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Euromoney Institutional Investor is a leading international business-to-business publisher, focused primarily on international finance, law and energy sectors. Euromonitor publishes more than 100 magazines, newsletters, and journals as well as surveys, directories, books, and maps. It is a provider of electronic business information through its capital market databases and the internet.

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A Practical Guide to Using Repo Master Agreements

01 Jan 2015  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Fully revised and updated "A Practical Guide to Using Repo Master Agreements", is the second edition written by leading commentators on the subject; Paul C Harding and Christian A Johnson. A useful guide for those that need to know and understand the contents of master agreements. Content o...
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Energy Map of Russia and CEE, 2014 Edition

01 May 2014  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
-Oil, gas and condensate fields;-Oil and gas piplines, including those under construction and planned-Major gas processing plants, underground gas storage facilities, LPG storage, tanker terminals, oil refineries, LNG export plants and import terminals including those under construction or plann...
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Structured Commodity Finance: Techniques and Applications for Successful Financing Arrangements

01 Apr 2014  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This book discusses the techniques and applications of structured commodity finance within the range of financing alternatives available to the commodity sector. In particular, it endeavours to put discipline into a subject that has been extensively discussed by banking, insurance, capital mar...
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World LNG Map 2014

04 Mar 2014  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The World LNG Map, now in its 14th edition, provides comprehensive snapshot of the world's LNG industry. It clearly flags the countries involved in both the export and import of liquefied natural gas, pinpointing the location and status of all international plants and terminals worldwide, alon...
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Understanding and Managing The Credit Rating Agencies

01 Mar 2014  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This brand new book is a unique first-time explanation of the business and inner workings of the credit ratings industry. It's an insider's view on how the rating agencies think and operate. It fills a large gap in the literature on the credit rating agencies. This brand new book offers insi...
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Commodity Finance: Principles and Practice

01 Mar 2014  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Today, commodities represent most of the fast growing markets worldwide.This book is a hands-on summary of what is happening in commodity finance, offering a macro-level framework but importantly the practice of daily operation and its problems. It covers commodities, commodity markets, commod...
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The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook

01 Jan 2014  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook is a brand new, much needed resource for every type of aircraft finance practitioner - seasoned and starter alike. The Handbook offers a complete view of the process of aircraft financing and the myriad issues that can arise, clearly explaining terminol...
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North America Shale Gas Map - 2nd edition

01 Jan 2014  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Updated for 2014, this map provides a comprehensive overview of North America's shale gas industry. The map features: Shale basins and shale plays, including shale-gas plays in production Inset map of West Canada Interstate pipelines with shale access, including those under construction,...
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Power Generation Financial Modelling and Analysis: A Practical Guide

01 Nov 2013  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This is a practical guide for those who need to enhance their financial modelling and analysis skills and knowledge in order to add value to power generation opportunities around the world for both fossil fuel energy sources and renewable energy sources. This is a high value and growth market ...
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Managing European Real Estate Investment Risk

01 Sep 2013  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The book provides comprehensive overviews of: (i) real estate actors, markets and investments from a risk management perspective; (ii) real estate investment risks at the country, investment structure, relationship and project levels; and (iii) real estate investment management perspectives an...
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Risk Management in Financial Institutions

01 Jul 2013  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This is one of the very few books that focuses on the qualitative risk management methodologies of both banks and insurance companies in one place. It also benefits from the truly world-class contributors who are internationally recognized for their expertise in this area. Who should read t...
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Private Equity Financial Modelling and Analysis: A Practical Guide

01 Feb 2013  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This is a practical guide for those who need to enhance their financial modelling and analysis skills and knowledge in order to add value to private equity backed companies prior to, through the investment period and exit Useful for finance directors, finance managers, financial modellers, ma...
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YUANomics - Offshoring the Chinese Renminbi: A Guide to Renminbi Internationalisation for Multinational Companies, Governments and Investors

01 Feb 2013  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This book brings the world of the Chinese currency renminbi, renminbi trading and investment in an easily readable form. The core parts of the book are divided into four key chapters related to the YUANomics Value Chain which will help readers understand how it affects them. This book is "R...
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Practical Applications

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
With the growing amount of literature available in the industry, researchers and portfolio managers face the daunting challenge of prioritizing what they should read. Practical Applications dissects The Journal of Portfolio Management research articles to uncover actionable items that may not ...
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Futures & Options World - News Only

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
FOW is the online news and data provider for the global exchange traded derivatives market. Our dedicated team of financial journalists, data analysts and specialist correspondence from around the globe provide unparalleled insight and coverage to the world's future and options market. FOW has been ...
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