Coalbed Methane Incentives Vary Across Global Development Spectrum

 Published On: Apr, 2015 |    No of Pages: 7 |  Published By: GlobalData | Format: PDF
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The global Coalbed Methane (CBM) industry has been progressing over the last few decades with countries such as the US and Australia making huge strides forward. Others, such as China, have certainly made progress with extensive fiscal incentives but technical and economical obstacles mean that their industries are still struggling to take off. While these countries try to find a successful combination of incentives, those leading countries are relaxing their own to take advantage of further developing CBM production.


- Fiscal incentives provided for CBM development across global regimes
- A comparison of the most successful incentive regimes
- Analysis of the varying effectiveness of the different incentives
- Insight into other factors affecting CBM development

Reasons to buy

- Identify key global CBM development areas
- Understand the different approaches of governments
- Compare the attractiveness of different incentive regimes
- Understand underlying factors determining incentive success and industry development

1 Table of Contents
Established CBM Industries
Aspiring CBM Industries
Effectiveness of Incentives
Contact Information

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: Established CBM Countries - Key Details
Table 2: Aspiring CBM Countries - Key Details

1.2 List of Figures
Figure 1: Effect of CBM Incentives Across Selected Countries (Flat Gas Price)
Figure 2: Effect of CBM Incentives Across Selected Countries (Local Gas Prices)

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