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India Luxury Retail Market Analysis

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Published Date: Jan, 2013
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 100

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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents

Liberalization of the Indian economy resulted in high economic growth rates and widespread prosperity. It allowed people to broaden their horizons and altered mindsets. The industrial and IT revolution created an entirely new set of wealthy global Indians. The increasingly open economy created new business opportunities and promoted entrepreneurship that resulted in the emergence of exceedingly successful first generation businessmen. The self-made millionaires were increasing. The number of Indian rupee millionaires increased and later the list of dollar millionaires in India.

The preferences of the Indian consumers of luxury have evolved overtime. Earlier luxury was essentially intertwined with foreign trips and luxury goods were generally imported from Europe and USA. As luxury brands entered India and the number of new rich increased the need for displays of wealth and social status increased. Luxury became all about flaunting the hard earned wealth and people became extremely brand conscious. Include more about the recent change in mindset and limitations in the understanding of luxury.

Luxury retail has witnessed rapid growth in India. While most of the mature markets are undergoing slowdown in sales, India is being heralded as holding much future potential. Although, international brands face many challenges currently, most view their venture into India as a long term investment that will eventually yield massive returns. The Indian luxury market is expected to more than double its current size over the next five years. The growth of India as a luxury products market and its potential is obvious and there is a positive sentiment towards global brands.

India Luxury Retail Market Analysis Report outlines following aspects related to Luxury Market in India:

Luxury Retail Market Overview
Luxury Retail Market by Multiple Product Segments
Profiling of High & Ultra Net Worth Individuals
Factors Driving the Luxury Retail Market
Key Challenges & Future Growth Opportunities
Distribution Channel & FDI Policy 

1. Luxury Retail Market Overview
2. Potential Consumer Segmentation
2.1 High Net Worth Individuals
2.1.1 Profile of the HNWIs
2.1.2 Spending Pattern
2.2 The Ultra High Net Worth Individuals
2.2.1 Profile of the UHNI
2.2.2 Spending Pattern
3. Luxury Retail Market by Products
3.1 Watch
3.1.1 Market Overview
3.1.2 Competitive Landscape
3.2 Cosmetics & Perfumes
3.2.1 Market Overview
3.2.2 Competitive Landscape
3.3 Branded Jewelry
3.3.1 Market Overview
3.3.2 Competitive Landscape
3.4 Apparel & Accessories
3.4.1 Market Overview
3.4.2 Competitive Landscape
3.5 Lingerie
3.5.1 Market Overview
3.5.2 Competitive Landscape
3.6 Footwear
3.6.1 Market Overview
3.6.2 Competitive Landscape
3.7 Furniture & Home Accessories
3.7.1 Market Overview
3.7.2 Competitive Landscape
3.8 Stationery
3.8.1 Market Overview
3.8.2 Competitive Landscape
3.9 Consumer Electronics
3.9.1 Market Overview
3.9.2 Competitive Landscape
3.10 Wines & Spirits
3.10.1 Market Overview
3.10.2 Competitive Landscape
4. Factors Driving the Luxury Retailing in India
4.1 Growing Number of HNI & UNHI
4.2 Improving Luxury Infrastructure
4.3 Awareness of International Trends & Higher Aspirations
4.4 Luxury Gifting Market
4.5 Advent of Online Commerce
5. Distribution Channel
5.1 Multibrand Outlet
5.2 Single Brand/Exclusive Outlet
5.3 Online Retailing
6. FDI in Retail
6.1 100% FDI in Single Brand Retail
6.2 51% FDI in Multi Brand Retail
7. Taxes & Duties
8. Future of Luxury Retailing in India
8.1 Future Outlook
8.2 Growth Opportunity
8.3 Challenges to be Resolved

List of Figures

Figure 1-1: Luxury Retail Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 1-2: Luxury Retail Market by Segment, 2012 & 2016
Figure 1-3: India Luxury Retail Market by City
Figure 2-1: Ultra HNI Household by City
Figure 2-2: HNWI Population (000), 2009-2011
Figure 2-3: HNWI Wealth (US$ Billion), 2009-2011
Figure 2-4: Number of Ultra HNI, 2012
Figure 2-5: Ultra HNI by Segment, 2012
Figure 3-1: Luxury Watch Sales by Volume, 2012-2016
Figure 3-2: Luxury Watch Sales (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-3: Share of Luxury Segment in Watch Market, 2012
Figure 3-4: Watch Market by Price Segment
Figure 3-5: Share of Gift in Luxury Watch Market, 2012
Figure 3-6: Luxury Watch Ownership by Male Consumer, 2012
Figure 3-7: Luxury Watch Ownership by Female Consumer, 2012
Figure 3-8: Luxury Cosmetics & Fragrance Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-9: Luxury Cosmetics & Fragrance Market by Segment, 2012 & 2016
Figure 3-10: Frequency of Luxury Cosmetics Purchase by Female Consumer, 2012
Figure 3-11: Luxury Jewelry Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-12: Luxury Apparel & Accessories Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-13: Luxury Apparel & Accessories Market by Segment, 2012 & 2016
Figure 3-14: Luxury Apparel Market by Formals/Casuals Segment, 2012
Figure 3-15: Luxury Lingerie Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-16: Luxury Lingerie Market by Segment, 2012
Figure 3-17: Lingerie Market Classification by Price Segment
Figure 3-18: Lingerie Market by Price Segment, 2012
Figure 3-19: Share of Online Sales in Lingerie Market, 2012
Figure 3-20: Luxury Footwear Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-21: Luxury Footwear Market by Segment, 2012 & 2016
Figure 3-22: Luxury Footwear (Male) Market by Segment, 2012
Figure 3-23: Luxury Footwear (Female) Market by Segment, 2012
Figure 3-24: Footwear Market by Price Segment, 2012 & 2016
Figure 3-25: Share of Online Sales in Footwear Market, 2012
Figure 3-26: Luxury Furniture & Home Accessories Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-27: Furniture & Home Accessories Market by Price Segment, 2012 &2016
Figure 3-28: Luxury Furniture & Home Accessories Market by Segment, 2012 & 2016
Figure 3-29: Luxury Furniture Market by Office & Home Segment, 2012
Figure 3-30: Luxury Stationery Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-31: Luxury Stationery Market by Segment, 2012
Figure 3-32: Luxury Pen Market by Segment, 2012
Figure 3-33: Share of Gift in Luxury Pen Market, 2012
Figure 3-34: Luxury Consumer Electronics Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-35: Luxury Wines & Spirits Market (INR & US$), 2012-2016
Figure 3-36: Luxury Wines & Spirits Market by Segment, 2012
Figure 3-37: Wine Consumption by State
Figure 3-38: Wine Import (Cases), 2012-2016
Figure 3-39: Share of Red & White Wine
Figure 5-1: Online Retail Market (US$ Billion), 2012-2016

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