prices on economics of upstream projects worldwide, focusing on mature basins and key growth areas
- Analysis of the impact of tax cuts introduced for E&P operations in the past six months
- Insight into the mechanisms adjusting the tax burden according to price in a variety of fiscal regimes
- Representative break-even prices for areas expected to be the source of significant oil supply growth
- Information on key projects and companies in focus areas

Reasons to buy

- Identify areas where future oil supply is threatened by low prices
- Understand the impact of tax cuts on the commercial viability of oil and gas operations
- Pinpoint projects and operators that are likely to be significantly impacted by price shifts
- Evaluate price upside and downside in a variety of fiscal regimes
- Compare representative break-even oil prices across a variety of countries

Table of Contents
Mature Basins
Key Supply Growth Areas
Effects on Supply
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List of Tables
Table 1: Selected Mature Basins, 2015
Table 2: Key Supply Growth Areas, 2015

List of Figures
Figure 1: 100 mmboe Field Economics, Selected Mature Basins, 2015
Figure 2: Break-even Prices - 30 mmboe and 100 mmboe fields (CAPEX: $25/boe, OPEX: $12/boe), Norway & UK, 2015
Figure 3: Representative Break-even Prices for Key Supply Growth Areas, 2015

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