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Development of the Leading Chinese IoT Module Supplier: Quectel Wireless Solutions (pre-order)

Development of the Leading Chinese IoT Module Supplier: Quectel Wireless Solutions (pre-order)

Development of the Leading Chinese IoT Module Supplier: Quectel Wireless Solutions (pre-order)

Executive Summary:

As a leading IoT wireless communication module supplier in China, Quectel Wireless Solutions accounted for the largest share of worldwide shipments in 2019 as the company aggressively seized the market with low-priced 2G/3G modules and rapidly increased its 4G module sales. The company’s annual shipments were expected to exceed 100 million units in 2020 as it started to mass produce 5G modules and strengthen its V2X (Vehicle to Everything) product lines. This report analyzes Quectel’s competitive edges based on its recent development and product strategies; examines the key success factors for the company to maintain high growth and continue to increase its market presence.

Table of Contents:
1.Development of the Worldwide Wireless Communication Module Market
1.1 Chinese Module Suppliers Enjoying Rapid Growth on Rising Domestic Demand for Smart Meters
1.2 Quectel Holds First Position in the Global Wireless Communication Module Market
2. Development of Quectel
2.1 Business Operations
2.2 Development of IoT Modules
2.2.1 Phase 1: Seizes Market Share with Low-priced 2G/3G
2.2.2 Phase 2: Increases 4G Module Production
2.2.3 Phase 3: Expands to 5G & V2X
2.3 Financial Conditions
2.3.1 Consolidates Market Leadership with Constantly Growing Revenue
2.3.2 Steady Growth of Gross Profit Margin
2.3.3. Keeps 3 Primary Types of Operating Expenses under Control and Increases R&D Spending
3.Quectel’s Competitive Edges
3.1 Complete Product Lineups to Address Customization Needs in the End Market
3.1.1 5G Module Product Development Strategy
3.1.2 V2X Product Development Strategy
3.2 Equal Focus on Direct Selling and Distribution Channels to Expand Scale and Strengthen Cost Competitiveness
3.3 Maintaining Long-term Competitive Edges with Smart Manufacturing
3.3.1 Creates an Independent Manufacturing Ecosystem by Building a Smart Manufacturing Center
3.3.2 Enhances Core Technology by Upgrading R&D Centers
4.MIC Perspective
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Topics
- Development of the global wireless communication module market, touching on major growth drivers for leading Chinese wireless communication module suppliers
- Development of Quectel Wireless Solutions, touching on its shipment and revenue performance as well as financial conditions for the period 2016-2021
- Development of Quectel’s major module products and includes its top five customers with sales value included
- Competitiveness of Quectel, touching on its product lineups, unique selling and distribution channels, and smart manufacturing capability

List of Tables:
Table 1. Gross Profit Margins of Leading Wireless Module Suppliers, 2016 - 2020
Table 2. Quectel’s Shipments by Product Lineups and Gross Profit Margin, 2020
Table 3. Comparison of China’s Top 5 Wireless Module Vendors
Table 4. Comparison of V2X Products between Fibocom and Quectel
Table 5. Comparison of Major Chip Procurement Costs between Quectel and Neoway

List of Figures:
Figure 1. Quectel’s IoT Module Product Lines
Figure 2. Quectel’s Shipment Volume and Revenue, 2016 - 2021
Figure 3. Quectel’s Revenue Share by Product Type, 2016 - 2021
Figure 4. Quectel’s Revenue, 2016 - 2021
Figure 5. Quectel’s Shipments by Product Type and Application, 2020

Report Title: Development of the Leading Chinese IoT Module Supplier: Quectel Wireless Solutions (pre-order)

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