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India Wired Broadband Market By Type (Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Coaxial Cable, Fiber to the Home (FTTH)), By Speed (Upto 1 Mbps, 2-8 Mbps, 9-40 Mbps, 40-100 Mbps, Above 100 Mbps), By Application (Residential, Commercial, Industrial), By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, FY2028F

India Wired Broadband Market By Type (Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Coaxial Cable, Fiber to the Home (FTTH)), By Speed (Upto 1 Mbps, 2-8 Mbps, 9-40 Mbps, 40-100 Mbps, Above 100 Mbps), By Application (Residential, Commercial, Industrial), By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, FY2028F

India Wired Broadband Market stood at USD 503.34 million in FY2022 and is expected to register a CAGR of 15.43% during the forecast period. Increased internet penetration in India is likely to lead to the expansion and growth of the India wired broadband market in the coming years. The wired broadband market in India is anticipated to continue to grow as a result of increasing internet and communication service applications, bundled internet plans, and improved connection across both urban and rural parts of India.
A connection made of wires is referred to as "wired broadband." These cables can be manufactured in twisted pair, copper, or fiber optic materials. Different electrical signals can be transmitted from one end to the other via a connected interface. Broadband internet services are utilized for digital games, Internet TV, smart home applications, remote online education, virtual private LAN services, and voice over IP (VoIP).
Adoption of OTT Platform & E-Commerce
The key reasons driving the growth of the India wired broadband market in the forecast period include the rapid expansion of the e-commerce industry and increased online entertainment spending. Moreover, as the e-commerce sector is expanding in India, the wired broadband market is expected to rise.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the media consumption behavior of Indian audiences. Consumers are using OTT platforms, resulting in increased demand and share of Netflix and Amazon Prime in India. Contrary, domestic providers like Hot Spot and JIO Cinema are also making significant progress. In India, there are already more than 45 million OTT subscribers. By the end of 2023, this number is expected to reach 50 million. Due to the rising OTT platform usage, the market is expected to witness increased demand for wired broadband connections.
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) predicts that the growth of Internet and communication service applications, particularly after COVID-19, would continue to boost the Indian market for wired broadband.
Rising Fiber to Home Connectivity and 5G Connection in India
The latest trend in the market is that companies are focusing on deploying optical fiber networks to provide high-speed broadband services to their users. Fiber optics enables the transmission of high-speed data across long distances. As compared to ordinary cables, fiber-optic lines offer a higher bandwidth and can transport data across long distances. Fiber-optic connections are used extensively in India for telephone and cable television services. According to an India Data study, by 2023, the Indian government aims to have optical fiber connectivity deployed in 600,000 villages as part of its "ambitious" "Digital India Mission" initiative. Owing to this, market is anticipated to witness double digit growth in the upcoming years.
Users now require more high-speed data to use online platforms as they embrace high-speed internet access and the work-from-home initiative. Players in the market are launching 5G rollout plan. For instance, as per Reliance Jio's shared 5G rollout plan, the Mukesh Ambani-led telecom operator plans to roll out the services across India by the end of 2023.
The government announced the ambitious National Internet Mission, which would require stakeholder investment of (USD 85589.07 million) INR 7 lakh crore over the next several years. The government, in November 2022, promised broadband connectivity in the rural area. As the administration of India promises to give high-speed connectivity in rural areas, the wired broadband market is expected to grow.
Restraining Factors
Since the introduction of wireless mobile internet connectivity, particularly 4G, and competitive prices, there has been less growth in number of wired broadband connections. Customers believe that inexpensive mobile Internet, even with daily data caps, is a better deal. All these factors are restricting the market's expansion in the anticipated period as people are shifting to 5G networks.
Market Segmentation
The India Wired Broadband Market is segmented into type, application, speed, region and competitive landscape. Based on Type, the market is segmented into Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Coaxial Cable, and Fiber to the Home (FTTH). Based on application, the market is divided into residential, Commercial, Industrial. Based on speed, the market is divided Upto 1 Mbps, 2-8 Mbps, 9-40 Mbps, 40-100 Mbps and above 100 Mbps.
Market players
The leading market players in the India Wired Broadband Market include Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Bharti Airtel Private Limited, Asianet Satellite Communications Private Limited, Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited, Atria Convergence Technologies Limited, Vodafone Idea Limited, Siti Networks Limited, Excitel Broadband Private Limited, Shyam Spectra Private Limited.
Recent Developments
•In March 2021, Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) signed a deal to boost adoption of ATSC standards in India in order to make broadcast services available on mobile devices. This allows the TSDSI to follow ATSC standards, fostering global digital broadcasting standard harmonization.

