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Euromoney Institutional Investor is a leading international business-to-business publisher, focused primarily on international finance, law and energy sectors. Euromonitor publishes more than 100 magazines, newsletters, and journals as well as surveys, directories, books, and maps. It is a provider of electronic business information through its capital market databases and the internet.

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World Gas Map & Factbook

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
  • Mapping: Third generation mapping, with high-definition satellite derived imagery
  • Mapping content: Major gas fields, major gas pipelines and LNG plants. Key gas pipeline projects
  • Inset maps: Japan, Egypt - West Delta Deepwater Marine, North Sea, Nigeria - West Delta, Au...
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Incotec: Oil Industry and Petroleum Refining of European Countries, 2012

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Oil fields, petroleum refineries, oil and product pipelines, in the FSU and Europe
  • Political base map of Europe, Russia and Central Asia, showing:
  • Oil, gas and gas condensate fields, labelled by size
  • Pipelines (operating, planned and under construction)
  • Refineries<...
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World Biofuels Map

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
  • Satellite derived image basemap showing principle biofuel-crop growing areas
  • Inset maps showing World population by country, World motor vehicles per 1,000 people by country, US biorefineries and Brazilian ethanol
  • Charts & Graphics illustrating biofuel demand by region,...
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Energy Map of Libya

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A brand new map from Petroleum Economist for Libya. A definitive guide to the countries energy infrastructure. Map features:
  • Satellite deived digital terrain model basemap
  • Major oil and gas fields, major oil and gas pipelines, import/export terminals
  • Major refineries and LN...
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Journal of Private Equity Special Issue : Turnaround Management - Spring 2007

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor

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World Deepwater Developments Map

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A guide to the worlds deepwater developments - this map features
  • Mapping: Third Generation mapping, with high-definition satellite derived imagery
  • Mapping content: Major oil/gas fields, major oil/gas pipelines.
  • Data and Tables: Listings of deepwater fields by region includi...
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Journal of Private Equity

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Provides in-depth analysis of today's most innovative strategies and effective techniques in venture capital and private equity. It covers the structures, strategies, and approaches used by successful investors and demonstrates how to apply them to improve the risk-reward profile of your own ...
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Global Capital - Derivatives Intelligence

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Derivatives Intelligence is an exclusive, daily information service with clearly organized news, features, databases and informed perspective on the global derivatives markets. A Derivatives Intelligence subscription includes: Full access to the newly enhanced, mobile friendly derivativesi...
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Institutional Investor's Alpha

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
You'll find all the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve as a subscriber to Institutional Investor's Alpha! Insightful, entertaining and authoritative published content about hedge funds, it brings transparency and accountability to a secretive industry. Subscription includes Daily...
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Compliance Reporter

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor

Compliance Reporter (CR) is the leading securities industry source for timely news on compliance and regulation. One of the world's most influential newsletters, CR breaks financial news on compliance strategy, new regulations, enforcement actions and s...

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Journal of Structured Finance

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The Journal of Structured Finance offers you insightful, comprehensive research and commentary on all aspects of structured finance. It provides detailed analysis on structuring and investing in products such as ABSs, CDOs, CLOs, and MBSs. Securitization in Emerging Markets and Intellectual...
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Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Trends: Q4 2012

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The Sovereign Wealth Center Quarterly Reports offer expert insight and comment on sovereign wealth funds investment trends and deal flow, in the context of the broader financial markets. Institutional Investor's Sovereign Wealth Center is a premium digital research tool designed to help use...
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Scrap Price Bulletin

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
There are no refunds applicable on cancellations of this product.Scrap Price Bulletin provides ferrous and nonferrous scrap prices for major US markets (plus Hamilton, ON, Canada) as well as alternative iron, ore and US steel production data. Features of the online service include monthly mark...
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Futures & Options Intelligence

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The content and function rich FOW Intelligence website combines specific industry news with analysis and insight from the data provided by FOW TRADEdata. We send out breaking news, analytical reports and industry notifications and our subscribers are able to set their preferences to fit their ...
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Credit Derivatives: Examining the Credit Default Swap Market

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The market for credit default swaps is on the rise again in 2012 after falling during the economic downturn. With Greece's recent credit event triggering CDS payouts, investor curiosity has increased on this highly traded and unregulated derivative. This E-collection is a compilation of articl...
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