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Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in Turkey, 2021

Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in Turkey, 2021

Turkey has a long-established, diverse and modern textile and clothing industry which has fulfilled a significant role in the country s economic and industrial development. It has production capabilities in all sectors of the supply chain--from the supply of raw materials to the production of finished pieces--and, as a result, it is one of the world s leading exporters of textiles and clothing. Turkey benefits from a highly skilled and flexible workforce which has played a key role in the textile and clothing industry s success. The industry s success can also be attributed to Turkey s strategic and favourable geographical location between Europe and Asia. This facilitates short lead times and has enabled Turkish producers to export goods profitably to mature Western markets.

These competitive advantages have been further enhanced by the use of flexible manufacturing processes, which enable the industry to increase production runs rapidly. This report looks at the development of the textile and clothing industry in Turkey, its size and structure, and its production and consumption of fibres, textiles and clothing. The report also features: a geographical, political and economic profile; a detailed look at Turkey's imports and exports of textiles and clothing; a review of the policies and investment incentives provided by the Turkish government; an analysis of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the textile and clothing industry; an appraisal of Turkey's infrastructure and human resources and an analysis of how these affect the textile and clothing industry; and an examination of the industry's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).
a detailed research-based report or company profile covering information on sourcing, developments in technology, colour and/or fabric trends, market sectors such as discount retailing, or other issues which affect companies in the apparel industry;
-a round-up of industry developments and innovations in the apparel sector;
-a feature on trade and trade policy;
-advice from industry experts on strategy; and
-business news

Report Title: Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in Turkey, 2021

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