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Fast-Charging EV Batteries: Current Status and Development Trends (pre-order)

Fast-Charging EV Batteries: Current Status and Development Trends (pre-order)

Fast-Charging EV Batteries: Current Status and Development Trends (pre-order)

Executive Summary:

To address the extreme weather conditions caused by global warming, various countries are actively promoting carbon reduction measures. Electric vehicles (EVs) are gradually replacing traditional fuel cars and becoming the main transportation vehicle. However, the biggest obstacle to the widespread adoption of EVs is how to meet the demand for charging their batteries. Therefore, fast-charging technology for EV batteries has become an area of focus for EV manufacturers, EV charger suppliers, and battery producers. This report provides an overview of the development of fast-charging EV batteries, looks into the development trends of fast-charging technology, and analyzes the role of fast-charging batteries in the growing popularization of EVs.

Table of Contents:

1.The Key Role of Fast-Charging Battery in the Growing Popularization of EV
1.1 Public Charging Stations Need Fast-charging Technology to Increase Turnover Rate
1.2 Fast-charging Needed to Reduce Range Anxiety During Long-distance Travel
1.3 Optimizing Charging Environment to Boost User Incentive
2.Development of fast-charging EV Batteries
2.1 Global EV Charger Standards
2.2 Current Fast Charging Standards in Taiwan
2.3 Development of Charging Efficiency of Electric Vehicles
3.Development Trends of Fast-charging Technology for EV Batteries
3.1 Fast-charging Technology Increases Power Output
3.2 Materials for the Improvement of Lithium-ion Batteries
3.2.1 Anode Materials
3.2.2 Cathode Materials
3.2.3 Electrolyte Materials
3.3 Using Different Battery Technologies
4. MIC Perspective
List of Companies
List of Topics

List of Tables:
Table 1 Fast-charging Specifications of Charging Stations
Table 2 Charging Efficiency of Various EV Brands
Table 3 EV Manufacturers and Charging Station Operators with Fast-charging Voltage of 800V and Above

List of Figures:
Figure 1 Comparison of Mainstream Specifications of Global Charging Stations
Figure 2 The Illustration of Lithium-ion Batteries

Report Title: Fast-Charging EV Batteries: Current Status and Development Trends (pre-order)

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