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KSA Healthcare Market Outlook 2024

KSA Healthcare Market Outlook 2024

Saudi Arabian healthcare sector caters to a rapidly growing population, the concurrent increase in health issues and growing awareness is boosting the sector to flourish. Saudi Arabia is continuously investing in healthcare related projects in Kingdoms like Riyadh, Makkah, Jeddah, etc. for developing advance healthcare system in these regions. Moreover, the government is blending in the regulatory framework to attract more private investment in this sector. As per our latest research report “KSA Healthcare Market Outlook 2024”, the healthcare sector in the Kingdom is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of around 7% during the 2019-2024.

The increasing population and diversification of the nation's economy are among the key factors driving the Saudi Arabia health insurance market. Expatriates from all around the globe are migrating to the country, catalyzing the growth of the healthcare and health insurance sector. The consequential rise in the aging population is directly proportionate to the rising in number of geriatric population being hospitalized due to chronic diseases which thereby increase the demand for hospital supplies. The emerging trends, such as emergence of mobile health solutions and compulsory healthcare insurance policies, would help the Saudi Arabian healthcare market to grow in coming years.

This report provides healthcare market forecast till 2024 for Saudi Arabia. According to our research, the healthcare market of Saudi Arabia is growing at a rapid pace. Impact of COVID-19 on Saudi Arabia healthcare is dynamic. To fill the demand-supply gap in the healthcare infrastructure and services private sector is playing a major role. The increasing number of private hospitals will bridge the gap of quality and accessibility of healthcare services in public hospitals which is a major concern in healthcare delivery. It provides an in-depth analysis of the contributions by MOH, private and other public sectors to the country’s healthcare industry. A regional analysis of the country’s healthcare industry exhibits potential opportunity for investment.

The report gives brief insights about the regulatory environment in Saudi Arabia for registration of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. In the healthcare sector KSA’s top priorities are to enhance the role of the private sector through privatization of government healthcare services, to increase public-private participation (PPP) healthcare delivery models, to scale up medical education and training of its local workforce and to boost the adoption of digital information systems, thereby creating a plethora of opportunities for investors, pharmaceutical and MedTech manufacturers, healthcare IT vendors, and support services. The report will help the client to understand the market along with the structure and growth in coming years
Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. KSA Healthcare Market Outlook to 2024
3.1. Healthcare Infrastructure
3.1.1. Hospital Bed Capacity MOH Hospitals Other Public Sector Hospitals Private Hospitals
3.1.2. Hospital Occupancy Rate and Average Length of Stay
3.1.3. Hospital Health Force
3.2. Healthcare Profile
3.2.1. Epidemiological Backdrop
3.2.2. Cancer
3.2.3. Diabetes
3.2.4. Infectious Diseases
3.2.5. Hypertension
3.3. Health Insurance
3.4. Investment Projection

4. Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Market 2024
4.1. Pharmaceutical Market
4.1.1. Market Overview
4.1.2. Import and Domestic Drug Production
4.1.3. Branded and Generic Drugs
4.2. Medical Device Market
4.2.1. Market Overview
4.2.2. Market Segmentation In Vitro Diagnostics Diagnostic Imaging Ophthalmic Devices
4.2.3. Import and Domestic Production

5. Regional Analysis
5.1. Jeddah
5.2. Riyadh
5.3. Makkah
5.4. Medinah
5.5. Qaseem

6. Emerging Market Trends
6.1. Healthcare Industry Accelerated by Merger and Acquisition
6.2. Emergence of Mobile Health Solutions Driving the Healthcare Market
6.3. Government Initiatives driving Healthcare Industry
6.4. COVID-19 impact on Hajj Session- Healthcare Services
6.5. E-Health - Procuring Government's Attention

7. Regulatory Framework
7.1. Pharmaceutical Products
7.2. Medical Devices
7.3. Intellectual Property Rights

8. Key Hospitals Profile
8.1. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
8.2. Riyadh Military Hospital
8.3. National Guard Health Affairs Hospital
8.4. Cancer Therapy Institute Research Centre
8.5. Royal Commission Hospital

List of Figures:

Figure 3-1: Healthcare Services Market (Billion SAR), 2018-2024
Figure 3-2: Healthcare Services Market by Inpatients and Outpatients (%), 2019
Figure 3-3: Hospitals by Sector (%), 2019
Figure 3-4: Number of Hospital Beds (‘000), 2015-2019
Figure 3-5: Hospital Beds by Sector (%), 2019
Figure 3-6: Inpatients in Hospitals by Sector (%), 2019
Figure 3-7: Health Insurance Gross Written Premium (Billion SAR), 2018-2024
Figure 3-8: Budget Allocated for Healthcare and Social Services (Billion US$), 2018 & 2019
Figure 4-1: Pharmaceutical Market (Billion US$), 2018-2024
Figure 4-2: Share of Imported and Domestically Manufactured Pharmaceutical Drugs (2019)
Figure 4-3: Pharmaceutical Market by Drug Class (%), 2019
Figure 4-4: Medical Device Market (Billion US$), 2018-2024
Figure 4-5: Share of Imported and Domestically Manufactured Medical Devices (2019)
Figure 4-6: Medical Devices Import by Country (%), 2019
Figure 4-7: Medical Supplies Import by Category (%), 2019
Figure 5-1: MOH Hospitals by Region (%), 2019
Figure 5-2: MOH Hospital Beds by Region (%), 2019
Figure 5-3: Private Hospitals by Region (%), 2019
Figure 5-4: Private Hospital Beds by Region (%), 2019

List of Tables:

Table 3-1: Ongoing Healthcare Projects
Table 3-2: Medical Cities by Location and Specialty
Table 3-3: Number of MOH Hospitals by Specialty (2019)
Table 3-4: Number of MOH Hospital Beds by Specialty (2019)
Table 3-5: Number of Other Government Hospital Beds by Specialty (2019)
Table 3-6: Number of Private Healthcare Facilities by Type (2019)
Table 3-7: Number of Private Hospital Beds by Specialty (2019)
Table 3-8: Number of Private Clinics by Specialty (2019)
Table 3-9: Average Length of Stay and Bed Occupancy Rate in MOH Hospitals (2019)
Table 3-10: Number of Physicians by Sector (2019)
Table 3-11: Number of Nurses by Sector (2019)
Table 3-12: Number of Allied Health Workers by Sector (2019)
Table 5-1: Jeddah - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2019)
Table 5-2: Jeddah - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2019)
Table 5-3: Riyadh - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2019)
Table 5-4: Riyadh - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2019)
Table 5-5: Makkah - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2019)
Table 5-6: Makkah - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2019)
Table 5-7: Medinah - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2019)
Table 5-8: Medinah - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2019)
Table 5-9: Qaseem - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2019)
Table 5-10: Qaseem - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2019)

Report Title: KSA Healthcare Market Outlook 2024

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