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Research Report on China's Electric Oven Export 2023-2032

Research Report on China's Electric Oven Export 2023-2032

An electric oven is a kitchen appliance that uses radiant heat from an electric heating element to bake food. Electric ovens are small enough to fit on the Counter top of a kitchen and can be used for a variety of baking cooking processes such as baking, broiling, and roasting. Some multifunctional electric ovens are also equipped with an air fryer function.
As the global material standard of living improves, consumers increasingly pursue a diversified diet structure, while many consumers are more willing to try DIY food, so the global market for small appliances such as electric ovens gradually expand demand, driving the development of the electric oven industry.
China is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of electric ovens, exporting large quantities of electric ovens every year. According to CRI's analysis, in 2021, China exported 41,943,000 electric ovens, up 18.11% year-on-year, with an export value of US$1.639 billion, up 34.07% year-on-year. In 2022, China's electric oven exports declined due to COVID-19. From January to October 2022, China exported 22,095,600 electric ovens, down 37.32%.
In 2021, China exported electric ovens to about one hundred and ninety countries and regions around the world. CRI analysis, by export volume, the United States, Japan, Chile, India, Brazil, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Mexico and the Russian Federation are the main export destinations for China's electric ovens. Among them, the United States is the largest destination for China's electric oven exports.
In 2021, China exported 11,883,000 electric ovens to the United States, accounting for 28.36% of the total export volume of electric ovens that year, with an export value of US$499 million, accounting for 30.45% of the total export value.
China is the world's leading producer and exporter of home appliances, and CRI expects that the scale of China's electric oven exports will maintain steady growth in the future.

Topics covered:

China's Electric Oven Export Status and Major Sources in 2018-2022
What is the Impact of COVID-19 on China's Electric Oven Export?
Which Companies are the Major Players in China's Electric Oven Export Market and What are their Competitive Benchmarks?
Key Drivers and Market Opportunities in China's Electric Oven Export
What are the Key Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities for China's Electric Oven Export during 2023-2032?
What is the Expected Revenue of China's Electric Oven Export during 2023-2032?
What are the Strategies Adopted by the Key Players in the Market to Increase Their Market Share in the Industry?
What are the Competitive Advantages of the Major Players in China's Electric Oven Export Market?
Which Segment of China's Electric Oven Export is Expected to Dominate the Market in 2032?
What are the Major Adverse Factors Facing China's Electric Oven Export?
Table of Contents

1. 2018-2022 China's Electric Oven Export Analysis
1.1 China's Electric Oven Export Scale
1.1.1. China's Electric Oven Export Volume
1.1.2. China's Electric Oven Export Value
1.1.3. China's Electric Oven Export Price
1.2 China's Main Export Destinations of Electric Ovens
1.2.1. By Export Volume
1.2.2. By Export Value
2. 2018-2022 Analysis of China's Export of Countertop Electric Ovens
2.1. Export Volume of Countertop Electric Ovens
2.2. Export Value of Countertop Electric Ovens
2.3. Export Price of Countertop Electric Oven
2.4. Export Destinations of Countertop Ovens
2.4.1. By Export Volume
2.4.2. By Export Value
3. 2018-2022 China's Built-in Electric Oven Export Analysis
3.1. Export Volume of Built-in Electric Ovens
3.2. Export Value of Built-in Electric Ovens
3.3. Export Price of Built-in Electric Oven
3.4. Export Destinations of Built-in Electric Ovens
3.4.1. By Export Volume
3.4.2. By Export Value
4. 2018-2022 China's Electric Ovens Major Export Destinations Analysis
4.1. United States
4.2. Japan
4.3. Chile
4.4. India
4.5. Brazil
4.6. Other Export Destinations
5. China's Export Outlook for Electric Ovens, 2023-2032
5.1 Factors Affecting China's Electric Oven Exports
5.1.1. Favorable Factors
5.1.2. Unfavorable Factors
5.2. China's Electric Oven Export Forecast, 2023-2032
5.2.1 Export Volume Forecast
5.2.2. Major Export Destinations Forecast
5.2.3. Major Export Types of Electric Ovens Forecast

Report Title: Research Report on China's Electric Oven Export 2023-2032

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