How Infant Nutrition Market Is Growing With Your Little Ones?

Oct 22,2021 | Food

Infant nutrition means special dietary needs for infants. Since it is not advisable for infants to consume solid foods till the age of 4 to 6 months, it is essential that they receive proper nutrition that helps them in their normal growth, mental and physical development, as well as build immunity to fight infections and diseases. For babies, breast milk is considered to be the best, as it consists of all the required vitamins and minerals. However, as an alternative source, infant formulas are also available.

Infant Nutrition MarketOn the aforementioned subject, Bharatbook offers the market research analysis that studies the global market for infant nutrition with 2019 as a base year and provides estimates for each year of the forecast period of 2020 to 2025, with projections of CAGR. The scope of this report is broad and covers markets for infant nutrition that are used globally. The infant nutrition market is broken down by product type, form, category, sales channel and region. Projected and forecasted market size estimates are in constant U.S. dollars that have not been adjusted for inflation.

This report should serve as an analytical and informational business tool with the primary purpose of examining the growth in the overall infant nutrition market, growth in the individual segments of the infant nutrition industry, as well as the subcategories within those segments, new developments in the market, and current research and future opportunities in the infant nutrition industry.

The research uncovers many paradigm shifts in the studied market, in terms of regional competitive advantages, the competitive landscape among the key players in the infant nutrition industry and market dynamics. A holistic study of the market has been carried out by incorporating various factors from country-specific demographic conditions and business cycles to market-specific microeconomic influences that were needed to analyse the future trends of this market. The report provides a comprehensive review of market drivers, restraints, opportunities and available patents.

Beyond this, each segment and sub-segment of the infant nutrition market is examined, and growth rates and reasons for growth of each infant nutrition segment are provided. The report also analyses the global infant nutrition market in terms of product form, product category, sales channel and region. The product forms covered are powder, liquid concentrate and liquid ready-to-feed products. The product categories covered are conventional and organic. The sales channels covered are supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores, retail pharmacies, and e-commerce.

The report also includes a discussion of the major players in each regional market for infant nutrition. It explains the main market drivers of the global infant nutrition market, current trends within the industry, and the regional dynamics of the infant nutrition market. Major players of the industry include Avante International, Babylicious Ltd., Hero Foods Group, Nestlé Global and Pfizer Inc.

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