•NXP Layerscape Processor have been used by Jio Platforms to construct new 5G NR O-RAN small cells. Offering cutting-edge radio devices that are 3GPP and O-RAN compatible is the aim of collaboration. Solution provides performance for Industry 4.0, broadband connectivity, and other applications.

Report Scope:
In this report, India Wired Broadband Market has been segmented into the following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:
•India Wired Broadband Market, By Type:
oDigital Subscriber Line (DSL)
oCoaxial Cable
oFiber to the Home (FTTH)
•India Wired Broadband Market, By Application:
•India Wired Broadband Market, By Speed:
oUp to 1 Mbps
o2-8 Mbps
o9-40 Mbps
o40-100 Mbps
oAbove 100 Mbps
•India Wired Broadband Market, By Region:
Competitive Landscape
Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies present in the India Wired Broadband Market.

Available Customizations:
India Wired Broadband Market report with the given market data, Tech Sci Research offers customizations according to a company's specific needs. The following customization options are available for the report:
Company Information
•Detailed analysis and profiling of additional market players (up to five).
Table of Contents

1.Product Overview
2.Research Methodology
3.Executive Summary
4.Impact of COVID-19 on India Wired Broadband Market
5.Voice of Customer
5.1.Brand Awareness
5.2.Factors Considered for Selecting Vendors
5.3.Challenges Faced Post Purchase
5.4.Preferred Cabling Infrastructure
5.5.Key Satisfaction Level
6.India Wired Broadband Market Outlook
6.1.Market Size & Forecast
6.1.1.By Value
6.2.Market Share & Forecast
6.2.1.By Type (Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Coaxial Cable, Fiber to the Home (FTTH))
6.2.2.By Speed (Up to 1 Mbps, 2-8 Mbps, 9-40 Mbps, 40-100 Mbps, Above 100 Mbps)
6.2.3.By Application (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
6.2.4.By Region (North India, South India, East India, West India)
6.2.5.By Company (FY2022)
6.3.Market Map (By Type, By Speed, By Application, By Region)
7.India Residential Wired Broadband Market Outlook
7.1.Market Size & Forecast
7.1.1.By Value
7.2.Market Share & Forecast
7.2.1.By Type
7.2.2.By Speed
7.2.3.By End Use (Individual Leisure & Utilities, Office Remote Work from Home Module)
7.2.4.By Region
8.India Commercial Wired Broadband Market Outlook
8.1.Market Size & Forecast
8.1.1.By Value
8.2.Market Share & Forecast
8.2.1.By Type
8.2.2.By Speed
8.2.3.By End Use (Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise)
8.2.4.By Region
9.India Industrial Wired Broadband Market Outlook
9.1.Market Size & Forecast
9.1.1.By Value
9.2.Market Share & Forecast
9.2.1.By Type
9.2.2.By Speed
9.2.3.By Region
10.Market Dynamics
11.Price Trend Analysis
11.1.Overall Trend of Market
11.2.Future Price Estimations
11.3.Price Subscriptions Plans
12.Market Trends and Developments
13.Policy and Regulatory Landscape
14.India Economic Profile
15.Company Profiles
15.1.Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
15.2.Bharti Airtel Private Limited
15.3.Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
15.4.Atria Convergence Technologies Limited
15.5.Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited
15.6.Asianet Satellite Communications Private Limited
15.7.Vodafone Idea Limited
15.8.Siti Networks Limited
15.9.Excitel Broadband Private Limited
15.10.Shyam Spectra Private Limited
16.Strategic Recommendations

Report Title: India Wired Broadband Market By Type (Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Coaxial Cable, Fiber to the Home (FTTH)), By Speed (Upto 1 Mbps, 2-8 Mbps, 9-40 Mbps, 40-100 Mbps, Above 100 Mbps), By Application (Residential, Commercial, Industrial), By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, FY2028F

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