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Mobile Commerce in Industry Verticals

01 Sep 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports
Overview: This report provides an understanding of m-commerce in major industries including market impact and revenue potential. This research evaluates market opportunities for mobile commerce for major industry verticals and forecasts to 2017. The report ana...
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Indoor Location Solutions and Services: Challenges, Opportunities and Market Outlook

01 Sep 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports
Overview: As many in the industry understand, indoor location has many challenges compared to location determination in an outdoor environment. However, indoor location is more than just an extension of outdoor - it represents its own unique opportunities and ...
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Advanced Biofuels Market Potential

01 Mar 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports
With rising demand for energy and the growing focus on clean energy sources next generation biofuels are gaining a foothold in the renewable market. Commonly known as advanced biofuels, they include algae biofuels, synfuels, wood diesel, green diesel, biobutanol, biofuels from biomass, as well as bi...
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China's Nuclear Power Industry

01 Mar 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

With its rapidly increasing economy, population and power demands, China is aggressively developing nuclear power to meet its future needs.

China is on a nuclear power growth spree, with plans to build three times as many nuclear power plants in the coming decade as the rest of the world...

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Disaster Management and Recovery Planning

01 Mar 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

Every year, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters injure and kill thousands of people and damage billions of dollars worth of property. Often, it is almost impossible to predict or prevent the occurrence of these disasters. However it is possible to reduce their impact by developing ...

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Oil Sands, Gas and Oil Shales Market Growth

01 Mar 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

Oil Sands, also known as tar sands and bituminous sands, have emerged as a source of unconventional petroleum resources. Oil sands are being used worldwide as a petroleum alternative. While Canada is a leader in the oil sands industry, the United States and other countries are catching up fast an...

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Solar Thermal Power

01 Feb 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports
This report on Solar Thermal Energy analyzes the technology, discusses solar thermal plants financing, discusses hybrid solar thermal power plants, and provides profiles of solar thermal companies and case studies. A diagrammatic representation of the value chain and suppliers in the solar thermal i...
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Emerging Fuel Cell Technologies Market Trends

01 Jan 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

Over the next decade, fuel cell demand is expected to increase due to high petroleum prices, dependence on foreign oil, and continued environmental concerns. Fuel cells have potential in space and military applications, transportation, stationary uses, utility scale application, and in ortable pr...

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Energy Efficient Buildings

01 Jan 2011  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

Efficient energy use means simply using less energy to provide the same level of service. An example would be insulating a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve the same temperature. Another example is installing fluorescent lights and/or skylights instead of incandescent lig...

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Russian Oil & Gas Market: Resources and Opportunities

  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

Prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union, Soviet oil production equaled that of Saudi Arabia at 11 million b/d. After the Soviet collapse, Russian oil production plummeted, falling to eight million b/d in 1992 and to only six million b/d by 1996.
 The Russian oil ...

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Investor-Owned Utility Asset Acquisitions, Sales, Mergers, and Investments

  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

This searchable Excel file details over 1,550 transactions and is invaluable for business development, competitive intelligence, financial analysis, and investor relations.
 Transactions Profiled:
 591 Acquisitions
 913 Sales
 15 Investments...

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Utility Bill Payment Choices

  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

Utility companies are under increasing pressure to offer new and innovative payment options, implement advanced billing systems to grow revenue and retain customers, and to develop and market electronic bill payment and processing for greater efficiency and customer convenience. The...

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US Pipeline Operators Directory

  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports
This Excel spreadsheet is a searchable directory 1,714 US pipeline operators organized by state where they own or op...
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Landfill Gas (LFG) Business Package

  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

The LFG Package consists of 6 parts: 1. 163 page Report, 2. LFG Companies Directory-Excel, 3. LFG Project Directory-Excel
 Free Bonuses:
 4. Landfill Gas Emissions Model Calculator-Excel
 5. Emission Reductions and Environmental and Energy Benefits ...

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Landfill Gas (LFG) Company Directory

  |  Published by:  Energy Business Reports

This searchable Excel file contains contact information for Landfill Gas companies including address, phone, fax, email, website.
 Companies are broken up into categories:
 General - 105 contacts
 Project Development - 153 contacts
 Financial/Legal - ...

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