Active & Intelligent Packaging

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US demand to rise 7.3% annually through 2019
Demand for active and intelligent packaging in the US is forecast to increase 7.3 percent per year to $4.0 billion in 2019, stimulated by the need to develop more advanced packaging to suit beverages, foods, and pharmaceuticals with sensitivity to moisture, temperature, or chemicals. While many active and intelligent packaging applications are mature, ongoing developments make production and usage more efficient. Additionally, new products and applications have been introduced as printed electronics, chemical additives, and natural materials are developed and scaled for use in packaging.

Products that track, interact, & prolong shelf life lead the way
Recent concerns regarding food safety and the trafficking of counterfeit pharmaceuticals will spur demand for packaging products such as time-temperature indicators (TTIs) and other intelligent components that can be used to trace products throughout the supply chain to monitor temperature abuse or physical tampering. Developments in printed electronics have lowered the price of advanced TTIs that provide a digital record of package temperature, leading to greater industry adoption. Demand for product interaction will bolster gains for packaging that provides feedback regarding the condition of the contents as well as information about source or brand identity. As all products become more connected through the Internet of Things, packaging will advance to provide consumers with a way to both send data to and receive information from producers and distributors. Demand for smartphone-enabled interactive packaging products, color indicating inks, and other intelligent packaging components will continue to post rapid gains through 2019 as this trend continues to evolve. Products that can help to extend the shelf life of packaged foods will also register healthy growth. The development of monolayer oxygen scavenger bottle systems has led to greater use in singleserve beverages and newer technologies such as oxygen scavenging films will further aid growth for gas scavenging products. Additionally, preference for foods with fewer additives has led to the integration of products, such as ethylene scavenging films and moisture control pads with added capabilities, which can extend the shelf life for fresh foods.

Food & beverage markets stay on top
Food and beverage applications will continue to lead through 2019 with a combined share of over 66 percent of active and intelligent packaging demand. These applications require active packaging that interacts with stored contents to provide specialized gas scavenging, moisture control, or heating solutions. The development of gas scavenging films and bottle resins, absorbent pouches, and self-venting films for microwave cooking has spurred healthy advances for active packaging. Intelligent packaging product demand will grow faster, albeit from a smaller base, as manufactureers look to enhance shelf appeal through the use of products such as color-indicating inks and smartphone-enabled packaging and to prolong shelf life through the usage of advanced temperature monitoring and other freshness indicators.

Study coverage
This Freedonia industry study, Active & Intelligent Packaging, presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) plus forecasts (2019 and 2024) by product and market. The study also considers market environment factors, assesses industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 48 US industry participants such as Clariant International, CSP Technologies, Graphic Packaging, Reynolds Group and Novipax.


Macroeconomic Outlook
Demographic Trends
Consumer Income & Spending Trends
Manufacturing Outlook
Packaging Overview
Glass & Wood
Pricing Trends
Environmental & Regulatory Considerations
International Activity & Foreign Trade

Active Packaging
Gas Scavengers
Carbon Dioxide
Corrosion Control Packaging
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors
Moisture Control Packaging
Silica Gel
Other Desiccants
Other Moisture Control Packaging
Susceptor Packaging
Other Active Packaging
Antimicrobial Packaging
Flavor & Fragrance Control Packaging
Self-Venting Packaging
All Other Active Packaging
Intelligent Packaging
Color Indicating Packaging
Time-Temperature Indicators
Smartphone-Enabled Interactive Packaging
QR Codes
NFC & Other Electronic Components
Pharmaceutical Intelligent Packaging
Food Intelligent Packaging
Beverage & All Other Intelligent Packaging

Food Industry Outlook
Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand
Processed Foods
Meat, Poultry, & Seafood
Dairy Products
Beverage Industry Outlook
Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand
Intelligent Packaging
Oxygen Scavengers & Other
Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook
Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand
Intelligent Packaging
Moisture Control Packaging
Oxygen Scavengers & Other
Primary Metals
Primary Metals Industry Outlook
Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand
Motor Vehicles
Motor Vehicle Industry Outlook
Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand
Electronic Product & Computer Equipment Outlook
Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand

