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US demand to reach $5.7 billion in 2017
Demand for produce packaging is forecast to reach $5.7 billion in 2017. Growth will outpace expected expansion in fresh produce production, reflecting the important role of packaging in the protection, safety assurance, and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, advances will be fueled by the increasing presence of fresh-cut, readyto- eat produce, which offers convenience and tends to use more value added packaging than bulk produce. Other trends stimulating gains include increased nutritional awareness and rising interest in fresh foods such as produce as a key component of healthy lifestyles.

Boxes to remain largest type, plastic containers to grow the fastest

Corrugated boxes will remain the leading produce packaging type through 2017 and beyond based on attributes of relatively low cost, light weight, good protective performance, graphics capabilities, and a well established recycling infrastructure. Advances will be helped by the increased prevalence of more costly box types such as modular and display-ready boxes, white-top linerboard boxes, highly printed boxes, and moisture-resistant recyclable boxes.

Plastic containers will experience the fastest gains among major produce packaging types through 2017. Advances will be propelled by continued favorable, though decelerating, growth in berry production and expanding applications for clamshells and other plastic containers with whole and fresh-cut produce, both for retail and foodservice applications. Concerns regarding food safety and security will boost demand for plastic containers with tamper resistance features. However, inroads by stand-up pouches will occur in some clamshell applications.

Growth in demand for bags and liners will be supported by cost and performance advantages, along with opportunities for breathable bags in faster growing fresh-cut produce uses. The prevalence of modified atmosphere packaging films --which tend to be more costly than commodity films, and offer extended shelf life for ready-to-eat produce -- will propel advances for plastic bags. Moreover, stand-up pouches will find use in an expanding range of applications based on their excellent visual appeal and cost savings over rigid containers.

Fresh-cut uses, compostable materials to benefit trays
Tray demand will benefit from expanding fresh-cut produce applications with modified atmosphere packaging film lidding structures used to extend shelf life. Rising efforts to make packaging more green will bode well for trays made from molded fiber and other compostable materials. Robust gains are expected for reusable plastic containers (RPCs), reflecting supply chain efficiencies and green attributes. Solid opportunities for temperature monitoring and traceability systems will be driven by industry initiatives toward improved tracking in the case of foodborne illness outbreaks and the need to comply with new produce safety regulations.

Fruit applications are expected to outpace the overall average, supported by population growth, trends toward healthier eating, and the increased availability of ready-to-eat fruit in a growing variety of venues. Though expected to increase more slowly, vegetable packaging demand will be helped by a rebound in fresh vegetable production along with more demand for ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook products.

Study coverage
This upcoming Freedonia industry study, Produce Packaging, is priced at $5100. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, plus forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by type, application and end user. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles more than 40 players in the US industry.



General 4
Macroeconomic Environment 5
Demographic Trends 9
Consumer Income & Spending 12
Retail Trends 15
Food Industry Overview 19
Fresh Produce Industry Trends 22
Production Trends 24
Vegetables 26
Fruit 28
Shipping & Distribution Trends 30
Fresh-Cut Produce Trends 34
Salad 36
Vegetables 38
Fruit 39
Food Packaging Industry Overview 40
Rigid 42
Flexible 44
Raw Material Trends 45
Technology Overview 48
Pricing Trends 51
Environmental Issues 55
Regulatory Considerations 59

General 62
Corrugated Boxes 66
Corrugated Common Footprint Boxes 70
Producers 71
Bags & Liners 73
Plastic 76
Applications 81
Producers 82
Mesh 85
Paper & Textile 88
Plastic Containers 90
Clamshells 92
Tubs, Cups, & Bowls 96
Other Plastic Containers 99
Trays 102
Other Packaging 107
Plastic Film 108
Reusable Plastic Containers 111
Wood Crates 115
Foam Boxes 116
Molded Pulp Baskets 117
All Other 118

General 123
Bulk 127
Ready To Eat 127
Vegetables 128
Potatoes 131
Tomatoes 136
Lettuce 140
Onions 143
Carrots 146
Mushrooms 149
Celery 151
Cabbage 153
Other Vegetables 155
Fruit 160
Berries 163
Apples 167
Citrus Fruit 171
Melons 174
Grapes 178
Other Fruit 181
Salads 185
Conventional 189
Specialty Mix 190

