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Global Smartphone Power Management IC Industry Development (pre-order)

Global Smartphone Power Management IC Industry Development (pre-order)

Global Smartphone Power Management IC Industry Development (pre-order)

Executive Summary:

The power management design is an analog circuit and is highly dependent on the manufacturing process technology. The current common solutions for power management include discrete components, PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuits), and power modules. Among them, PMICs are the core component of smartphones. At present, PMICs are mostly used in smartphones and consumer electronics products. With the development of smartphone processors shifting towards more advanced manufacturing processes, high-precision, high-efficiency PMICs, and power semiconductor components have become increasingly important. This report provides an overview of the global PMIC industry and market development, looks into the development of the smartphone PMIC industry and its supply chain, comprising smartphone application processors, smartphones, and smartphone PMIC, and examines the development of Chinese smartphone PMIC suppliers.

Table of Contents:

1. Overivew of the Global PMIC Industry
1.1 Global PMIC Production Value
1.1.1 WSTS Revises General-purpose PMIC Shipment Value Three Times in 2021 Due to IC Shortage amid COVID-19
1.2 Development of the Global PMIC Market in 2021
1.2.1 Over 60% of Power Management IC Market Dominated by US, European, and Japanese Integrated Device Manufacturers
1.2.2 Market Demand for Individual Applications Keep Growing with Shipment Volume Increasing Year-by-year
1.2.3 The Shortage of PMICs Remains an Issue in 2H 2022
2. Smartphone PMIC Industry Structure and Business Model
2.1 Smartphone PMIC Industry Supply Chain
2.2 Smartphone PMIC Bundles as a Marketing Strategy
2.2.1 Smartphone Application Processor Supplier: Qualcomm and MediaTek
2.2.2 Smartphone Brands: Samsung and Apple
2.2.3 Smartphone PMIC Suppliers
2.3 Development of Chinese PMIC Suppliers
2.3.1 Chinese Suppliers Produce Mainly Mid-to-Low PMICs for Consumer Electronic and White-label Home Appliance
2.3.2 Chinese Smartphone Brands' Investment into Southchip Semiconductor Gains Attention
3.Development of Smartphone PMIC
3.1 The Demand for 5G Smartphone PMICs
3.2 PMIC Process Technology Adoption of Leading Smartphone Brands
3.2.1 Cost Effectiveness of 12" Wafer Production
4.MIC Perspective
4.1 Demand for PMIC Surges and Chip Shortage Promotes Manufacturing of PMICs Using 12" Wafers
4.2 PMIC Capacity Gap Keeps Widening to Contribute to the Rise of Chinese Analog IC/PMIC Suppliers
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Topics
- Development of the global PMIC (Power Management IC) industry, touching on its production value and volume
- Development of smartphone PMIC industry and includes its supply chain and the development of leading industry players by supplier, comprising smartphone application processor suppliers, smartphone brands, and smartphone PMIC suppliers
- Development of Chinese PMIC suppliers, touching on the recent development of Southchip Semiconductor (Shanghai),
- PMICs for use in 5G smartphones and the adoption by leading smartphone brands

List of Tables:
Table 1 Smartphone Customers and Investers of Southchip Semiconductor
Table 2 Cost Comparison of PMICs Fabricated Using TI's 8-inch Wafers and 12-inch Wafers

List of Figures:
Figure 1 Global Total Production Value of General-purpose Analog Chips and Their Market Share in 2021
Figure 2 Global General-purpose PMIC Shipment Value, 2017-2024
Figure 3 PMIC Industry Supply Chain Ecosystem
Figure 4 Global General-purpose PMIC Shipment Volume, 2015-2021
Figure 5 Smartphone PMIC Upstream Market Suppliers
Figure 6 5G Smartphones and Their PMIC Configuration Requirement
Figure 7 PMIC Process Technology Nodes of Leading Smartphone Brands

Report Title: Global Smartphone Power Management IC Industry Development (pre-order)

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