Market Share
Acquisitions & Divestitures
Competitive Strategies
Marketing & Distribution
Cooperative Agreements
Company Profiles
Amcor Limited
Ampac Holdings LLC
Apio, see Landec
Armor Protective Packaging
Auriga Polymers, see Indorama Ventures
Avery Dennison Corporation
Bemis Company Incorporated
CCL Industries Incorporated
Chromatic Technologies Incorporated
Clariant International Limited
Closure Systems International, see Reynolds Group
Coca-Cola Company Incorporated
ColorMatrix Group, see PolyOne
Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH
Constar International, see Plastipak Holdings
Cortec Corporation
Coveris Holdings SA
CSP Technologies Incorporated
Daubert Cromwell LLC
Desiccare Incorporated
DIC Corporation
DuPont (EI) de Nemours
Freshpoint Holdings SA
Grace (WR) & Company
Graham Packaging, see Reynolds Group
Graphic Packaging Holding Company
Gruppo Mossi & Ghisolfi
HarvestMark, see Trimble Navigation
Honeywell International Incorporated
Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited
Information Mediary Corporation
Landec Corporation
LCR Hallcrest LLC
M&G Chemicals, see Gruppo Mossi & Ghisolfi
Maxwell Chase Technologies LLC
MeadWestvaco, see WestRock
MillerCoors, see Molson Coors
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Incorporated
Molson Coors Brewing Company
Multisorb Technologies Incorporated
Pactiv, see Reynolds Group
PakSense Incorporated
Paper Pak Industries Incorporated
Perfecseal, see Bemis
Plastipak Holdings Incorporated
PolyOne Corporation
Printechnologics, see 3M
Reynolds Group Holdings Limited
Rock-Tenn, see WestRock
Rocky Mountain Bottle, see Molson Coors
Rocky Mountain Metal Container, see Molson Coors
Sanner GmbH
ScentSational Technologies LLC
Sealed Air Corporation
Sensitech, see United Technologies
Spear USA, see Constantia Flexibles Group
Sun Chemical, see DIC
Tekni-Plex Incorporated
Temptime Corporation
TempTRIP, see Sealed Air
Thin Film Electronics ASA
3M Company
Timestrip UK Limited
Tri-Seal, see Tekni-Plex
Trimble Navigation Limited
United Technologies Corporation
UOP, see Honeywell International
WestRock Company
William Laboratories, see Temptime
Additional Companies in Active & Intelligent Packaging

List of Tables

Summary Table

Macroeconomic Indicators
Population & Households
Personal Consumption Expenditures
Manufacturers' Shipments
Packaging Supply & Demand

Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand
Active Packaging Demand by Type
Gas Scavenger Demand in Packaging by Type
Oxygen Scavenger Demand in Packaging by Market
Oxygen Scavenger Demand in Packaging by Type
Ethylene Scavenger Demand in Packaging
Carbon Dioxide Scavenger Demand in Packaging
Corrosion Control Packaging Demand by Type & Market
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Packaging Demand b Type & Market
Corrosion Control Scavenger Demand
Moisture Control Packaging Demand by Type & Market
Package Desiccant Demand by Type & Market
Other Moisture Control Packaging Demand
Susceptor Packaging Demand
Other Active Packaging Demand by Market
Intelligent Packaging Demand by Type & Market
Color Indicating Packaging Demand by Market
Time-Temperature Indicator Demand in Packagin by Market
Smartphone-Enabled Interactive Packaging Demand b Market & Type
Other Intelligent Packaging Demand by Market

Active & Intelligent Packaging Demand by Market
Food Shipments
Food Market for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Processed Food Applications for Active & Intelligen Packaging
Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Applications for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Produce Applications for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Dairy Product Applications for Active & Intelligen Packaging
Other Food Applications for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Beverage Shipments
Beverage Market for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Pharmaceutical Shipments
Pharmaceutical Market for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Primary Metal Product Shipments
Primary Metal Product Market for Active & Intelligen Packaging
Motor Vehicle Indicators
Motor Vehicle Market for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Electronic & Computer Product Shipments
Electronic Product Market for Active & Intelligent Packaging
Other Markets for Active & Intelligent Packaging

US Active & Intelligent Packaging Sales by Company, 2014
Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures
Selected Cooperative Agreements

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