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Report on the Chinese market for electric scooters and variants

Report on the Chinese market for electric scooters and variants

Electric scooters or mopeds are typically battery-powered two-wheelers that use either direct or alternating currents. It has become a common sight in the streets of China and is expected to become even more common due to rising living standards in China coupled with the need for convenient and cheaper transportation. The electric scooter market reached a total size of XX billion CNY in 2018, a XX% growth over the previous year.

National policies released in 2016 have placed significant emphasis on the importance of green, low-carbon products and technologies which has in turn led to an increase in the demand for green transportation. These policies have served as extra stimulus for industry growth.

Urbanization and economic development have also led to increased complaints over crowded traffic, pollution and environmental disruption. The rise of the electric scooter in China has served as an effective method of decreasing traffic jams as well as pollution, and as such is expected to experience further growth in the near future with the market expected to reach a total size of XX billion CNY in 2023.
Chapter 1 Electric scooter industry overview
1.1 Industry overview
1.1.1 Product overview
1.1.2 Product categorization
1.2 Operation modes
1.2.1 Production modes
1.2.2 Purchasing modes
1.2.3 Sales modes
Chapter 2 Electric scooter industry market supply and demands analysis
2.1 Supply
2.1.1 Industry output value 2014-2018
2.1.2 Industry output value predictions 2019-2023
2.2 Demand
2.2.1 Market size analysis 2014-2018
2.2.2 Market size predictions 2019-2023
2,3 Market prices
Chapter 3 Electric scooter industry supply chain analysis
3.1 Overview
3.2 Upstream industry developments
3.2.1 Lead-acid batteries
3.2.2 Li-ion batteries
3.2.3 Plastic
3.2.4 Alloys
3.2.5 Steel
3.3 Downstream industry developments
3.3.1 Individual consumers
3.3.2 Take-away industry
3.3.3 Postal delivery industry
Chapter 4 Electric scooter foreign trade data analysis
4.1 Electric scooters and e-bike foreign trade data
4.1.1 Imports Volumes Figures Prices
4.1.2 Exports Volumes Figures Recipients Prices
4.2 Motorized bicycles and pedal assist enabled bicycles foreign trade data
4.2.1 Imports Volumes Figures Sources Prices
4.2.2 Exports Volumes figures Recipients Prices
Chapter 5 Key Chinese companies
5.1 Yadea
5.1.1 Development overview
5.1.2 Main products
5.1.3 Operational analysis
5.1.4 Sales networks
5.2 Xinri
5.2.1 Development overview
5.2.2 Main products
5.2.3 Operational analysis
5.2.4 Sales networks
5.2.5 Competitive advantages
5.2.6 Development strategies
5.3 Aima Technologies
5.3.1 Development overview
5.3.2 Main products
5.3.3 Operational analysis
5.3.4 Sales networks
5.3.5 Competitive advantages
5.3.6 Development strategies
5.4 Luyuan Electric Scooters Co. Ltd.
5.4.1 Development overview
5.4.2 Main products
5.4.3 Operational analysis
5.4.4 Sales networks
5.4.5 Competitive advantages
5.5 Shenling Vehicles Co. Ltd.
5.5.1 Development overview
5.5.2 Main products
5.5.3 Operational analysis
5.5.4 Sales networks
5.5.5 Competitive advantages
Chapter 6 Chinese electric scooter development trends and prospects
6.1 Investment prospects
6.1.1 Development trends
6.1.2 Market prospects
6,2 Investment risks
6.2.1 Industry policies
6.2.2 Macroeconomics
6.2.3 Raw materials
6.2.4 Market competition
6.2.5 Loss of core personnel

Report Title: Report on the Chinese market for electric scooters and variants

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