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Southeast Asia strategic sourcing review - a focus on Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar

01 Feb 2016  |  Published by:  Just-style
This report is aimed as a strategic tool for both buyers and suppliers to assess and compare the advantages and challenges of sourcing and manufacturing apparel garments in the Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Cambodia’s garment industry has a huge impact on its ...
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Global market review of denim and jeanswear - forecasts to 2021

21 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Just-style
According to this latest edition of our perennial report on denim and jeanswear, the denim jean will continue to dominate the world casual clothing market indefinitely. There appears to be no indication that this badge of independence shows any sign of losing its appeal.Cotton prices will remain low...
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Practical Price Negotiation

01 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Just-style
If you work in apparel sourcing, you will appreciate that price negotiation is a critical, and often stressful, aspect of your job. Few clothing companies provide practical training in the process of negotiation, although correct product pricing is integral to the health and wellbeing of any b...
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Practical Brand Sourcing Strategy

01 Oct 2015  |  Published by:  Just-style
Supplier selection has the potential to make or break product lines at best, and at worst, brands. Yet, little practical advice exists to guide sourcing executives though the selection process - a process that, due to the breakneck speed that fast fashion demands, is more complex than ever before.In...
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The future market potential for smart garments and e-textiles

01 Oct 2015  |  Published by:  Just-style
E-textiles (combining electronics and textiles) have been in development for over a decade now but commercial interest and success have, until recently, been relatively limited. Since 2013 however, the rapid growth of wearable technology has generated increased interest in the sector. Analysts predi...
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Global market review of lingerie - forecasts to 2020

01 Jul 2015  |  Published by:  Just-style
By 2020, just-style estimates that the lingerie market in total will be worth US$30.65bn at retail value, with potential growth of 3.8% over 2015. Of this value, the bra market will be worth US$16.96bn, the briefs market US$10.23bn, and 'other' lingerie will be worth US$ 3.46bn. Unit growth ...
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Global market review of workwear - Forecasts to 2019

13 Apr 2015  |  Published by:  Just-style
Employers decide what their workers will wear. This decision process has been at the heart of the corporatewear industry (to give workwear its more business-like name) for nearly 50 years. For 25% of the adult employed population of the developed countries of the world, what we wear to work is...
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Global market review of swimwear - forecasts to 2019

01 Feb 2015  |  Published by:  Just-style
A great deal has happened in the fashion industry since 2009, which was the date of the last (third) edition of just-style’s global swimwear market report. The major growth in the world swimwear market between 2009 and 2014 has come from Asia.  By 2019, retail value growth will outpa...
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Outdoor performance apparel: peaks, valleys, and green fields

15 Jan 2015  |  Published by:  Just-style
Outdoor is a metaphor for freedom, adventure, adrenalin, extraversion, creativity, dynamism, and personal power.” Mike Lipkin, president of Lipkin/Environics Report extract: Outdoor brands have benefitted from the overall casualisation of apparel, while maintaining a “cool” factor based on an...
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Management briefing: Outlook 2015: Apparel industry issues in the year ahead

13 Jan 2015  |  Published by:  Just-style
For our annual briefing on apparel industry issues to watch in the year ahead, just-style has again asked leading executives for their feedback on the challenges and opportunities likely to emerge in 2015. Expect a continuing focus on compliance and factory safety, ongoing challenges in omni-c...
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Wool in the 21st Century: new prospects for a familiar fibre

01 Sep 2014  |  Published by:  Just-style
Given that the production of wool textiles plays such an integral part in history it is surprising that it makes up such a low percentage of the global fibre market. That said, the majority of global wool production goes into apparel. With the price being much more than cotton, wool is per...
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Management briefing: Supply chain software - trends and developments

01 Jun 2014  |  Published by:  Just-style
The last few years have seen tremendous changes in the technological landscape of product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Yet the software has evolved rapidly to cater to these changes, and universal themes have emerged that are likely to dominate dev...
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Management briefing: Sourcing shifts: Changes and challenges

01 Jun 2014  |  Published by:  Just-style
As brands and retailers set higher production standards and create ever more complex supply chains, they need to consider all the risks when switching suppliers. This month’s management briefing also looks at changes in China and other supplier countries, and technology to help track and overs...
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Management briefing: Factory safety and auditing: The key challenges

01 Jun 2014  |  Published by:  Just-style
Clothing brands and retailers have ramped up their focus on supplier factory safety over the past 18 months. As well as the challenges of implementing new requirements in Bangladesh, this month’s management briefing looks at similar issues across Asia. We also report on how auditing software c...
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Hot issue: Waterless textile and garment dyeing

21 Feb 2014  |  Published by:  Just-style
Pressure from environmental groups to reduce the vast volumes of water used in textile and garment dyeing has led to a number of developments in waterless dyeing technology. With Nike and Adidas among the first to adopt this new process, the textile industry asks whether waterless dyeing is th...
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