Black Fungus - Traditional and Nutritional

Sep 3,2021 | Biotechnology

A popular ingredient found in the Malaysian, Chinese, and Maori cuisine, Black Fungus is packed with numerous health benefits. Moreover it has been used in traditional Chinese medicines for centuries, benefitting reduced blood clotting, bones development and upkeep of blood cholesterol level. Also known as Auricularia polytricha, the edible wild mushroom with a jelly like consistency is mainly found in China; however it is also cultivated in many tropical regions like the Pacific Islands, Nigeria, Hawaii and India.

The demand for nutritional products and dietary supplements from other sources has led to the growth of the Black Fungus market. The food and beverages industry is set to experience a few structural changes in 2021 due to the increased consciousness of consumers in selecting the food. This inclination towards sustainable, regenerative, plant-based, and immunity-boosting food and beverages is augmenting the demand for the segment. Lockdowns across the globe in 2020 and continuing restrictions in 2021 disrupted the supply chain posing challenges for manufactures in the Black Fungus. However, the fast pace recovery of developing economies will support the Black Fungus market demand between 2021 and 2028.

Black Fungus market is quickly reaching its pre-COVID levels and a healthy growth rate is expected over the forecast period driven by the economic revival in most of the developing nations. However, unprecedented situations due to expected third and further waves are creating a gloomy outlook. This study endeavours to evaluate different scenarios of COVID impact on the future of the Black Fungus market from 2001 to 2028.

The Market research report offered on Bharatbook portrays the latest trends shaping the Black Fungus industry along with key demand drivers and potential challenges anticipated for the market during the outlook period. The research estimates global Black Fungus market revenues in 2021, considering the Black Fungus market prices, supply, demand, and trade analysis across regions. A detailed market share and penetration of different types, processes, and geographies in the Black Fungus market from 2001 to 2028 is included.

The report covers North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and LATAM Black Fungus market statistics from 2020 to 2028 with further division by leading product types, processes, and distribution channels of Black Fungus. The status of the Black Fungus market in 16 key countries over the world is elaborated to enable an in-depth understanding of the Black Fungus industry. The Black Fungus market study helps stakeholders understand the breadth and stance of the market giving them information on key drivers, restraints, challenges, and growth opportunities of the market and mitigate risks. This report would help top management understand competition better with a detailed SWOT analysis and key strategies of their competitors, and plan their position in the business

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