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Uzbekistan: Telecommunication Technologies Market

01 Mar 2011  |  Published by:  AFS Research
On the whole, the study revealed the following: 1. Internet market in Uzbekistan is beginning to shift from "early stage" to the stage of “familiarization". 2. The State attaches a great importance to the country’s information and communication technologies development. 3. The number of the UZ domai...
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Uzbekistan: Independent Review of Cotton Yarn market

01 Feb 2011  |  Published by:  AFS Research
The report provides:
  • analysis of current situation in cotton yarn market in Uzbekistan;
  • details of production, consumption, export and import of cotton yarn for last five yearperiod, including price analysis and forecasts;
  • estimated mark...
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Uzbekistan: Industrial and household pumps

01 Jan 2011  |  Published by:  AFS Research
Report Description Our analytical report provides the wealth of information about Uzbekistan pumps market:
  • Uzbekistan economy overview, with discussion of its leading sectors, development potential and trends;
  • Major areas of pumps use in Uzbekistan are ove...
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