The 2016-2021 Outlook for Plastic Packaging Materials and Products in Oceana

 Published On: Jul, 2013 |    No of Pages: 37 |  Published By: Icon Group International, Inc | Format: PDF
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This econometric study covers the outlook for plastic packaging materials and products in Oceana. For each year reported, estimates are given for the latent demand, or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.), for the country in question (in millions of U.S. dollars), the percent share the country is of the region and of the globe. These comparative benchmarks allow the reader to quickly gauge a country vis-à-vis others. Using econometric models which project fundamental economic dynamics within each country and across countries, latent demand estimates are created. This report does not discuss the specific players in the market serving the latent demand, nor specific details at the product level. The study also does not consider short-term cyclicalities that might affect realized sales. The study, therefore, is strategic in nature, taking an aggregate and long-run view, irrespective of the players or products involved. This study does not report actual sales data (which are simply unavailable, in a comparable or consistent manner in virtually all of the countries in Oceana). This study gives, however, my estimates for the latent demand, or the P.I.E. for plastic packaging materials and products in Oceana. It also shows how the P.I.E. is divided across the national markets of Oceana. For each country, I also show my estimates of how the P.I.E. grows over time (positive or negative growth). In order to make these estimates, a multi-stage methodology was employed that is often taught in courses on international strategic planning at graduate schools of business.

Table Of Contents:

1.1 Overview 7
1.2 What is Latent Demand and the P.I.E.? 7
1.3 The Methodology 8
1.3.1 Step 1. Product Definition and Data Collection 10
1.3.2 Step 2. Filtering and Smoothing 11
1.3.3 Step 3. Filling in Missing Values 12
1.3.4 Step 4. Varying Parameter, Non-linear Estimation 12
1.3.5 Step 5. Fixed-Parameter Linear Estimation 13
1.3.6 Step 6. Aggregation and Benchmarking 13
1.3.7 Step 7. Latent Demand Density: Allocating Across Cities 13
2.1 Executive Summary 15
2.2 American Samoa 16
2.3 Australia 17
2.4 Christmas Island 17
2.5 Cook Islands 17
2.6 Fiji 19
2.7 French Polynesia 20
2.8 Guam 20
2.9 Kiribati 21
2.10 Marshall Islands 22
2.11 Micronesia Federation 22
2.12 Nauru 23
2.13 New Caledonia 24
2.14 New Zealand 24
2.15 Niue 25
2.16 Norfolk Island 26
2.17 Palau 26
2.18 Solomon Islands 27
2.19 The Northern Mariana Island 27
2.20 Tokelau 28
2.21 Tonga 29
2.22 Tuvalu 29
2.23 Vanuatu 30
2.24 Wallis and Futuna 30
2.25 Western Samoa 31
2.26 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 31
2.26.1 Category Definition 31
2.26.2 Units 32
2.26.3 Methodology 33
3.1 Disclaimers & Safe Harbor 35
3.2 Icon Group International, Inc. User Agreement Provisions 36

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