General 192
Growers/Shippers 195
Repackers 199
Retail Stores & Other 203

General 206
Industry Composition 208
Market Share 212
Acquisitions & Divestitures 219
Marketing & Distribution 223
Manufacturing 225
Research & Development 227
Competitive Strategies 229
Cooperative Agreements 232
Company Profiles 236
Acme Bag Company 237
AEP Industries Incorporated 238
Amcor Limited 240
American Packaging Corporation 242
Ampac Holdings LLC 243
Apio, see Landec
Bemis Company Incorporated 244
Berry Plastics Corporation 247
Boise, see Packaging Corporation of America
Brambles Limited 249
Cady Bag Company LLC 250
Cascades Incorporated 251
Cascades Sonoco, see Cascades and Sonoco Products
CKF Incorporated 253
CM Packaging Group, see D&W Fine Pack
Conwed Plastics, see Leucadia National
CORBI Plastics, see Menasha
Cryovac, see Sealed Air
D&W Fine Pack LLC 256
Deluxe Packages 259
Dolco Packaging, see Tekni-Plex
Dow Chemical Company 260
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 262
Earthcycle Packaging, see CKF
Emerald Packaging Incorporated 263
Exopack Holding Corporation 265
Georgia-Pacific, see Koch Industries
Highland Packaging Solutions Incorporated 266
Honeywell International Incorporated 267
Innovia Films Limited 269
International Paper Company 270
International Tray Pads and Packaging, see Reynolds Group Holdings
IPL Incorporated 273
Keyes Packaging Group Incorporated 275
Koch Industries Incorporated 276
Landec Corporation 278
Leucadia National Corporation 281
Menasha Corporation 283
Norampac, see Cascades
ORBIS, see Menasha
Pacific Agricultural Packaging 285
Packaging Corporation of America 286
Pactiv, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Peninsula Packaging Company 289
Printpack Incorporated 290
Rehrig Pacific Company 292
Reynolds Group Holdings Limited 294
Rock-Tenn Company 297
RTS Packaging, see Rock-Tenn and Sonoco Products
Sacramento Bag Manufacturing, see Acme Bag
Sambrailo Packaging 300
Schoeller Allibert Limited 302
Sealed Air Corporation 303
Sonoco Products Company 306
Taghleef Industries LLC 309
Tekni-Plex Incorporated 310
Temple-Inland, see International Paper
Tri-City Packaging, see D&W Fine Pack
Vancore Plastic Packaging, see CKF
Volm Companies Incorporated 312
Wihuri Oy 313
Winpak, see Wihuri
Wrap Pack, see Keyes Packaging Group
Additional Companies in Produce Packaging 315


Summary Table 3

1 Macroeconomic Indicators 8
2 Population & Households 12
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures 15
4 Retail Sales 19
5 Food Shipments 22
6 Fresh Produce Supply & Demand 26
7 Fresh Vegetable Supply & Demand 28
8 Fresh Fruit Supply & Demand 30
9 Fresh-Cut Produce Sales 36
10 Food Packaging Demand 41
11 Selected Produce Packaging Prices 55

1 Produce Packaging Demand by Type & Form 65
2 Corrugated Box Demand in Produce Packaging 70
3 Bag & Liner Demand in Produce Packaging 75
4 Plastic Bag & Liner Demand in Produce Packaging 81
5 Mesh Bag Demand in Produce Packaging 88
6 Paper & Textile Bag Demand in Produce Packaging 90
7 Plastic Container Demand in Produce Packaging 92
8 Clamshell Demand in Produce Packaging 96
9 Tub, Cup, & Bowl Demand in Produce Packaging 99
10 Other Plastic Container Demand in Produce Packaging 102
11 Tray Demand in Produce Packaging 106
12 Other Produce Packaging Demand 108

1 Produce Packaging Demand by Application & Format 126
2 Fresh Vegetable Packaging Demand by Type & Format 130
3 Potato Packaging Demand 136
4 Tomato Packaging Demand 140
5 Lettuce Packaging Demand 143
6 Onion Packaging Demand 145
7 Carrot Packaging Demand 148
8 Mushroom Packaging Demand 151
9 Celery Packaging Demand 153
10 Cabbage Packaging Demand 155
11 Other Vegetable Packaging Demand 160
12 Fresh Fruit Packaging Demand by Type & Format 162
13 Berry Packaging Demand 167
14 Apple Packaging Demand 171
15 Citrus Fruit Packaging Demand 174
16 Melon Packaging Demand 177
17 Grape Packaging Demand 181
18 Other Fresh Fruit Packaging Demand 185
19 Salad Packaging Demand 189

1 Produce Packaging Demand by End User 194
2 Grower/Shipper Market for Produce Packaging 199
3 Repacker Market for Produce Packaging 203
4 Retail Store & Other Markets for Produce Packaging 205

1 US Produce Packaging Sales by Company, 2012 211
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 222
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 235


1 Produce Industry Flow Chart 33

1 Produce Packaging Demand by Type, 2012 66
2 Bag & Liner Demand in Produce Packaging, 2012 76

1 Produce Packaging Demand by Application, 2012 126
2 Fresh Vegetable Packaging Demand by Type, 2012 131
3 Fresh Fruit Packaging Demand by Type, 2012 163

1 Produce Packaging Demand by End User, 2012 195

1 US Produce Packaging Market Share, 2012 213

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