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Energy Map of Algeria

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The complete energy map for Algeria with detailed coverage of pipelines, refineries & natural gas.
  • Mapping: Digital cartography including a fully updated layout from the 2002 edition
  • Mapping content: Oil and gas fields, and pipelines, LPG pipelines, condensate pipelines, LNG...
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Energy Map of Africa

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A definitive Petroleum Economist guide to the continent's infrastructure - this map features
  • Mapping content: Onshore and offshore pipelines (crude, gas and oil products), including existing, under construction and planned or proposed
  • Major oil and gas fields 
  • Crude ...
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Incotec: Oil Industry and Petroleum Refining of European Countries, 2012

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Oil fields, petroleum refineries, oil and product pipelines, in the FSU and Europe
  • Political base map of Europe, Russia and Central Asia, showing:
  • Oil, gas and gas condensate fields, labelled by size
  • Pipelines (operating, planned and under construction)
  • Refineries<...
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Energy Infrastructure Map of the United Kingdom and Ireland

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A definitive guide to the UK's pipeline network
  • Mapping content: Onshore and offshore pipelines (crude, gas, condensate, oil products, oxygen/gas products, ethylene and government/OPA), including existing, under construction and planned or proposed
  • Gas processing facilities, under...
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Energy Map of Northern Europe

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
  • Major oil & gas fields, oil & gas pipelines, import/export terminals, refineries & LNG import terminals
  • Inset map of Snohvit area, Norway
  • Data & tables on North Sea oil & gas production, recoverable reserves, and exploration drilling for the four key c...
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Energy Infrastructure Map of the North Sea

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
  • Gas, oil and condensate pipelines, including those planned, proposed, under-construction and de-commissioned
  • Gas, oil and condensate fields, including those de-commissioned
  • Underground gas storage facilities, major gas processing plants, LNG import and storage facilities<...
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World Deepwater Developments Map

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A guide to the worlds deepwater developments - this map features
  • Mapping: Third Generation mapping, with high-definition satellite derived imagery
  • Mapping content: Major oil/gas fields, major oil/gas pipelines.
  • Data and Tables: Listings of deepwater fields by region includi...
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Aircraft Leasing - In Focus

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor

Aircraft Financing

An incisive collection of ten key articles, from across the Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC group. "Aircraft Leasing In Focus"

What's included in this collection?

Why export credit agencies make good banks - Airfi...

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Pipeline Infrastructure map of Europe & the CIS

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Petroleum Economist's guide to European & CIS pipeline infrastructure Key features:
  • Oil, gas & products pipelines, including those under construction, planned or proposed
  • Major international oil & gas pipeline projects
  • Oil & gas fields
  • LNG export ...
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Leasing Finance Collection

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This collection contains among others a complete compendium containing everything you need to know about lease and asset finance around the world. Our best-selling titles in one easy-to-purchase collection. Whether you are a banker, lawyer, broker, consultant or investor, this collection is j...
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Energy Map of Libya

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A brand new map from Petroleum Economist for Libya. A definitive guide to the countries energy infrastructure. Map features:
  • Satellite deived digital terrain model basemap
  • Major oil and gas fields, major oil and gas pipelines, import/export terminals
  • Major refineries and LN...
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S&P Global Reinsurance Highlights 2011 Edition

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Global Reinsurance Highlights is an annual publication in association with Standard & Poor's that captures the key issues facing reinsurer management. The 2011 edition includes articles on the following topics: global sector outlook; life reinsurance sector review; Japan earthquake impact;...
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Energy Map of Latin America & the Caribbean

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A definitive map of Latin America's oil and gas infrastructure on a new satellite derived base map. The map locates:
  • Oil, gas and gas/condensate fields
  • Oil and gas pipelines, including those under construction, planned or proposed
  • Major gas processing plants & oil re...
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Futures & Options Intelligence

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The content and function rich FOW Intelligence website combines specific industry news with analysis and insight from the data provided by FOW TRADEdata. We send out breaking news, analytical reports and industry notifications and our subscribers are able to set their preferences to fit their ...
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Energy Map of Egypt

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A definitive map of Egyptian oil and gas infrastructure
  • Mapping: Digital Cartography
  • Mapping content: Oilfields, oil pipelines, oil refineries, tanker terminals, gasfields, gas pipelines, gas processing plants, LNG plants, FPSO's, and power stations
  • Data and Tables: Egypti...
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