Drug Patent Watch 

DrugPatentWatch is provider of global business intelligence on biologic and small-molecule drugs, dedicated to helping clients make better decisions. Critical information on global drug patents is incorporated with litigation intelligence, drug prices, and historic sales figures to help users discover commercial opportunities and forecast future revenue events. Since 2005 DrugPatentWatch has served hundreds of large and small companies in more than 70 countries.


Want insights into the biggest revenue-changing events?

Billions of dollars in sales can evaporate overnight as drug patents expire and competitors enter the market.
By tracking patent expirations, patent litigation, generic and biosimilar development, you can anticipate these market-shaping forces and stay one step ahead.

Finding the upside

DrugPatentWatch has been publishing critical business intelligence since 2002, so we've learned what matters to you.

We've served hundreds of clients in more than 70 countries, including investment banks, big/small drug companies, payers, and governments, and we’ve been cited by CNN, NEJM, Nature Journals, and many other leading publications.

We've helped large and small companies and governments around with world with projects such as:

  • Finding and evaluating business opportunities
  • Refining market-entry strategies
  • Anticipating loss of market exclusivity
  • Monitoring emerging competitors
  • Formulary management and budget projections 


Drug Patent Watch Pricing

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