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OSC was formed in 1985 as an independent economic consultancy company, specialising in shipping economics and port development. The company has developed an unequalled database for trade, port and shipping data, together with considerable accumulated expertise on the part of the principals and consultants who comprise the OSC team.

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Middle East Containerport Markets To 2025

01 Nov 2013  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
Containerport throughput in the Middle East increased by 250 per cent over 2001-12, to 36m TEU. Earnings from exports of oil have created the prosperity which has driven demand for containerised goods - the mainstay of container trade in this port region. More recently, burgeoning petrochemica...
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World Cruise Ports & Shipping To 2025

01 Oct 2013  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
World Cruise Ports & Shipping To 2025 - a detailed analysisThe world cruise industry has faced some challenging times in recent years, linked to both supply (mainly from changing ship sizes and safety/environmental issues) and demand (economic turmoil, security concerns etc.). By its very ...
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LNG as a Bunker Fuel: Future Demand Prospects & Port Design Options

01 Aug 2013  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
LNG has become more prominent as a potential bunker fuel in recent years. The establishment of the Baltic and North Sea Emission Control Areas (ECA), and more recently the US ECA, has encouraged owners, operators, bunker suppliers and ports to consider the potential for LNG as a bunker fuel. ...
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East Asian Containerport Markets to 2025

01 Mar 2013  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The East Asian containerport market grew by 9 per cent in 2011 and some 5 per cent in 2012, reaching 325m TEU. Growth has been strongest in northeast and east China, and the ASEAN countries. Recent expansion in these port regions has been driven by strong growth in intra-Asian&nbs...
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Offshore Support Vessels and Mobile Rigs: Global Prospects to 2025

01 Feb 2013  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The offshore industry is gearing up for major expansion in the future. Growing global energy demand will necessitate exploration into deeper oceans and more northerly locations. Increased application of new technological advances, such as drilling in ultra-deep water (10,000ft+) has stimulated...
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North European Containerport Markets to 2025

01 Jun 2012  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The North European container port market bounced back strongly from the economic downturn. Total demand reached 57.9m TEU in 2011, representing an increase of 22 per cent since 2009. The eastern Baltic is seeing particularly strong growth. Due to this and other factors, the structure of regio...
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World Cement Trade & Shipping & the outlook to 2025

01 Jan 2012  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
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South Europe And Mediterranean Containerport Markets To 2025

01 Aug 2011  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The immediate outlook for the South Europe and Mediterranean containerport markets is clouded by the financial problems facing a number of countries in the eurozone that are saddled with high levels of government debt, and whose growth, at least in the short term, will be affected by austerity...
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World Cement to 2025: Country-by-Country Forecasts of Cement Supply & Demand

01 Feb 2011  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The world cement industry is a complex structure of local, national, regional and global markets and cement/clinker movements. The structure is ever changing, being closely tied to changes in a range of variables including macro-economic growth, housing sector booms, public spending levels, trade ...
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Offshore Support Vessels: Global Prospects to 2020

31 Dec 2007  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The international offshore support vessel sector has enjoyed large-scale growth in recent years. In addition, day rates have risen to some of their highest ever levels. Future prospects for the offshore support vessel sector look to be positive in the near-term, although current newbuilding or...
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Global LNG Trade & Trends to 2030

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The LNG industry has experienced significant growth in recent years and has featured: ding orders approximately 205% by 2030. The LNG sector is forecast to experience large-scale expansion.  This Report examines the current and historical development of the LNG trade, detailin...
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Offshore Rigs: Global Prospects to 2020

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
Offshore Rigs: Global Prospects to 2020l>The international offshore rig sector has experienced several years of sustained growth on the strength of high global demand and restricted supply of suitable and available rigs. Day rates have risen to some of the highest ever level...
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LNG to 2030:A Detailed Review of Future Volumes & Trends

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
LNG to 2030:A Detailed Review of Future Volumes & Trendsrecent years and has featured:BR> Increased investment in LNG infrastructureof containment and propulsion systemse current and historical development of the LNG trade, detailing the major importers and exporters. By examining the p...
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LPG Carriers: Market Prospects to 2015

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
This Report is no longer available with us, however you may kindly visit the following categories of your interest. esults.asp?title=Shipping&srchtype=qik"> Shipping...
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Chemical Carriers:Market Prospects to 2015

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants

The chemical carrier sector has been suffering over recent years from limited growth ased economic activity and an increase in the demand for chemicals funding trade and shipping demand expansion. The rapidly expanding Chinese market has dominated the recent growth for chem...

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